Stonehenge Crop Circle Formation
Wiltshire, England
Psychic Photography Experiment - 1


2000 Ron Jagger/Millennium Research

July 20th 2000
Participants: Ed Sherwood, Ron Jagger, Wayne Kilbourne

Above, is an example of a luminosity 'felt'
and photographed inside the West Amesbury/Stonehenge
crop circle formation reported July 18th 2000.

The photograph was taken by Ron Jagger using an automatic 35mm camera
during a short light ball visualization meditation held
at the center of the largest circle.

Photo 2c shows Ed Sherwood conducting a three minute light ball visualization
meditation experiment with a large red luminosity recorded towards
the left edge of the frame.

Moments before the photograph was taken, while Ed was visualizing,
he said afterwards that he suddenly sensed the familiar psycho-kinetic 'presence'
of what he calls the 'primary force, energy and intelligence behind most
non-manmade Crop Circle creation' nearby.


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