The 'Signs' Media Wave Breaks in the US

US Television prepared for the release of the film ‘Signs’ by broadcasting several new, or re-edited
programs that featured, or included segments about, the Crop Circle phenomenon. Among them were:

History Vs Hollywood - The History Channel. A ‘backstory’ about the making of the film ‘Signs’.

Unsolved Mysteries - The Lifetime Channel. A new program that included coverage of a Crop Circle formation which appeared in Canada in 1999.

Histories Mysteries - The History Channel. A program produced in 2001 that was re-edited to include updated footage, and which featured several of our luminosity photos. It was subsequently rerun several
times in the weeks surrounding the release of ‘Signs’.

Mysteries of the Unexplained - PAX TV. An episode that included a re-creation of Nancy Talbott’s
experience of witnessing light phenomenon in Holland in 2001, in relation to the discovery of a new
Crop Circle formation at the location where the luminous energy had been seen.

Incredible But True – The History Channel. Aired August 7, and contained a segment on the
Crop Circle phenomenon

Signs of Fear – Aired July 22 on nationally syndicated US TV networks.
A non-Crop Circle related, but fear-mongering (in the manner of ‘Signs’), hour long program,
hosted by ‘Signs’ director M. Night Shyamalan, that featured “Your ten worst fears”, which included
such “fearsome” things as Rodents, Bats, Ghosts, etc., presented by the director.

Additionally, there were several TV productions that we were interviewed for and
took part in, which included:

Inside Edition with Deborah Norville

A Nationally syndicated TV ‘newsmagazine’ program in the US

First aired August 11, 2002, and was widely broadcast in conjunction with the release of
the movie the ‘Signs’. In an in-depth three hour interview, taped on July 3, 2002, Inside Edition asks us
what we think about the movie ‘Signs’, and our views about the worldwide Crop Circle phenomenon.

TLC (The Learning Channel) Crop Circle Documentary:
“Crop Circles - In Search of a Sign”

First aired August 6th, 2002,
and was subsequently re-broadcast several times in the following weeks.

In hours of in-depth interviews on April 22nd & May 1st 2002, the TLC production team asked us
what we think about the movie ‘Signs’, and our views on the worldwide Crop Circle phenomenon.
(Both of us were interviewed at length in various locations but, in editing the many hours of footage
that TLC recorded for the program, unfortunately only a portion of Kris’ interview made it into the final cut.)

Crop Circle researcher, Andy Thomas, at the end of this TLC program, pointedly proclaimed
“There are no answers! Crop Circles don’t give us answers.”
To repeat another favorite
pronouncement by Thomas: “We beg to differ.”

CNN Interview with Ed & Kris Sherwood

CNN – American Morning
CNN – Live Today - with Paula Zahn

First aired on August 2nd, 2002 in conjunction with the release of the film ‘Signs’, staring Mel Gibson.
Later airings included CNN’s International Network, broadcast in 15 different countries

On July 12th, 2002 Paul Clinton, CNN’s Film Critic & Movie Reviewer, interviews Ed & Kris Sherwood
in preparation for his review of Signs. In an in-depth three and a half hour interview CNN asks us what
we think about the movie ‘Signs’, and our views about the worldwide Crop Circle phenomenon.

Broadcast in the context of a movie review of the film ‘Signs’, this interview featured us as representatives
of the genuine, non-manmade Crop Circle phenomenon, and also included interviews with the film’s star,
Mel Gibson; director M. Night Shyamalan; and debunker Irving Beiderman.

We also did many radio interviews in conjunction with the release of the film ‘Signs

14 different US and international radio stations contacted us when ‘Signs’ was first released in the US
to hear our views on the Crop Circle phenomenon, and the film.


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