When completed this page will be a list of 'Q & As'
answered by both Ed and Kris about the topics of their research.
It is still under construction at the moment,
 please check back later.

1) What is a Crop Circle, and what type of formations have appeared so far?

2) Where do Crop Circle formations appear?

3) When do Crop Circle formations appear?

4) How long has the Crop Circle phenomenon been occurring,
and when were they first reported?

5) How many Crop Circle formations have been reported so far?

6) 'Who' or 'What' is creating the Crop Circle phenomenon?

7) What percentage, or number of Crop Circle formations do you think
have been non-manmade since the mid 1970s?

8) Why do you think the number of non-manmade crop circle formations
has varied from year to year, and in different geographical locations?

9) Does the non-manmade crop circle phenomenon ever return to the same site?

10) Have there been any attempts over the years to witness, film
or photograph the act of genuine crop circle creation, and if so,
have any been successful?

11) Why have most of the worlds Crop Circle formations been appearing in England,
and in particular Wiltshire?

12) What is the rewponse of the military to the Crop Circle phenomenon,
and do you think it is created by top secret human technology?

13) How are Crop Circle formations created?

14) Has anyone witnessed a non-manmade Crop Circle formation form,
and if so what did they witness?

15) What do you think causes the crop inside a non-manmade crop circle formation
to rustle, become bent, rotated, and flattened rapidly?

16) How is the crop laid down in a non-manmade Crop Circle formation?

17) Are non-manmade crop circle formations created by energies, or forces,
that come down from the sky, or up from the ground?

18) How are the plants bent in a non-manmade Crop Circle formation?

19) Has there been any in-depth scientific analysis of Crop Circle plants and soil?

20) Is there any evidence that microwave energy is involved in authentic crop circle creation?

21) Has anything unusual been reported at a Crop Circle site prior to its appearance?

22) Is there evidence that sonic or/and ultrasonic frequencies may play a role
in the physics of authentic crop circle creation?

23) Has anything unusual been recorded on audio equipment at Crop Circle sites?

24) Has anything like the crop circle phenomenon appeared in the sky?

25) How long does it take a non-manmade Crop Circle formation to form?

26) What could have caused the mysterious death of many flies
inside some UK Crop Circle formations?

27) Have there been any reports of adverse physical effects experienced by people
inside Crop Circle formations, and if so, what could cause this?

28) How do animals react to Crop Circle formations?

29) What could have caused the mysterious death of a porcupine
inside a Canadian Crop Circle formation in 1993?

30) Is there a connection between the often reported, and sometimes filmed
and photographed 'Balls of light' and Crop Circle Creation?


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