Neighborhood Rooftops
Santa Monica , USA
Psychic Photography Experiment - 1


Photo © 2000 Kris Sherwood/Millennium Research

July 15th 2000
Photographer: Kris Sherwood

Above, is an example of some of the luminosities
photographed above a neighborhood garage rooftop.

The photograph was one of a number of shots taken by Kris Sherwood
during a short solo Psychic Photography experiment using a digital camera.

Photo 4 shows multiple brightly 'materialized' clustering light balls
photographed following a series of some of the largest Solar
X-Class flares of the then peaking Solar Maximum.

Ed and Kris have observed that when the Earth's magnetic field
and atmosphere is being impacted by powerfully charged Earth directed
Coronal Mass Ejections, or CMEs, there seems to be noticeable
effect on the appearance of subtle energy luminosities.

Kris didn't witness the light balls but was trying to sense
their presence. Shooting the camera in other directions
recorded nothing unusual at the time.

Meteorological Conditions:

It was a clear warm night, with no wind or obvious particulate matter in the air.
 Solar Weather Conditions:



Pic 4b, the LASCO/SOHO still photo, and QuickTime Movie Sequence show intense
'CCD' effects, produced by the proton particle storm generated by the large X Class Solar flare,
and accompanying Earth directed Coronal Mass Ejection (CME) of July 14, 2000, as captured by SOHO's
solar monitoring cameras. The size and position of Sun is marked by a small ring on the image mask.

The 11 year Solar Cycle was reaching it's Maximum of activity during the summer
of 2000, and this flare event was one in a series of large eruptions. The CME generated particle storm
in space, shown in Pic 4b, was in progress and photographed by SOHO at 11:42 UT on July 14,
approximately 20 hours following the largest flare. Pic 4a was taken at 10:30pm Pacific Daylight Time, approximately 44 hours later. An Earth directed CME can average 36 to 48 hours
to impact.

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