Silbury Hill Crop Circle Formation
Wiltshire, England
Psychic Photography Experiment - 1


2000 Ed Sherwood/Millennium Research

July 25th 2000
Participants: Ed & Kris Sherwood, Ron Jagger,
& Wayne Kilbourne.

Above, is an example of some of the luminosities seen
and photographed inside the Silbury Hill crop circle formation
reported July 6th 2000.

The photograph was taken by Ed Sherwood using an automatic 35mm camera within approximately fifteen minutes of a short group 'Leyline Activation'
and 'Earth Healing' visualization meditation, held at the center of the crop circle formations largest circle.

Photo 3i shows a single light ball above the edge of the largest circle.

Many of the light balls were seen by everyone in the group.
While most appeared to be between the size of a 'pea' and a 'marble'
and as little as a few feet away, some, witnessed many tens of feet from the group, were as large as 'soccer ball' sized and caused much excitement.

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