Apart from taking and publishing, without reference and credit, a lot of original research from ‘The Word Is Nine (Part 1)’, linking the physics and metaphysics of Sound and Ultrasound to non-manmade Crop Circle creation, Freddy Silva has also taken other information, including a specific musical term, and observation, that was first brought to light in relation to Crop Circles by Kris (Sherwood), and widely published in an article we produced in July 1996 entitled ‘Two Views of the Same Fractal’, in which Kris links (amongst other things) a particular design feature of the Stonehenge 1996 ‘Julia Set’ Crop Circle formation to music!

In ‘Two Views’ Kris wrote:

‘The small single circles that begin and end the Julia Set remind me of musical `repeat marks`, to signify the end of a musical composition that is to be repeated from the beginning, or simply, to return to the beginning. (See Dia.6) In my view, the four single terminating circles also mean `repeat`, (i.e., 2 and 2, just as everything is repeated in the helix) and represents a tail in the overall design. Note, that frequently accompanying repeat marks is a `coda` (Italian for `Tail`). In music it is a term for a passage which brings a movement or a separate piece
to a conclusion
. (Dia. 7)’

Six years after publishing Two Views of the Same Fractal, the concluding chapter of Freddy Silva’s Crop Circle book (published in 2002, and including a large amount of un-referenced and un-credited information from The Word Is Nine (Part 1)), is called ‘CODA. No reference or credit to Kris of course!!

The Coda observation was a ‘small’ but very significant observation, since it revealed another previously unknown Crop Circle connection to music. It was an original and intuitive insight of Kris, highly specific and pertinent in its usage. A ‘gem’ F.S. was apparently unable to resist taking.

The late esteemed Professor Gerald S. Hawkins (a dear friend and colleague of ours) after receiving ‘Two Views’ acknowledged the Coda reference at the end of a letter he sent us (dated August 3 1996), when he wrote (referring to the Julia Set pictogram):

He mistakenly credited me for Kris’ observation, but he gave credit all the same, unlike our plagiarist to date.

Ed & Kris Sherwood - March 2005

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