Moon Tipi
California , USA
Psychic Photography Experiment - 2


Photo 1999 Ed Sherwood/Millennium Research

September 26th 1999
Participants: Ed & Kris Sherwood

Above, is an example of a reddish luminosity seen and photographed
during the evening prior to Ed and Kris Sherwood celebrating their fourth wedding anniversary
at a mountain 'leyline vortex' retreat called the 'Moon Tipi'.

The photograph was taken by Ed Sherwood using an automatic 35mm camera
within moments of completing a 'Leyline Activation' and 'Earth Healing' visualization meditation
with Kris from inside the tipi.

Photo 10a shows a bright reddish 'white' coloured luminosity moving
between Ed and the tipi. 'Felt' and seen by Ed at the time, it appeared to reflect,
like similar examples recorded during several previous Psychic Photography experiments,
the transmitted psychokinetic energy of thoughts and emotions associated with perceived danger;
in this case Ed's momentary awareness of piles of ground timber nearby hiding
the possible presence of rattlesnakes known to frequent the area.


Photo © 1999 Ed Sherwood/Millennium Research

Scanned 35mm Negative of the 'Red' luminosity

Kodak 400 ASA , Negative number: 36 (from the left edge: third on the right)

On the original negative the light of the red luminosity does not extend beyond
the frame of the negative, suggesting it was in the cameras outward field of view,
eliminating 'light leakage' as an alternative explanation for the recorded image (10b).

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