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Help Support the Research
Since its inception Millennium Research has been a self-funded research project
consisting of the two of us: Ed and Kris Sherwood.

Limited only by our tenuous ability to fund our own research, we welcome and invite
the support of kind benefactors; philanthropists; agents or representatives; and anyone
else who sees value in our work, and who would like to assist us in our efforts in helping
the non-manmade Crop Circle phenomenon gain the understanding and recognition
we feel is so important for it to receive.

We are currently in progress with several projects including a book we hope to publish
in the near future. Recent health and financial set-backs have slowed our progress,
and the recent passings of several close friends and supporters of our research
(non-financial) have added to the challenge of bringing our work to a wider audience.

We function on a ‘shoestring’, with limited and aging equipment.
We gratefully and humbly accept any and all contributions you may feel able to make
with our sincerest thanks and deep appreciation.

Projects in progress and research related needs that could benefit from financial assistance include

Ongoing Website Support for

Book writing related expenses: Computer needs; Self-publishing costs; image use fees;
and countless small expenses like postage, supplies, copying, etc.

Field research trips to the UK and other locations.

 Psychic Photography Research

Various computer, camera, audio/video, and other technical equipment

If you would like to make a donation in support of our research efforts,
please choose the PayPal option, or send your contribution
to our snail mail address:

P.O. Box 2084
Santa Monica, CA

Tax related note: We do plan to apply for non-profit status,
but unfortunately any donations made before that is successfully accomplished
are not tax deductible.

Our enduring and heartfelt appreciation for any and all offerings
you are so moved to make. - Ed & Kris


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