Crop Circle Field Report 2001 Highlights

By Ed Sherwood

Planned many months in advance, the Crop Circle field trip of 2001
to Wiltshire England proved to be unlike any other I had undertaken in previous years.

During the summer of 2000 I had put considerably emphasis on conducting ‘Psychic Photography’ experiments at a variety of locations where leylines cross, including several notable Crop Circle sites located in Wiltshire. In July 2001, with enough funds for only two weeks of field research and seeing not a single Crop Circle formation in England, at the time of traveling, that convinced me it was not manmade, I decided to focus predominantly on holding Leyline Activation Earth Healing Meditations at ancient sacred sites, and discrete ‘UFO night watches’, documented on video camera.

Four nights after arriving in Wiltshire, using a clairvoyant sensing ability I have had since early childhood to locate the ‘presence', and potentiality of ‘UFO’ activity in a given landscape and/or area of sky, I succeeded in filming an ‘atmospheric plasma’ or ‘earth light’ at close range, followed by an ‘interactive’ sighting with an unidentified aerial craft for approximately nine minutes, from one of three night watching sites I had chosen prior to leaving the US. 

While solo and group Earth Healing meditations, and UFO night watches were the main focus of my trip, the most important meditation, held on the night of July 22nd, would also be a Crop Circle ‘Co-creation’ experiment. This had been planned many months in advance to see if the energy of focused consciousness would stimulate in 2001 an interactive ‘response’ from the primary ‘Source’ of non-manmade Crop Circle creation, and perhaps in part, ‘psycho-kinetically’ create a new formation. Fortunately, this experiment was independently and privately witnessed and filmed by three US documentary film makers, during the event. Three days later, what appears to have been a direct response to the experiment, in keeping with many non-manmade Crop Circle ‘Signs’ that have appeared ‘psycho-interactively’ in the past, to Kris and I, and other researchers, a unique and amazing Crop Circle formation was discovered in a wheat field near Cambridge.

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Photo © 2001 Ed Sherwood/Millennium Research

July 18th 

I, Ed Sherwood left Santa Monica to conduct a series of ancient sacred site meditations, Psychic Photography experiments, and discreet UFO night watches in and around the Vale of Pewsey in Wiltshire England, arriving early evening on July 19th.

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Poster Cover © 2001 Ed Sherwood/Millennium Research

July 20th

A Crop Circle Talk & Slide Presentation

I gave a talk and slide presentation entitled:
Crop Circle Creation: An Eye Witness View From The Fields’
during the opening evening of the ‘CCCS Crop Circle Convention 2001’,
at The Clicklade Theatre in Andover, Hampshire.

 Attended by approximately fifty people the presentation was filmed by Larry Newnam, Kirk Kirkland and Thomas Sorlie, who had traveled from the US to continue interviewing ‘Crop Circle’ researchers for a feature length documentary about the subject.

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Photo © 2001 Ed Sherwood/Millennium Research

July 21st

Mysterious Sounds Recorded at a Forgotten Long Barrow

While conducting a Leyline Activation Earth Healing Meditation,
and sound recording experiment, at an unopened ancient sacred site, I recorded a highly unusual inaudible sequence of ‘knocking’ sounds on audio tape.

Later attempts to duplicate the anomalous sound effect away from the site, while not engaged in a specific meditation, proved unsuccessful, but eliminated mechanical sounds generated by the recording equipment.  

This was the first ancient sacred site meditation and sound recording experiment I held during the UK Crop Circle research trip of 2001.

Interestingly, the description of an identical sound to what I recorded
can be found in the book 'Circular Evidence' by Pat Delgado and Colin Andrews
(Phanes Press 1989). While Pat and Colin were
investigating two Crop Circle formations, on August 3rd and 8th 1987
in fields below the Westbury White Horse in Wiltshire, a sound
described 'as though someone had tapped the lid of a wooden box
with a hammer' was recorded. On August 3rd the strange 'knocking'
sound was recorded as a sequence with 'irregular intervals'.
On August 8th, to the surprise of Pat and Colin, the sound
was also heard!

*      *      *

Crop Circle Hoaxing Heard During A Night Watch
Near Overton Hill

Approximately 45 minutes after I began my first discreet (solo) UFO night watch, near the peak of Overton Hill, an unidentified group of Crop Circle hoaxers arrived within twenty feet of my location and from what I heard behind me immediately began to hurriedly make
a new formation in an adjacent wheat field.  

