The Primary & Secondary Source
of Non-Manmade Crop Circle Creation

By Ed Sherwood

The ‘answer’ to 'Who' has been creating the worldwide Crop Circle phenomenon is the ‘holy grail’ of Crop Circle research.

In early 1991 I reached the conclusion that there were basically three ‘Sources’ behind the worldwide Crop Circle phenomenon: The ‘Infinite Intelligence’ and Consciousness of ‘God’; Extraterrestrial Civilizations; and human circle makers. Beyond these were many more. For example, there is more than one source, force and energy, natural and supernatural, involved in Crop Circle ‘Creation’ by what can be called God. More than one Extraterrestrial Civilization has left behind evidence of its ‘presence’ also, and more than one deceptive human circle maker, and group, has manually constructed formations using applied geometry and simple mechanical means (some groups every summer since the early 1990s).

The Primary Source

Ball of Plasma

Photograph Copyright 1992 Maria Ward

An atmospheric ‘Ball Plasma’, or ‘Earth Light’, witnessed and photographed by Maria Ward shortly after leaving a Crop Circle formation, and a group ‘night watch’ (including myself), in Wiltshire England on July 28th 1992.
Many people, including ourselves, have witnessed a type of ‘physical luminosity’,invariably reported as a luminous ‘UFO’, that looks like a diffusely edged ‘fire ball’. Often amber-orange in colour, and ranging in size from a few inches to over a hundred feet in diameter, they are sighted in many regions of the world, including where non-manmade Crop Circle formations have also been found to form. Called ‘Earth Lights’ by Earth Mysteries researchers (a term first coined by Paul Deveraux), and ‘Plasma Vortices’, or ‘Ball Plasma’, by Earth science researchers, like Dr Terrence Meaden, and Dr W.C. Levengood, and others, they have been observed before, during, and after non-manmade Crop Circle creation.

In addition to non-manmade Crop Circle creation ball plasma has also been witnessed and filmed in proximity to manmade formations, and by it appearance does not necessarily constitute a formations authenticity. Most sightings of this type of luminous energy occur in certain regions, and do not lead
to Crop Circle creation, but when certain circumstances are present they can. Ball plasmas also occur
in and out of Crop Circle ‘season’.

Between 1990 and 1996, while living in the region where 90 percent of the world’s Crop Circle formations
have appeared, in Wiltshire England, I witnessed the materialization of more than 100 ball plasmas, from distances of up to seven miles, to one hundred feet away. Many of the sightings included multiple witnesses, and on a number of occasions the luminosities were also filmed and/or photographed.
On July 26th 1992, during a group ‘sky watch’ near Alton Priors in Wiltshire, at approximately 11pm, I witnessed, from a distance of about a third of a mile away, an amber-orange colored ball plasma, roughly 20-30 feet in diameter, suddenly materialize low above a hedge and a group of trees. Holding a stationary position for approximately a minute and a half, while appearing to sway from side to side, it then quickly descended into a wheat field at an estimated angle of forty-five degrees, and created a new Crop Circle formation near Draycott Fitz Payne; a ringed circle and a single circle (below).

Fig. 2 Draycott Fitz Payne 1992 Crop Circle Formation
Silhouette Drawing Copyright 2003 Ed Sherwood/Millennium Research

Do ‘Ball Plasmas’ Create Crop Circles or ‘Co-Create’ them?

I don’t think atmospheric ball plasmas ‘create’ Crop Circles, I think they ‘co-create’ them. They are not the ‘Source’ of non-manmade Crop Circle creation. Instead, they are an integral ‘part’ of the Physics of their creation; a ‘vehicle’, if you like, through which a non-manmade Crop Circle pictogram can be formed physically.

I have widely disseminated since early 1991 that most non-manmade Crop Circle formations have been ‘co-created’, by a synchronous combination of Natural and Supernatural, physical and non-physical, energies and forces of the Cosmos and Earth, including the Psychokinetic effect of focused and expanded Human Collective Consciousness. Collectively, in ‘Unity’, it is God (that which is greater than the ‘sum of its parts’) that creates.  

To use an analogy; imagine a non-manmade Crop Circle formation as a generated image on a television screen, or an illuminated ‘dot’ that makes up that image, and each physical and non-physical ‘element’, energy, process, cycle and force, of the Cosmos and the Earth, involved in its creation, as an individual ‘copper wire’, connected in space and time, and combined with many others (like inside an electrical cable), to collectively ‘channel’ and co-create the energy to power the television (in this case the earth for the Crop Circle creation process) and ‘miraculously’ produce an image on its ‘screen’.

