Avebury Stone Avenue
Wiltshire, England
Psychic Photography Experiment - 2


2001 Ed Sherwood/Millennium Research

July 22nd 2001
Ed Sherwood (Solo Meditation)

Above, is an example of some of the luminosities seen and photographed
at the entrance of the Avebury Stone Avenue.

The photograph was taken by Ed Sherwood using an automatic 35mm camera
within approximately twenty minutes of a ceremonial 'Leyline Activation'
and 'Earth Healing' meditation inside the West Kennett Long Barrow,
near Avebury.

After completing the ceremonial meditation on top and inside an open chambered long barrow Ed Sherwood walked to the Avebury Stone Circle via its 'Stone Avenue'. Pausing between the first two megalithic stones, forming a symbolic 'entrance' half a mile south-east of Avebury, and sensing 'psychic' energy ahead
of him, he shot two 35mm photographs towards the spot where it seemed the most concentrated, successfully recording a bright oscillating 'ball of light'
on one of them.

Photo 1 shows the second photograph taken. Upon entering
the Avebury Stone Avenue the camera immediately malfunctioned,
causing a delayed flash effect. After the second shot seemed to fail
like the first Ed dropped the angle of the camera hand not expecting
the camera to record anything when it suddenly fired
resulting in the image recorded.

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