'Creek Bed'
California, USA
Psychic Photography Experiment - 28


Photo 2000 David Mitchell

March 14th 2000
Participants: Ed & Kris Sherwood, & David Mitchell

Above, is an example of what was perhaps the motion of three 'light balls'
photographed at a mountain trail 'leyline vortex' that Ed and Kris Sherwood
call the Creek Bed.

The photograph was taken by David Mitchell using a manual 35mm camera
within a few minutes of a group 'leyline Activation' and 'Earth Healing' visualization meditation, also celebrating the anniversary of a previous eventful meditation,
held at the site.

Photo 7a shows what appears to be the 'trail' of three moving luminosities,
one 'partially materialized' and joined to a second before disappearing like vaporous 'smoke',
while a third seems to make some very rapid movements
before also vanishing.


At the bottom left hand corner of the photograph is a small boulder (out of focus)
positioned just off the mountain trail. Interestingly, as recorded on a number of other occasions
at this and other leyline vortex sites where psychic photography experiments were held,
there is a lack of foreground detail in the photograph where woodland foliage
would ordinarily be illuminated by the camera flash. In each case it is as if the subtle energy
vortex was 'absorbing' all available light, rather than emitting, reflecting, or simply distorting light, including available illumination provided by the flash.

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