Daylight UFO Sightings Continue Above Santa Monica

By Ed Sherwood

There have been at least eight daylight UFO sightings above NW Santa Monica since June 28th 2006 (Ref. 1). Nine unidentified aerial objects have been observed, including two photographed and three more filmed.

On June 30, at approximately 7:30pm, Kris and I observed a white ‘pellet’ shaped object fly silently over the city in a tight arc taking it out to sea. A few thousand feet up, in clear blue sky, it was about the size of a small jet plane, and was moving at a similar speed. We watched it for approximately 2-3 minutes with the naked eye and through an eight times magnification monocular and could not identify it. Aircraft further away and in the same area of sky could be easily identified (including heard).

On July 9th, Kris and I stepped outside our apartment to hold a brief sky watch after conducting a weekly synchronized Earth Healing Meditation (Ref. 2), including mentally inviting benevolent ET participation, and approximately ten minutes later, at about 11:30am, Kris observed a small white spherical shaped UFO, against bright blue sky at high altitude, approach our position and then move away. I tried to film it but on this occasion couldn’t locate the object with the video camera before it disappeared.

On July 14th, at approximately 1:10pm, while approaching our apartment I witnessed the most impressive UFO sighting I have seen in ten years above the city, and a type of UFO I have not experienced before. Observed for about fifteen seconds flying very low above NW Santa Monica at speed it was a large thin highly reflective silvery ‘cigar’ shaped object with rounded ends, brightly illuminated by not only the sun but also a ‘sparkling’ light ‘discharge’ that gave it an ‘otherworldly’ appearance. ‘Frozen’ to the spot by how impressive the illumination was and the fact that it looked like a large passenger aircraft without wings and a tail coming into land without sound only 2-300 feet above the city where no airport exists. As close as 5-6 city blocks away it was an amazing sight and a truly jaw-dropping spectacle. I thought at the time “Wow, they are really letting people see them now.”

Synchronously, a few hours later, our website (including the UFO ‘Sightings’ page, which had received a major update just before our web server crashed) was restored and back online after being ‘lost’ for eleven weeks! Perhaps our friends ‘upstairs’ knew the ‘Sightings’ page was back online, drawing attention to their presence, and prophesized signs.

On July 19th I witnessed another type of UFO, this time moving in a manner characteristic of extraterrestrial ‘vehicles’ and ‘probes’. While visibly traveling on a straight course the UFO appeared to disappear and reappear in different parts of the sky as it moved from point ‘A’ to point ‘B’. Fortunately, I was able to photograph the object and film it in operation, including its unconventional mode of flight. The following is an account of the sighting including the photographic evidence I was able to record.

Immediately before the sighting occurred I was indoors preparing to walk into the city for a map of Santa Monica. I wanted to plot the position and direction of each UFO sighting up to that point. As I was about to leave the apartment my intuitive inner voice said “Take your camera with you because you are going to need it.” Up to that point, I had never taken my Pentax camera (a professional but heavy still camera fitted with a low powered telephoto lens) anywhere around town. However, on this occasion I felt compelled to do so.

At about 5pm I stepped outside the apartment, took a few steps forward and looked up at the sky above the nearest cross street, and instantly noticed a different type of UFO to what we had observed before hovering nearby. Without hesitation, I snapped two photographs in rapid succession, managing to record the unidentified aerial object (Fig. 1 & 4).

Fig. 1 The UFOs Position and Direction Seconds After Being Sighted
Photograph Copyright 2006 Ed Sherwood/Millennium Research

Perhaps 200-300 feet off the ground and no more than a city block (about a hundred feet) away, the object looked like two, possibly three, large reddish-brown ‘spheres’, each about two to three feet in diameter
(Fig. 2 & 3).

Fig. 2 UFO Image Enlargement Revealing Two ‘Spheres’
Photograph Copyright 2006 Ed Sherwood/Millennium Research

Fig. 3 Reflecting Sunlight the Spheres Move Away
Slowly Rotating Counter-Clockwise
Photograph Copyright 2006 Ed Sherwood/Millennium Research

Within seconds of being sighted, making no sound, the UFO began to move away at perhaps a very slow walking speed (Fig. 4).

Fig. 4 The UFOs Position and Direction
a Few Seconds After Taking the First Photograph
Photograph Copyright 2006 Ed Sherwood/Millennium Research

As it did, I noted how the spheres moved and appeared to be solid, ‘fixed’ and slowly rotating anti-clockwise around a common vertical axis (Fig. 5).

Fig. 5 UFO Image Enlargement of the Spheres
in Rotation Viewed from a Different Angle

HI8 Video Copyright 2006 Ed Sherwood/Millennium Research

They did not swing, sway or bob in the offshore breeze blowing at the time, as tethered balloons would, but instead, moved together (forward and around) as one object (Fig. 6).

Fig. 6 Moving Away While Rotating the UFO Reveals Additional
Underside Shading and the Suggestion of a More Complex Object

HI8 Video Copyright 2006 Ed Sherwood/Millennium Research

After snapping two photographs of the UFO I then ran inside our apartment for our video camera.

To be continued…

Ed Sherwood – July 2006

Copyright 2006 Ed Sherwood/Millennium Research
All rights reserved.


1) UFOs Filmed in Formation Above Santa Monica, By Ed Sherwood,

2) Synchronized Sunday Earth Healing Meditations


Fig. 1-6: Copyright 2006 Ed Sherwood/Millennium Research

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