The movie 'A Place To Stay' premiered at Cannes

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By movie chief consultant - Colin Andrews

The official poster for the movie 'A Place To Stay' has been released
by Hollywood Daze Motion Pictures in Great Britain. The film heads for the Cannes film festival in two weeks time and with it comes a major
opportunity for part of the crop circle story to be seen by millions
of movie watchers. Never before has the human impact of the mystery been presented like this.

Director, Marcus Thompson has gone to great lengths to consult experts in this field and to include the spiritual and environmental impact that is
so strongly felt by those who visit and research the mystery. Whether you
research crop circles, visit them, have but little interest in them
or even make them, this story has something IMPORTANT for you.

The crop circle sequences were filmed inside crop circles, some man made (for practical purposes) and some believed real. The beauty
of Wiltshire  can be seen in all its magical glory in much of the most incredible photography you will ever see on the wide screen.

The British film industry and Marcus Thompson have something to be proud of here. The movie has clearly been made with sincere passion and should fill the theatres with intrigue and sadness as the story conveys powerful messages that have a real and urgent place in our troubled world. Permission is granted for this to be posted in any medium.


BBC News Story about 'A Place to Stay'



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