Shortly afterwards a series of ‘messy’ looking crop circles
and ‘pathways’ were discovered near the Overton Hill T-Junction,
that were later posted on 'The Crop Circle Connector' web site. 

*      *      *

Photo © 2001 Kirk Kirkland / CircleSpeak

July 22nd

A Crop Circle Sign ‘Offered’ to the Sun

Planned many weeks in advance, the opening act of the most important Leyline Activation Earth Healing Meditation, that I held at an ancient sacred site in Wiltshire in 2001, took place on top of the West Kennett Long Barrow, and began with a spiritual ‘offering’
to the ‘Infinite Mind and Intelligence of God’.

Discreetly witnessed and filmed by Larry Newnam, Kirk Kirkland, and Thomas Sorlie, I held up a ‘medicine bag’ to the sun, to declare the intended Earth Healing purpose
of the meditation to follow, while stating further intentions and requesting blessings.

Photo © 2001 Ed Sherwood/Millennium Research

Inside the medicine bag were three ‘rocks’, representing three people (Kris, her daughter Lori Matthews, and close friend Ron Jagger) in the U.S., who would be participating with me in the meditation, synchronized to begin at 9pm (UK time), immediately
after making the offering.

In addition to signifying the primary healing theme of the meditation the medicine bag also represented to Kris (Sherwood) and I a potent symbol of ‘marriage’. It was a wedding anniversary gift that I had made for Kris at a sacred site in 1999. Decorated with two different Crop Circle formations, one on the front, and one on the back, it also symbolized our marriage to the Crop Circle phenomenon as two dedicated researchers, as well as a view we have presented publicly for many years; that most non-manmade Crop Circle formations (including many pictograms) are the creative manifestation of a ‘marriage’ between positive psycho-spiritual forces, and physical forces, of the Cosmos and Earth. Reflected in the crop fields since the early 1980s, this marriage has also been prophesized and metaphorized in ‘The Book of Revelation’.

 ‘And I John saw the holy city, new Jerusalem, coming down from God out of heaven, prepared as a bride adorned for her husband.’  

(The Book of Revelation, King James Version: Chapter 21, Verse 2)

The two formations displayed on the medicine bag had appeared approximately a mile west of ‘Round-way’ hill, near the village of Roundway, in Wiltshire England, upon the same spot in a wheat field in 1994 and 1997. The first formation, had brought Kris and I together as researchers and a couple in 1995, while the second had contained pictographic elements, known only to ourselves at the time,
that actually symbolized our (amongst other things) marriage.

(for indepth information and images visit Kris’ article at:

 I held the medicine bag up to the sun, with the 1994 Roundway Crop Circle symbol facing the sun, to acknowledge the primary ‘Source’ of the non-manmade Crop Circle phenomenon, while requesting continued Crop Circle ‘signs’ and affirmations of the
‘Co-creative’ role that human consciousness plays in most (in our view)
non-manmade Crop Circle creation.   

 Three days later, a Crop Circle sign and possible ‘response’ to the West Kennett Long Barrow meditation was discovered near the ‘Gog Magog’ (Revelation: Chapter 20, Verse 8) Hills in Cambridgeshire England. Looking almost identical to the Crop Circle symbol offered to the sun, and even closer to what it had actually represented, it also included 75 straight radiating lines or symbolic ‘sun rays’ in its design! 

*      *      *


Photo © 2001 Ed Sherwood/Millennium Research

A Journey Into the ‘Underworld’

After completing the offering and synchronized group meditation,
on top of the barrow, I continued meditating until nightfall, then entered its dark central chamber alone to hold the final stage of the West Kennett Long Barrow meditation;
a physical descent into the ‘Underworld’ of the long barrow and spiritual ‘rite of passage’ to ‘fertilize’ the ‘Womb’ of ‘Mother Earth’ with creative male
energy expressed through meditation.

Born in the Year of the Serpent (1965) it was also the night of my birth-day. Actualizing an ancient ‘ceremonial’ meditation deep within the barrow, intended to stimulate psycho-kinetically a healing effect upon the ‘Chi’ of the land, it was my last act at the sacred site before beginning a series of ‘walking meditations’, involving the ‘Great Avebury Stone Serpent’ effigy in the 'Year of the Serpent in 2001'.

