The Sightings page of is dedicated to what we
(Ed & Kris Sherwood) call the
Primary and Secondary 'Source'
of non-manmade Crop Circle Creation.


This page (still in early development) contains links to various UFO and UFH reports from Mexico and around the world.

We intend to expand and reformat this archive to include additional links to some of the latest and most significant news in the world of UFOlogy.

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From the moment we met Kris and I began to record on film
and videotape a variety of ‘unidentified flying objects’ (UFOs).

This page is a partial archive of our UFO sightings and includes links
to detailed reports, images and MPEGs.

Most of the sightings were witnessed and recorded while conducting a
‘psychic’ and ‘interactive’ approach Crop Circle and/or UFO research.

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