'Split Tree'
California, USA
Psychic Photography Experiment - 2


Photo 1999 Brian Milburn

November 2nd 1999
Participants: Ed Sherwood & Brian Milburn

Above, is an example of a 'light form' photographed
off a woodland mountain trail at a 'subtle energy vortex' that
Ed and Kris Sherwood call the 'Split Tree'.

The photograph was taken by Brian Milburn using an automatic 35mm camera
during a short spontaneous light form visualization experiment held at the 'center'
of the subtle energy site.

Photo 12 shows a 'partially materialized' light form above Ed. The same shaped luminosity
is also multiplied and 'clustering' in front and behind the Split Tree.

For approximately five minutes Ed visualized the exact light form photographed:
a 'vesica pisces' (meaning 'vessel of the fish') or 'disk' shape with a small triangular protrusion
or 'fin' on either side of its 'body'. This form was first photographed weeks earlier at another subtle
energy site after a 'fish' shaped stone (named the 'fish effigy' by Kris Sherwood) was found there.

Throughout the meditation experiment Ed visualized the geometric shape
instead of 'balls of light' or a different shape. The purpose of the experiment
was to see if what was thought could be photographed.

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