Autumnal Equinox 2002 Meditation
Psychic Photography Results

‘Creek Bed’
California, USA
Psychic Photography Experiment -
September 22, 2002
Autumnal Equinox Meditation

On the Autumnal Equinox we (Ed and Kris Sherwood) conducted an Earth Healing meditation at
an ‘energetic’ location in our local mountains, that has produced some very impressive photographic images during our past Psychic Photography experiments, alone and with others. (Some of these can be found on our Psychic Photography Gallery on the Natural Sites page)

Ed felt the location was very energetic that night, and that we might record images of luminous energy as we frequently do, especially after a meditation, which can psychokinetically raise the
level of subtle energies present. He sensed and witnessed many bright, fast moving ‘light balls’, several feet above and close to the ground. We recorded and verified the presence of the luminous
energy with both digital and 35 mm cameras. What we recorded, with both cameras,
also reflected what Ed was witnessing, with many of the “orb-like” images revealing a
motion blur effect.

Creek Bed Moving Luminosity Closeup of Creek Bed Moving Luminosity
Pic. 1 ‘Oscillating’ Light Ball recorded by digital camera.
Photograph © 2002 Kris Sherwood
Pic. 2 Enlargement of Pic. 1 Oscillating Light Ball
Photograph © 2002 Kris Sherwood

Pic. 1 and 2 shows a bright, ‘golf ball’ sized, moving ball of light that Ed witnessed materializing several times during our photography experiment, and that appears here as a ‘heart-like’ shape due to its rapid oscillation while the camera shutter was open.

Moving Ball of Light Moving Ball of Light

Pic. 3 and Pic. 4 Small Moving Light Ball recorded by digital camera.
Photographs © 2002 Kris Sherwood

The above Pics captured the rapidly moving luminosity Ed witnessed reappearing multiple times near ground level.

35mm moving luminosity.

Pic. 5 & 6 Moving Light Ball recorded with 35mm camera
and Enlargement

Photograph © 2002 Ed Sherwood

Pic. 5 and 6 are an example of the same type of luminosity recorded at the same location as previous Pics., but photographed with a 35mm camera. A slight motion blur can be seen on the left edge of the “orb”.

Moving ball of light.

Pic. 7 Large Moving Luminosity with Wide ‘Golden Trail’
Recorded with 35mm Camera.

Photograph © 2002 Ed Sherwood

The large partially materialized luminosity in Pic. 7 is accompanied by a wide golden trail that can be seen positioned above it vertically in the photo, and also revealing its motion during the moment the shutter was open. Refer to the Pic. 8 comparison shot of the same location, taken seconds later, that illustrates that there was nothing present which would otherwise account for this anomalous image. Of the several luminosities we captured after our meditation, many of them were not only moving as Ed was witnessing but, were of a gold color, including this trail of the large faint luminosity in Pic. 7. (We also photographed a couple of other small very bright gold luminosities that were not included in this report.)
Comparison image.

Pic. 8 Comparison photo of same Location seen in Pic. 7,
taken a few seconds after Pic. 7 with 35mm camera.

Photograph © 2002 Ed Sherwood

Orb Cluster.

Pic 9 Light Ball Cluster recorded with digital camera.
Photograph © 2002 Kris Sherwood

Orb Cluster.
Pic 10 Light Ball Cluster recorded with digital camera.
Photograph © 2002 Kris Sherwood

Of the many photos we took during this experiment only a few revealed the luminous energy in the clustering ‘light ball’, or ‘orb’, form. The ‘orb clusters’, seen in Pics. 9 and 10, demonstrate how the subtle energies can transform in a millisecond from concentrated single luminosities, seen in Pics. 1 through 4, to a multiple ‘orb cluster’, which we’ve seen and recorded countless times in previous experiments.

* * *

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