The Most Significant Single Mass UFO Sighting
and Event of the Last Century

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On July 11th 1991 an unprecedented UFO sighting occurred
above the world’s largest city, Mexico City, and simultaneously over several other cities around Mexico. Witnessed by thousands of people, and filmed from multiple vantage points, this event, prophesied by the Maya more than 1200 years ago, remains after more than a decade, perhaps the most significant single mass UFO event of the last century, and the most unreported, by mainstream media outside of Mexico.

However, thanks to the efforts of UFO witnesses, and investigative journalists
in Mexico and the US, notably Jaime Maussan, and Lee and Brit Elders,
the sightings above Mexico, that so dramatically and visibly coincided with the most watched Total Solar Eclipse of the last millennium (the Mayan ‘Sixth Sun’), were documented and chronicled in three amazing ground breaking videos:

Messengers of Destiny
Prophesy – UFOs – Earth Changes
Masters of the Stars
The OVNIS of Mexico
Voyagers of the Sixth Sun
UFOs and the Destiny of Mexico

“The Mayan prophesy discussed the death of the old,
the birth of the new. The Aztec prophesy states that the old,
that’s been buried, will be reborn.”

Brit Elders interviewing Jaime Maussan
‘Voyagers of the Sixth Sun’

‘“In the era of the Sixth Sun, all that was buried will be discovered.
Truth shall be the seed of life and the sons of the Sixth Sun
will be the ones who travel through the stars.”’

600 year old AZTEC prophesy
‘Voyagers of the Sixth Sun’

A Twist of the Psychokinetic Kind?

Alton Priors Crop Circle Silhouette

The Alton Priors Crop Circle Formation
Wiltshire UK - Discovered August 22nd 1991
Silhouette Drawing © 1993 John Martineau
(Based on a Survey by Stanley Morcom)

Did the Collective Conscious Mind of thousands of people observing
the fact that we are NOT alone in the Universe, on July 11th 1991,
above the world’s largest city, ‘trigger’ and ‘Co-create’, psychokinetically, a few weeks later, a series of non-manmade Crop Circle Signs in Southern England?

Unknown to the Crop Circle research ‘community’ at the time,
this historic UFO mass sighting and event above Mexico City and other cities around Mexico was, in my view, affirmed by the appearance
of several non-manmade Crop Circle pictograms reflecting a unique ‘disk’ design theme, including one discovered near Alton Priors (above).

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