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What is Psychic Photography?

Psychic Photography Experiment - 3

Single 'partially materialized' luminosity seen and photographed
at the 'Creek Bed' Vortex, California, March 14th 1999.

I (Ed Sherwood) define 'Psychic Photography' as the practice
of recording the 'effects' of Psychokinetic energy using photographic equipment.

Psychic Photography is also a descriptive term I use when 'superconscious perception' (ie: clairvoyance, dowsing, or clairvision) is utilized as a method
of detecting and photographing 'subtle energy' ordinarily outside of the range
of conscious perception.

Psychic Photography includes 'Spirit' and 'Ghost' photography:
recording the psychokinetic energy of a spirit or ghost, and 'Thoughtography': recording the projected psychokinetic energy of thought.

It also includes recording the projected (or transmitted) psychokinetic energy
of attention (or focussed conscious awareness), intention and emotion,
and the recording of energy which is of spirit but not a spirit (a self aware thinking intelligence with 'individualized' 'finite' consciousness), unless one means the Creative 'Spirit' of all Life. In other words, recording a 'creative manifestation'
of 'Infinite Energy, Intelligence and Consciousness' (or 'God').

Psychokinetic energy is, in my view, the energy of Consciousness.
It is the energy of Unconscious, Subconscious, Conscious, and Superconscious awareness (or Collective Consciousness). It is also a form of energy that we,
and every living thing, individually and collectively transmits and receives,
from moment to moment, as we exist, making our Universe as much
a psychokinetic phenomenon of Creation, and Evolution, as all of the physical laws and forces do combined.

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Other names for 'Psychokinetic Energy' or 'Psychic Energy'
include 'Chi' or 'Ki', 'Prana', and 'Spirit'. These are just a few names
for what has been thought of for millennia as the 'essence' of life, and all living things.

We plan to add a lot more to this section In the coming weeks.



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