Private Residence
Derby, England


Photo © 2000 Merry Metcalf

January 30th 2000

Photographer: Merry Metcalf

Above, is an example of a moving (and possible ‘pulsing’) ‘subtle energy’ luminosity,
photographed at what sounds like a possible ‘leyline vortex’ site occupied by a house!

The photograph was taken by Merry Metcalf, using a Toshiba PDR-5 (medium resolution)
digital camera.

Photo 7 shows what looks like a partially materialized subtle energy ‘light ball’
in motion, very similar to
a ‘requested’ luminosity photographed at a ‘leyline vortex’ site in California.
In this case the luminosity was not seen by anyone at the time, including Norma Colwell,
the sister of the photographer in the photograph.

Weather Conditions

Giles Metcalf (husband of Merry Metcalf) reported that the weather was
‘clear, frosty and still’ at the time. There was also no wind.

Giles Metcalf kindly supplied the following
observations about the luminosity and location:

‘I have done some calculations based on the picture, and assumed a flash aperture
for my camera of 1/5,000th of a second (reasonable for an electronic flash).
Playing Devil's advocate by hypothesizing that the object is a speck of dust
 being blown in front of the camera, it would have to be at least 20cm in front
of the camera to be illuminated by the flash. In that time, if it was that close,
 it would have to travel approximately 5cm in the duration of the flash to leave
a trace the length that it did.

Calculating back, this would give a velocity of 0.05/0.0002 m/s or 250 m/s.
I don't think that I had a wind that strong blowing through my living room!
The candles wouldn't have stayed alight for long.

Also, counting the 'nodes' in the object (I count 9), it would seem that it was pulsing
at approximately 45 kHz.’

Interestingly, Giles adds that there are at least three leylines that pass close by the house,
and an underground water source, in the form of the Butterley Tunnel on the Cromford
(one of the longest canal tunnels in
England), directly below the house.

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