Unidentified Aerial ‘Craft’
Inadvertently Filmed During the Shooting of ‘Sniper’s Ridge’

By Ed Sherwood

Fig.1a A ‘Soldier’ Takes Aim As the Unidentified Aerial Object
Moves Behind Him
(left of center in the scene)
Digital photograph from TV
© 2004 Ed Sherwood/Millennium Research

Click to view the Sniper’s Ridge UFO on YouTube.com by ‘circlescribe’.
(For the clearest video viewings select: ‘HQ’ - high quality, under the YouTube video screen.)

A little after 1pm on March 18th 2004, while I was taking a short lunch break at home, momentarily watching a 1961black and white US Korean War drama called ‘Sniper’s Ridge’, I sighted a very impressive looking ‘UFO’ moving across the sky in the films last main action sequence!

The unidentified aerial object is clearly visible in the background twice during the particular action sequence; once for almost a second (Fig.1a), and then for almost two seconds (Fig.2), with about sixteen seconds of different views and action edited between the two clips.

Fig.1b Un-enhanced Enlargement of the Unidentified Aerial ‘Craft’
Digital Photograph Enlargement from TV
© 2004 Ed Sherwood/Millennium Research

Though very quick clips, amounting to almost three seconds, it is possible to see that the unknown object was large (perhaps larger than a ‘school bus’), self-luminous, and elliptical or ‘disk’ like in shape (Fig.1b). There were no ‘tail fins’, or undercarriage, or structure typical of an airship or blimp. It also appeared to move too fast for an airship.

Fig.2 The Unidentified Aerial Object Remains Visible
Until Being Obscured by the Soldier
(visible above the soldier’s rifle strap)
Digital photograph from TV
© 2004 Ed Sherwood/Millennium Research

Flying horizontally, leaving no contrail, from left to right, at a constant quick rate of speed, the UFO appears to be perhaps only one to two miles away (at most) from the camera and actors at the time. During the second clip it is momentarily obscured by a rifle strap, adding dimension for possible future size analysis, and affirming of a distant material object, that reappeared for a moment, before being completely hidden behind the soldier in the scene (Fig.2).

Further Observations

The Sniper’s Ridge UFO seems to have been filmed inadvertently while shooting the main battle scene of the film. However, it’s hard to imagine the UFO wasn’t witnessed onsite by the film makers and actors, and the film’s editor, since its ‘anomalous’ appearance and movement is clearly out of context with the action sequence. How did the UFO find its way past the films editor? Perhaps, the cost of a re-shoot was too much for what was, by Hollywood standards, a low budget movie. Also, the UFO would only be visible in the film just under three seconds.

Where was the UFO footage shot?

In April 2008 I asked Jack Ging (one of the principal actors in Sniper’s Ridge). He informed me the action sequence was filmed near Bakersfield (about 120 North of Los Angeles). Surprised and delighted to learn of the UFO inadvertently filmed, and the rarity of it, Mr. Ging said it was the first time he had heard of it.

Similarly unknown to the UFO research community it is one of the rarest examples of a filmed UFO: inadvertently recorded while shooting a movie.

Flying close to many potential observers, the Sniper’s Ridge UFO is a ‘classic’ example of what countless eyewitnesses have reported seeing worldwide, for more than a century, among many other UFO forms. It also looks very similar to an historic UFO sighting filmed in Southern California five years later above Catalina Island. Filmed by Mr. Leland Hanson from a US coast guard helicopter on April 15th 1966, it holds the present distinction of being the first known publicly released UFO sighting filmed in colour.

Sixty-one minutes long, ‘Sniper’s Ridge’ was aired on the US ‘American Movie Classic’ (AMC) Cable Channel on March 18th 2004 (when I first spotted the unknown), and again on the 27th. Before this, I had watched parts of the film, on two other occasions in 2003, but hadn’t seen the last action sequence and UFO. However, another viewer, Jeff Challender, had in August 2003! While conducting an Internet search for Sniper’s Ridge Kris found Jeff’s report, including a brief clip (an animated GIF created from a series of stills) of the UFO.

Preliminary Conclusions

In my view, the Snipers Ridge UFO is definitely worthy of further investigation, and analysis,including professional image enhancement!

Even without professional enhancement, watching the actual UFO sequence in ‘real time’on television (rather than a paler, lesser generation, lower resolution looking animated GIF or QT file), it is possible to see that the mysterious aerial object was not an airship, plane, rocket, or other known conventional aircraft of the time.

It is easy to also differentiate the UFO from bullet cartridges ejected from the soldier’s gun as he fires. Watching the footage they are clearly black in color, not white, and can be seen flying up out of the gun being fired in a tight circle quickly falling to the ground. The 'UFO' in comparison moves much slower, and in a straight line, with multiple bullet cartridges being ejected before it passes out of view. Moving in a controlled manner, seemingly out of context with the action otherwise taking place, the unidentified flying object is also filmed from two different vantage points and is too large and too far away to be an ejected bullet cartridge.

The Sniper’s Ridge UFO was my first independent ‘armchair’ UFO sighting and it changed the way I look at older movies, especially ‘low budget’ ones where retakes on action scenes would be very limited or not possible.


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