It was also an experiment to see if a series of creative meditations held at important sacred sites, at meaningful times and dates, would ‘Co-create’ a ‘response’ from the intelligent ‘Source’ of non-manmade Crop Circle formations. 

It was a pregnant night. 

*      *      *


Photo © 2001 Ed Sherwood/Millennium Research

‘Balls of Light’ Photographed at the ‘Avenue’
of the Great Avebury Stone ‘Serpent’ Effigy

After leaving the West Kennett Long Barrow I walked to the Avebury Stone Circle via Waden Hill and the ‘Stone Avenue’. Pausing between the first two megalithic stones, forming a symbolic ‘entrance’ half a mile south-east of Avebury, and sensing
‘psychic’ energy ahead of me, I shot two 35mm photographs towards
the spot where it seemed the most concentrated, successfully
recording a bright oscillating ‘ball of light’ on one of them.  

(Click here for additional information and images)

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Video Still © 2001 Ed Sherwood/Millennium Research

July 23rd

A Requested ‘Plasma’ Filmed Above Huish Hill

Forty minutes after beginning my first night watch from behind Gopher Wood, situated close to the village of Huish in the Vale of Pewsey, I witnessed and filmed what I think some
‘Earth Mysteries’ researchers often call an ‘earth light’, or ‘atmospheric plasma’,
about a mile from where I was sitting.

Silent, appearing suddenly above Huish Hill, directly in front of me,
it was ‘amber-orange’ in color, and looked like a large slowly rising ‘fire ball’, visible for approximately a minute and a half, before ‘blinking out and disappearing’ against the late dusk sky.

A few minutes before initiating the night watch I had requested
on camera the appearance of ‘plasma’, and ‘extraterrestrial craft’,
a request supported by what was filmed, and would soon follow.

(Click here for additional information and images)

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Video Still © 2001 Ed Sherwood/Millennium Research

A Filmed ‘Interactive’ Unidentified Aerial Craft Sighting
at White Field Hill Communication Mast

At around 10:15pm, from behind Gopher Wood, I observed and filmed for approximately nine minutes, a different unidentified aerial object maneuvering around an illuminated communications mast, about 8 1/2 miles away, near the village of Ogbourne St George.

After observing the object for approximately seven minutes, it seemed to ‘interact’ with me by ‘responding’ to a spoken request I made. About 35 seconds after I asked the unidentified craft to position itself just above the communications mast, “as if you’re one of the radio mast lights”, it moved towards the mast, then passed over it and suddenly increased in brightness considerably, looking very much like one of the mast lights. Two and a half minutes later, after the unidentified object returned to the same position that I made the request it did it again even more dramatically, almost tripling in size!

(Click here for additional information and images)

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Video Still © 2001 Ed Sherwood/Millennium Research

July 25th

‘A Night of War Games’

Arriving at the site of my fourth night watch, a few miles
from Pewsey, I first noticed what would prove to be
an ominous sign of things to come (not fully realized at the time being on public land) when paratroopers jumped from a Hercules transport plane and descended behind a tree line about three miles away. Half an hour later, a military jet roared directly overhead,
just above tree top level, putting an otherwise peaceful wood into a state of ‘shock’
for at least 45 minutes.

Later on, instead of a quiet night of watching the skies for UFO activity, a solo night watch, camped near an ancient sacred site  at Everleigh Ashes, was turned into a night
of unexpected  ‘war games’ held by the British army, when for almost two hours, between 10:30pm and 12:30pm, two ‘Chinook’ double rotor blade transport helicopters repeatedly circled and hovered above a field only a quarter of a mile from my position.

Early the following morning the woods of Everleigh Ashes erupted to the sound of machine gun fire as squads of paratroopers battled each other for apparent possession of the woods. Leaving the area as quickly as possible, I moved to an alternative night watching site about a mile and a quarter away, and prepared for another evening of sky watching. 

*      *      *


Photo © 2001 Steve Alexander

A Crop Circle ‘Sign’ at a Place Called ‘Gog Magog’

A Crop Circle formation containing six circle elements; five within one circle,
and 75 straight lines (like symbolic 'sun rays'), was reported below the ‘Gog Magog’ Hills near Cambridge, in Cambridgeshire England.  

