Silbury Hill Crop Circle Formation
Wiltshire, England
Psychic Photography Experiment - 1


2000 Ed Sherwood/Millennium Research

July 25th 2000
Participants: Ed & Kris Sherwood, Ron Jagger,
& Wayne Kilbourne.

Above, is an example of some of the luminosities seen
and photographed inside the Silbury Hill crop circle formation
reported July 6th 2000.

The photograph was taken by Ed Sherwood using a digital camera
within approximately fifteen minutes of a short group 'Leyline Activation'
and 'Earth Healing' visualization meditation, held at the center of the crop circle formations largest circle.

Photo 3c was taken a little less than fifteen minutes after the main meditation
and shows light balls clustering inside and above one
of the smaller adjoining circles.

The light ball energy concentrations and movement
of the luminosities were sensed by Ed Sherwood alone.
However, many of the luminosities (some as much as 'soccer ball' sized
and witnessed from a few inches to many tens of feet from the group) were seen
by everyone in the group with the aid of a manual camera flash
following the first meditation.

Meteorological conditions were characterized by good weather,
including a mostly clear sky, mild temperatures and humidity,
with little to no wind, and no precipitation.


'On the night of July 26th 1992, near West Stowell in Wiltshire,
I (Ed Sherwood) was observing light balls invisible in an ordinary
'un-tuned' state of consciousness cluster (like in the photograph) above
a small wood when they suddenly disappeared and were replaced by a large ball
of amber-orange coloured light, often categorized by 'Earth Mysteries' researchers
as an 'earth light' or an atmospheric plasma, instead. Approximately 20-30 feet
in diameter and visible to at least ten other people in two different locations,
it remained stationary for about two minutes, before suddenly descending
into a wheat field where a new crop circle formation
would be found a few hours later'.


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