The Sophistication of Agriglyph Geometry

Drawing ă 1992 John Martineau

The 1991 East Kennett Crop Circle Formation
Discovered July 26th 1991.

Drawing ă 1992 John Martineau
Alton Priors 1991 – Design illustrating Circle Radii Harmonies

‘The top part of the diagram shows just the circles present in the main body of the formation with the white circles indicating standing crop as usual. In the bottom motif, all of the radii present in the formation have been employed, some duplicated, to create a circular design which illustrates how certain radii correspond with others in the formation. In this design the black and white areas are purely diagrammatic and bear no relation to crop, standing or flattened.’

Quoted from John Martineau’s cornerstone Crop Circle book
‘The Sophistication of Agriglyph Geometry’

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