Crop Circle Co-Creation - 1992

During a private conversation, spanning several hours, between the night of August 17th, morning of the 18th 1992, I shared with Mary Bennett (later to become the Editor of the 1994 book ‘The Only Planet of Choice’), my view of how the majority of non-manmade Crop Circle formations were ‘Co-created’; from the Psychokinetic energy of focused and expanded Human Collective Consciousness; in conjunction with natural ‘physical’ forces, elements, and cycles, of the Earth and Cosmos. The intelligence behind most non-manmade Crop Circle creation I explained is the
‘Infinite Intelligence’
of God, or more specifically ‘The Nine Principles and Forces of God'.

In a simplified sequence, beginning with a 26, 000 year old cycle and energy outpouring of the Sun in 1990, known to astronomers as the ‘Solar Oscillation’, or ‘Jupiter Effect’, and finishing, with 90 degree plant bending by ‘Ultrasonic’ frequencies, I summarized to Mary what I had learned from nine years of Crop Circle research.

Later that day, on August 18th 1992, Mary and I learned of a pictogram that had formed during the night near Silbury Hill (about 30 miles away). Sounding like a spectacular ‘affirmation’ to me, under imminent threat of being harvested, we traveled to the site and were astonished by what we found: a giant formation depicting Nine principle design symbols; eight connected by a thin ring, and one in the center!


The Silbury Hill Crop Circle Formation (‘The Charm Bracelet’)
Depicting Nine Cross Referencing Design Elements.

Wiltshire UK - Discovered August 18th 1992
Photo © 1992 Maria Ward

With multiple layers of literal and metaphorical cross referencing design symbolism, including features from previous years formations already identified in their meaning, and referenced during our conversation, the pictogram reflected what I had summarized to Mary in the same order, hours earlier, as the ‘physics’ and metaphysics behind most non-manmade Crop Circle creation!



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