Moon Tipi
California , USA
Psychic Photography Experiment - 2


Photo 1999 Ed Sherwood/Millennium Research

September 26th 1999
Participants: Ed & Kris Sherwood

Above, is an example of 'subtle luminous energy' 'felt' and photographed
during the evening prior to Ed and Kris Sherwood celebrating their fourth wedding anniversary
at a mountain 'leyline vortex' retreat called the 'Moon Tipi'.

The photograph was taken by Ed Sherwood using an automatic 35mm camera
within a few minutes of completing a 'Leyline Activation' and 'Earth Healing' visualization meditation
with Kris from inside the tipi.

Photo 11a shows a 'classic' Psychic Photography image of subtle luminous energy photographed
inside the tipi, positioned at the 'center' of a leyline vortex, interactively reflecting the observers (participants) consciousness.

Moments after recording photo 10 (the 'reddish' luminosity) Ed sensed the same subtle energy move
inside the tipi. Walking over to the tipi entrance and flap, which was down at the time,
Ed then put only his arm and the camera inside the energized space without looking inside.
Sensing the 'presence' of considerable energy he then aimed the camera towards the spot where
he 'felt' it to be the strongest and took one photograph (11a).

Shot at night the tipi was brightly illuminated by the flash and yet most of the image
appeared 'dark' as if, like on other occasions, the energy within the tipi
was absorbing light, rather than emitting it. An ordinary flash photograph of the inside
of the tipi should have shown (and did show on later photographs) the interior
clearly filling the photograph.

Most amazing of all, shortly before Ed and Kris held the meditation
inside the tipi, Ed explained how a tipi was constructed
by lashing three poles together first, and within the luminous energy
recorded can be seen the impression of 'three poles' wrapped in a 'canvas'
of light! Ed and Kris call it the 'Spirit Tipi', and one of their greatest affirmations
of 'sacred space'.

Interestingly, like a 'tipi' within a tipi, there is an anomalous light and 'spatial distortion' effect
creating the Spirit Tipi image. Within the upper section of the luminous image in the original 35mm photograph, which is a higher resolution image than 11a, can be clearly seen the impression
of three poles 'crossing. Looking at their arrangement, joined together, and their distance, angle,
size and height to one another, within the frame of the 35mm photograph,
this arrangement would not have been possible under ordinary circumstances.


Photo © 1999 Ed Sherwood/Millennium Research

To record the physical tipi poles joined together the camera had to be aimed
straight up, since they crossed about 10-12 feet off the ground.
If such a shot was taken the arrangement of three poles would have looked
very different from what was photographed (11b).



Photo © 1999 Ed Sherwood/Millennium Research

Ed recorded the Spirit Tipi image after aiming the camera horizontally across
the interior of the tipi at about chest height. Ordinarily, this kind of shot would have resulted
in a photograph that didn't include the poles joining. Photo 11c and 11d show how
this is also true for a vertical shot from the entrance across the inside of the tipi,
taken approximately fifteen minutes after recording the Spirit Tipi image.
Amazingly, instead of a regular image (11c and 11d), what was actually recorded looked like
an 'impression of a complete tipi' that had been 'shrunk' to fit the frame of the camera and film!

Before, during and after meditations, Ed and Kris have recorded similar light,
and perhaps 'spatial', distortions at leyline vortices, on other occasions, while conducting Psychic Photography experiments. In each case physical objects in view photographed
as 'multiple images' of the same view, or object, accompanied by a light distortion effect.
This effect was photographed by John Holman, inside a Crop Circle formation near Lockeridge,
in Wiltshire England, in 1991, and reported at the site of another formation
near Westbury in Wiltshire in 1990 ('Crop Circles: The Latest Evidence'
by Pat Delgado & Colin Andrews 1990).


Photo Negative © 1999 Ed Sherwood/Millennium Research

Scanned 35mm Negative of the 'Spirit Tipi'

Kodak 400 ASA , Negative number: 0 (from the left edge: the first on the right)

On the original negative (also shown by the scan) the light distortion effect
does not extend beyond the frame of the negative, suggesting it was in the cameras outward
field of view, eliminating 'light leakage' as an alternative explanation for the recorded image (11e).


© 1999 Ed Sherwood/Millennium Research

The Moon Tipi


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