In the case of most non-manmade Crop Circle creation, the ‘electrical energy’ channeled by the conducting wires to power the television and generate a dot pattern image on its screen, represents, the infinite energy ‘Source’ of all Creation, or ‘God’. It is the creative energy of ‘Unity’, of that which is ‘greater than the sum of its parts’, but is ‘channelized’ by, and through ‘its parts’, that creates. Crop Circle formations created by God, or Unity, are also co-created by and from everything involved. Thus, if a significant number of wires, or co-creative elements involved in the physics and/or metaphysics of non-manmade Crop Circle creation are ‘missing’ (such as an absence of Earth directed Solar flare energy, or conducive meteorological conditions for atmospheric plasma, etc,), an image on the TV screen, or Crop Circle medium, will not appear. This might also explain why the number of non-manmade Crop Circle formations has varied from year to year.

The ‘intelligence’ behind most non-manmade Crop Circle creation I have stated since early 1991 (after decoding an historic 1990 Crop Circle pictogram that lead to my revising of ‘Who’ and ‘What’ creates most non-manmade formations), is the ‘Infinite Intelligence’ of God.

While Kris and I assert that in our view most non-manmade Crop Circle formations are ‘Created’ by an ‘Infinite ‘Source’, and ‘Force’, of Universal Intelligence  and Consciousness, historically symbolized by many names, and identified as ‘The Creator’, ‘God’, and ‘The Nine Principles and Forces of Creation, manifesting according to, and through Natural and Supernatural Law, including the laws and energetic forces of human Collective Consciousness, a comparatively small but highly significant number of non-manmade Crop Circle formations, usually simple circles, but on some occasions ‘Pictograms’, have, intentionally, and at times perhaps unavoidably, been created by more than one Extraterrestrial Intelligence, civilization, and technology, ‘landing’ on Earth. Collectively, this ‘Agency’, for simplicity, I identify as the ‘Secondary Source’ of non-manmade Crop Circle creation.

The Secondary Source


Photograph Copyright 1995 Kris Sherwood

An unidentified ‘disc-like’ object photographed above Roundway Hill, by Kris Sherwood, while taking a panoramic shot of a Crop Circle formation in Wiltshire England on July 26th 1995.

Physical Trace Marks

For more than 50 years many credible civilian and military eyewitnesses,from around the world, have reported encountering metallic ‘structured’ looking unidentified aerial objects, landing in a wide variety of terrestrial mediums, or hovering above them, that after departing from the area leave behind physical ‘trace marks’ in the form of a simple circle, or sometimes a set of circles.

Prior to 1980, before Crop Circles began to increasingly appear in cereal cropsand the term Crop Circle was coined, flattened circular depressions and ground markings found in cereal and non-cereal crops, grass, weeds, reeds and many types of wild vegetation, trees, and soil, following UFO sightings, were called ‘UFO Nests’.

The late Dr J. Allen Hynek classified UFO Nests as a ‘Close Encounter of the Second Kind’.

In his words ‘Here the UFO is observed interacting with the environment’...‘The interaction can be with inanimate matter, as when holes or rings are made on the ground, … Close Encounters of the Second Kind are of particular interest to scientists who can, in a sense, bring the UFO “into the laboratory.”’

As the biophysicist Dr. W.C. Levengood’s many years of pioneering ‘physical trace mark’ research reveals, and the findings of other recognized specialists scientific analysis, non-manmade Crop Circles have been, and remain, one of the strongest forms of ‘undeniable evidence’ in support of the worldwide UFO phenomenon.

A Sampling of Dr. W.C. Levengood's Biophysical Research

Crop Circle Formations Appear in Mexico After ‘Structured’ UFOs are Sighted and Filmed
Near Toluca Airport

Crop Circles in Mexico Crop Circles in Mexico

Video Stills Copyright 1996 Lee & Brit Elders/Voyagers of the Sixth Sun

While most UFO Nests, and Crop Circles, created by the Secondary Source are just that, rough or precise ‘circles’, a smaller number appear to be pictographic ‘Signs’. After unidentified aerial objects were witnessed and reported  to have landed Near Toluca airport in 1995, by multiple ground based observers that included air traffic controllers, several Crop Circle formations were subsequently found in farmers fields. One resembled a simple straight three-sided rectangular and semi-circular form (above).

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