Everleigh Ashes Crop Circle Formation
Wiltshire, England
Psychic Photography Experiment - 2


2000 Ed Sherwood/Millennium Research

July 31st 2000
Participants: Ed & Kris Sherwood

Above, is an example of some of the luminosities seen and photographed
inside the Everleigh Ashes/Tumulus crop circle formation
reported July 18th 2000.

The photograph was taken by Ed Sherwood using a digital camera
within approximately ten minutes of a short 'light ball' visualization meditation,
inside the crop circle formation.

Photo 4a shows Kris conducting a three minute light ball visualization meditation
at the center of one of four circles, with light balls forming around and above
her, including one with slight 'motion blur'.


'Kris and I entered the formation at about 9.15pm. Approximately 15 minutes later independently we began to experience a feeling
of rising adrenaline and tightness in the chest, like you might experience while waiting for and anticipating an important interview. Kris said she had been feeling very peaceful up to that point, and could not account for the surging adrenaline. I had on the other hand experienced this before and informed Kris that I felt the same. It was a physiological reaction I had experienced many times before that preceded the appearance and materialization of a 'physical' ball of light, categorized by some 'Earth Mysteries' researchers as an 'earth light' or 'atmospheric plasma'.

With the feeling of nervous tension gradually building Kris and I
kept an eye out for anything forming. I noticed that the weather conditions were ideal for the appearance of a physical luminosity.'

(For information about meteorological conditions observed to be conducive to the appearance of atmospheric 'ball plasma' connected to non-manmade Crop Circle creation see Ed's article:
'Let Us Remember Dragons: A Meteorolgical Connection
In Crop Circles')

'With this in mind, we began a psychic photography experiment (mentioned above) inside one of the circles. Then at approximately 10pm, or 20 minutes after the brief visualization experiment,
a physical ball of light did form on the near horizon, above a tumulus called 'Easton Tump', about a mile and a half from our location. Amber/orange in colour it was visible for approximately a minute and a half, above a group of trees, before suddenly 'blinking out'
and disappearing.

At about 10.30pm Kris and I left the Everleigh Ashes formation
and headed to another crop circle pictogram near E. Kennett, about eight miles away, to continue our psychic photography experiments.'

In addition to photographing subtle energy 'balls of light' at this second Crop Circle pictogram Ed and Kris would go on to witness, and film, one of two 'unidentified aerial craft' and a pursuing military helicopter at close range while inside this formation.

(Click here for an in-depth report of their East Kennett Crop Circle pictogram 'Close Encounter'.)


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