Private Residence
Santa Monica , USA


Photo 2001 Lori Matthews

May 2001

Above, is an example of an anomalous 'light distortion' effect
photographed inside an apartment.

The photograph was taken by Lori Matthews (Kris Sherwood's daughter)
using a manual 35mm camera.

Photo 8a shows an anomalous light phenomenon arcing through the picture above
a dining table in Lori's apartment; at a spot where Lori has recorded 'light orbs'
in previous photos. No other image on the roll exhibited this effect, and it was confined within
the frame of the film negative. There was no bright light source in the room at the time,
adding to the mystery of its origin.

The photograph also includes another feature often recorded accompanying
'subtle luminous energy': that of a 'darkness' bordering the area of luminosity
(at the top and left hand side of the photo). It photographs as a dark area that seems
to have absorbed available light, and obscured the rest of the image
that would normally have appeared in the photograph.


Photo Negative 2001 Lori Matthews

Scanned 35mm Negative of the Anomalous Light Distortion Effect

Negative number: 16 (the exposed image on the right)

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