(We received the following letter and announcement on May 26th 2002, from German Crop Circle researchers, Joachim Koch and Hans-Juergen Kyborg, about the large synchronized meditation event they have organized for July 24, 2002, at 23:00 GMT.)

Dear Friends, Brothers and Sisters,

I am happy to share with you something wonderful regarding our Averbury Stone Avenue (ASA) project on July 24th.

While I am writing this to you it is to me as if I already can smell the crop in the fields around Woodborough Hill and can feel the wind up on the Wandsdyke Path. The Avebury Stones are waiting for some work to be done.

Many of you came in contact with cosmic intelligent interaction out there in the vast but gentle corn fields of Wiltshire, South England, and with the refreshing moments beside one of the Stones at the end of an exhausting day. And with the crop circle phenomenon, for many of us a new stage of consciousness was achievable. In fact, some have started to learn about new insights in a gridwork of cosmic interaction which truely is the base of everything that exists in the various dimensions of our reality.

So did we. And by the time it emerged that we have got tools to work with and we started to work -- year by year. And by the time it emerged that there is more to do, that we should use these tools not for ourselves but for others and for the planet. So we made our minds to find out what the deeper sense of it might be and to uncover hidden paths which might lead us to new allies.

I started to talk to friends about these new unknown allies and by the time the veils lifted and within us a deep desire arouse to turn around and to stretch out our hands back to those who were left behind by European arrogance and greed: the Native Nations of this planet. They have been the true keepers of this Earth - and they still are in a far more better way than we ever could.

So we began to search for these Native Nations and after weeks and months of hard work, now a dream has come true. After I had sent out a kind request for spiritual help and explained a bit our approach, motivation and aims, I received responses. For our endeavour on July 24th, 2002, 23:00 hrs GMT, these Native Nations and Tribes have shown their interest or have already confirmed their spiritual participation by their representatives:

-- the Cherokee
-- the Sioux
-- the Chumash
-- the Blackfoot
-- the Salish
-- the Metis
-- the Costanoan Rumsen Carmel Tribe
-- the Comanche
-- the Amerindian Tribal Nations (Guayana)
-- the Monacan Indian Tribe
-- the Chickasaw
-- the Menominee
-- the Moscitia (Nicaragua)
-- the Nez Perce
-- the Chippewa
-- the Oneida

We declared to all these above that we understand our effort as a new beginning in the relationship between European individuals like us and the Native Nations. Our Great Mother Earth desperately need our help and this time we should act united to reach the same goal: a better planet.

So for the first time ever on July 24th, we are not only the group of goodwilling spirits who do a meditation. This time we create the mightiest grid aroundthe planet ever done in this field because at the same time most of the above mentioned will also celebrate a ceremony in their sacred places. Imagine the outcome...!

So wherever you are in that night, we invite you all to link up with the Avebury Stone Avenue and create a sphere of positive energy around our planet to influence places of imbalance downwards and link up with the positive intelligences upwards. Understand this sphere as a protective shield also because we already have established RV surveillance on three targets in our solar system and have detected activities.

This might be enough for tonight just to give you that information.
Feel free to forward this to all interested individuals.

Be as happy as we are!! More is to come.

In love for this planet

Joachim and Hans




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