Victor J. Kean’s Extraordinary Bible Code Discoveries

Dedicated with appreciation to Victor J. Kean and his memory

by Kris Sherwood

In early 2002 my husband and research partner, Ed (Sherwood), and I received an email from Victor J. Kean, a well known writer and UFOlogist who was not known to us at the time. It proved to be the start of a most enigmatic correspondence that revealed startling information to us and offered confirmation of our research from a surprising source.
Unfortunately, we never met Victor Kean, although we later learned we shared a mutual friend in fellow researcher Omar Fowler. Victor Kean most regrettably passed away suddenly in June of 2003 without completing his final book project, and leaving his wife Sybille, family, friends, and colleagues bereft at his loss. He was famous in UFOlogy for his research of the worldwide ‘Flying Triangle’ phenomenon and for his large database of ‘Flying Triangle’ sightings (Ref. 1). He was also a writer who investigated and was intrigued by various subjects of mystery and speculation. Among his published books are two that examine two unrelated and highly enigmatic artifacts: the Phiastos Disk and the Antikythera Mechanism. Both still the subject of research and continuing debate.

The Phiastos Disc was found in Crete on July 3, 1908, and thought to date to the 17th century BCE. A finely made clay disc inscribed with a spiral of glyphs: 261 impressions of 45 different symbols. Referred to as ‘heiroglyphic Greek with Euclidean Dimensions’; it is theorized to be possibly a Minoan Calendar, a Greek Prayer Wheel, or to contain magic text or even,as some suggest, a curse. Dr. Steven Fischer, who also wrote a book about it, suggests it may be ‘one of the Games of Thoth that help bring awareness to the nature of reality’, much as the non-manmade Crop Circle phenomenon has done.

The other enigmatic object that captured Victor Kean’s imagination and that he also wrote a book about was The Antikythera Mechanism. Another strange artifact discovered in the early 20th century. Found in waters off the Greek Island of Antikythera in 1901 by divers searching the site of an ancient sunken wreckage. Evidence suggests it to be around 2000 years old, and it is the only known artifact of it kind from that era. It is remarkable in that it is made of differential gears previously thought only developed in the 13th century AD. Recent X-rays studies have allowed researchers to discover a complex system of gears that appear to track the orbits of the Solar system. It’s an anachronistic artifact that sparks the imagination of anyone who contemplates its possible implications.

Following his fascination with the unexplained and his curiosity to understand and illuminate hidden mysteries Victor Kean was ultimately led to a study of the Bible Code. His last book was to have been called ‘Secrets of the Bible Code’. He also happened to have an ongoing interest in the Crop Circle phenomenon and it was what he discovered during his Bible Code research in relation to Crop Circles that inspired him to contact us.

The Bible Code itself continues to be a subject of controversy and debate but, whatever your views, there remains compelling evidence for its veracity if the facts are examined and considered. A secret code long thought to be hidden in The Bible was searched for unsuccessfully over the centuries by a great many, from generations of Torah scholars to Sir Isaac Newton. A code that proved to be so intricately imbedded in the ancient texts that it could only be discovered with the advent of computers sophisticated enough to find it. (Ref. 2) It has since been shown that imbedded in the words of the original Hebrew texts of the Old Testament, at equispaced distances in all directions in the unpunctuated text as it was originally written, and grouped in ‘matrixes’ of related references, was startling and accurate information encoded within the text that told of people and events throughout history with unbelievable accuracy and detail; even predicting future events that have since come to pass. It has been the subject of much controversy, but there is compelling evidence that this Bible Code could have only been conceived by an Omniscient and Infinitely aware mind. This information has been most recently popularized by Michael Drosnin in his Bible Code books, and further documented by Bible Code scholars and researchers in various additional writings and television programs.

Victor Kean’s initial email to us was to compliment me on my article ‘Deus ex Sol – Solar Logos Depicted in Crop Circle Formations’, that had been recently published in the now out of publication UFO Magazine (UK). When we responded positively to his first email he followed with a response that revealed stunning information. He said he had found in his Bible Code searches results that “verified” our research work to him “as no other approach to understanding the Circles had”! His exact words were: “For me, the acceptance by the 'Bible Code' of all these key elements verifies your work. No other approach to understanding the Crop Circle formations has had such success.” He had apparently begun with a search using key words from my Deus ex Sol article (Ref. 3) and came up with 23 matches in the Book of Genesis, including the name of the article: Deus ex Sol (Latin for ‘God from the Sun’), and many other specific names and locations mentioned in my article, such as Woodborough, Avebury, Trusloe, magic square, Sun, Creator, Helios, Mithras, and Divine Intervention! Further searches revealed Ed’s and my names, including my unused first name of Rayma, the term ‘sacred marriage’, and the name Wiltshire (the English county made famous by Crop Circles). He sent us pages of printouts that documented his search results, and affirmed to him that our research was verified in the Bible Code as “no other” research had been. Needless to say we were astonished at the information Victor communicated to us and I plan to write a more detailed documentation of our correspondence when time permits. I write this now to begin to document what Victor Kean made us aware of, to honor his kindness and his acknowledgement, and to possibly provide further evidence in support of the non-manmade Crop Circle phenomenon, which is the ultimate goal of Ed’s and my combined research from the highest source of all.

We continued our correspondence with Victor Kean for some time and then after several months of no contact we learned the sad news of his passing. Not only has the world lost a great researcher and writer, in addition to his unfinished work on the Bible Code, we have personally lost a significant supporter and source of confirmation of our own Crop Circle research work as well. I also offer this as a small tribute to Victor Kean’s memory and contributions, and as part of my own testimony for the historical record of the Crop Circle phenomenon.
Kris Sherwood/Millennium Research  © February 2005


Ref. 1 - Victor J. Kean’s Flying Triangle Database (Currently not online)
Ref. 2 - The Bible Code - Michael Drosnin © 1997 Touchstone Books/Simon & Schuster
Ref. 3 - ‘Deus ex Sol – Solar Logos Depicted in Crop Circle Formations’
© Kris Sherwood 2001/Millennium Research


Photo of Victor J. Kean courtesy of Omar Fowler
Bible Code matrix printouts (cropped from original pages) supplied by Victor J. Kean, and used with his prior permission.



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