The following text is extracted from a published article entitled: ‘The Word Is Nine:
Crop Circle Metaphors of 1997’ - Part One, and a forthcoming article entitled:
Crop Circles & Sound: A Twelve Year Investigation’ – Part One, by Ed Sherwood. It is also a book in process, of the same title, by Ed & Kris Sherwood.

The Chilcomb Crop Circle Pictogram of 1990

By Ed Sherwood

In August 1990, I (Ed Sherwood) began to investigate ‘Sonic energy’, and its effects, for clues about how non-manmade crop circle formations might be formed and, while checking an old physics book in my collection, found a diagram symbolizing ‘The Interference of Sound Wavesfrom a ‘tuning fork’, reflected in a Crop Circle pictogram, discovered two months earlier, near Chilcomb in Hampshire (Fig. 1).

(Fig.1 - Above Left)
The Chilcomb Crop Circle Formation
Hampshire, UK - Discovered June 6th 1990
Silhouette Drawing Copyright 1998
Ed Sherwood/Millennium Research

(Fig.2 - Above Right)
The Associated Sound Waves from
a Vibrating Tuning Fork

Based on an original Diagram Copyright 1969 H.J.P.
Keighley & F.R. McKim

At the center of the diagram, A, are two bars B and C, representing a vibrating tuning fork with its associated sound waves, as viewed from above. D, E, F, and G represent ‘lines of minimum sound intensity’ created by the interference effects of two sets of sound waves, compressed and rarefracted, leaving one set half a wavelength in advance of the other. Where they almost coincide a listener positioned along these lines would experience almost complete silence (Fig. 2).
As if to doubly affirm the role that sound plays in the physics of non-manmade crop circle creation, the Chilcomb pictogram, symbolizing the effects of sonic energy, formed in wheat, on June 6th 1990, only a few fields from where the first sophisticated Crop Circle surveillance operation (Operation ‘White Crow’) was held the previous June, and where a mysterious ‘trilling’ sound was heard and recorded in association with the appearance of a non-manmade Crop Circle formation (Ref 8)!

Amazingly, the Chilcomb formation depicted both the audible and inaudible aspect of the interference of sound waves, and by its inference the two types of sounds recorded inside certain Crop Circle formations. It also beautifully symbolized
‘The Word’ (Ref. 1, ‘In the beginning was the Word’, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.’ John 1:1), by combining in the form of a simple graphic one of the oldest sacred symbols used by ancient cultures around the world to represent the Sun and God (‘The Creator’, or ‘Creator God’); a circle with a ‘dot’ at its center, represented in the Crop Circle pictogram by the outer ring and the central circle, with four ‘ring arcs’ or sound waves to symbolize The Word, and Creation,
including it seems, non-manmade Crop Circle creation by The Word!

The Chilcomb Crop Circle formation opened my eyes to the metaphorical language of Crop Circle design symbolism, and was the first pictogram I ‘deciphered’. The following year I learned that professor Gerald S Hawkins had discovered ‘musical ratios’ reflected in the mathematics and geometry of certain Crop Circle formations, including the Chilcomb pictogram!

To be continued …

Copyright March 2003 Ed Sherwood/Millennium Research

All rights reserved.


The Word Is Nine: Crop Circle Metaphors of 1997’ – Part One,
Ed Sherwood, Millennium Research, June 1998. A heavily edited version
was also published in ‘The Circular’ magazine (Issue 32 September 1998).

The article includes many Crop Circle research observations I made in 1990,
revealing how sonic and particularly ultrasonic energy can explain many of the anomalous biophysical effects found in many Crop Circle formations plants and soil.
The article also presents an abundance of clues linking ‘sound’ and a Divine ‘Source’, to non-manmade Crop Circle creation, symbolized in the timing, placing, geometry, mathematics, numerology, design symbolism and meaning of many pictograms.

1) The Holy Bible, King James Version


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