Incorporating the same basic design elements of the Crop Circle symbol ‘offered to the sun’ three days earlier, and more closely what it had represented, the Gog Magog formation was also a loud affirmation of the symbolic connection between certain Crop Circle ‘Signs’ and prophetic information contained in the book of ‘Revelation’. 

‘And when the thousand years are expired, Satan shall be loosed out of his prison,
and shall go out to deceive the nations which are in the four quarters of the earth,
and Magog, to gather them together to battle: the number of whom is as the sand
of the sea.

And they went up on the breadth of the earth, and compassed the camp of the saints about, and the beloved city: and fire came down from God out of heaven,
and devoured them.’

The Book of Revelation, King James Version: Chapter 20, Verse 7-9

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Photo © 2001 Ed Sherwood/Millennium Research

July 26th

A Meditation at the ‘Giants Grave’ Long Barrow

Due to the ‘war games’ held inside the woods of ‘Everleigh Ashes’ I conducted the last in a series of three long barrow Leyline Activation Earth Healing Meditations at the Giants Grave Long Barrow, above Pewsey, followed by a three hour solo night watch.

July 26th/27th has been a very auspicious date for UFO sightings
in central Wiltshire almost yearly since 1990.

However, similar to what seemed to be the case with the Crop Circle phenomenon of 2001, reflecting the Year of the Serpent 'Sleeping in Winter', the night of July 26th/morning of the 27th was noteworthy not so much for UFO events that did happen, in or around the Vale of Pewsey, but what didn’t unfold.

*      *      *

July 27th

A Second Night Watch at Gopher Wood

My second night watch from behind Gopher Wood was
with Larry Newnam, Kirk Kirkland and Thomas Sorlie. On this occasion there was little to report, except for a sudden silent burst of intense light that I saw that looked like an ‘exploding’ (‘foot ball’ sized) ball of atmospheric plasma above the treetops of a nearby wood. 

Interestingly, this occurred at the very moment we reached the night watching spot
where I had previously witnessed and filmed ‘anomalous luminosities’ during the night
of July 23rd 2001.

*      *      *


Photo © 2001 Ed Sherwood/Millennium Research

July 29th

Completing the Great Avebury Stone ‘Serpent’
Walking Meditations

The last two Leyline Activation Earth Healing Meditations,
I held near the Vale of Pewsey, took place at the ‘Body’ and ‘Head’
of the Great Avebury Stone Serpent effigy with Trevor Searby.

The first walking meditation was around the Avebury stone circle
(the body) followed by a walking and sitting meditation
at ‘The Sanctuary’ stone circle (the head) a few miles away. The two walking meditations were the final act in a series of sacred site meditations, including the walking meditation held after leaving the West Kennett Long Barrow on July 22nd, intended to
‘stimulate’ the Chi of the land in the Year of the Serpent; sleeping in Winter.

*      *      *

The Last ‘Night Watch’ from Gopher Wood

I witnessed and filmed another unidentified aerial object for several minutes with Trevor Searby during the fourth and last night watch from behind Gopher Wood.

Observed maneuvering near the White Field Hill communication mast through binoculars Trevor described the unidentified object as having  "a green light running around it… I’m seeing a red light and an orange light, and there’s a green light that’s running… jumping around… in fact the green light’s turned into a yellow light now. It’s like a ‘stroboscope’."

*      *      * 


Video Still © 2001 Ed Sherwood/Millennium Research  

July 31st

Daytime ‘Ball of Light’ Filmed at Buried Ancient Sacred Site 

At about 8:55pm I filmed a small (‘golf ball’ sized) ball of light
as it moved across a buried Mosaic just five minutes before to hold
a synchronized group Leyline Activation Earth Healing Meditation and Psychic Photography experiment at the site.

Not visible at the time, the luminosity was recorded
for approximately seven seconds on a HI8 video camera,
as it slowly approached me only seconds after saying on camera “After the meditation
we will do a Psychic Photography experiment, and hopefully photograph some balls of light”.

(Click here for additional information and images)

*      *      *

August  2nd, 2001

I returned to Santa Monica to begin chronicling the witnessed,
filmed, and photographed, ‘anomalous’ events that took place during and following
the Leyline Activation Earth Healing Meditations
and discreet UFO night watches held in Wiltshire
during the previous two weeks. 

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Fig.10: Steve Alexander


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