Kris Sherwood

Kris is an Internationally known Crop Circle researcher, writer, and co-founder of Millennium Research: Ed & Kris’ combined effort to bring the reality of Crop Circles, and related phenomena, to Worldwide awareness.

Kris’ research articles focus on deciphering the symbols found in the genuine formations; document supportive evidence, and corroborate Ed’s original research findings, that an Infinite Intelligence is interacting with our Collective Consciousness to co-create the genuine Crop Circles; and that there is an urgent need to become aware and recognize their message at this critical time in our planet’s evolution.

An Animation and Special Effects Director by profession, with many years experience as an Animation Producer in television and film production, Kris has worked for many major motion picture studios in ‘animation for children’s entertainment’. During her years in commercial animation production Kris wrote articles and press releases for various Hollywood ‘trade publications’ such as Millimeter Magazine, Shooting Commercials, Adweek, etc.; and also served as a Judge in the Animation Categories of the International CLIO Awards (excellence in advertising). She has been instrumental in, and contributed to, various US television Crop Circle coverage from the program ‘Miracles, Mysteries, and Magic’ in 1993, to the recently broadcast ‘History’s Mysteries’ episode on Crop Circles (on cable TV’s History Channel), in addition to first contacting the IMAX Film Development Producers in 1995 to interest them in producing an IMAX film on Crop Circles. Kris is also an artist, published poet; and as a creative writer and reader has made a personal study of the lives and works of such writers as Jack Kerouac, Edna St. Vincent Millay, Thomas Wolfe, Tom Robbins, and Kurt Vonnegut among others. One of her published essays, "Marine Lightwheels – Crop Circles of the Sea?", was recently chosen by The Centre for Crop Circle Studies’ quarterly journal ‘The Circular’, as one of "Ten Memorable Moments" of their 10 years of publication, in the recent 10th Anniversary Issue.

Some of Kris’ Animation Credits

Having lifelong experiences with psychic phenomena such as clairvoyance, and precognitive dreams, Kris was instantly intrigued and captured by the great ‘mystery’ of the Crop Circles in 1991, and has encountered along the way many life changing events and realizations as a result of exploring the depths of their profound and amazing reality. Upon the very synchronous meeting, and marrying, Ed in 1995, they soon began collaboration on their combined and continued Crop Circle research projects. In March of 1996, after spending many hours measuring and documenting the Laguna Canyon Crop Circle formation, Kris began to see human, tree, and plant auras, and has gradually gained the ability to see some of the luminosities that she and Ed regularly photograph during their ‘Psychic Photography’ experiments. Though able to see only a small portion of the ‘non-physical’ luminosities Ed witnesses each day, Kris has witnessed many, mainly during photo/meditation experiments, as well as a few physical ‘plasmas’. Her experiences photographing anomalies began in 1995, on the day after meeting Ed for the first time, when she photographed a ‘UFO’ in Wiltshire, England, while conducting Crop Circle research, and have continued from there; including the sighting of what may have been materializing‘ atmospheric plasmas’ that she videotaped during the Solar Eclipse of August 11, 1999 in Cornwall, England (pictured in Linda Moulton Howe’s new book ‘Mysterious Lights and Crop Circles.); and the remarkable ‘close encounter’ she and Ed had with two ‘unidentified aerial craft’ and a military helicopter on July 31, 2000 in the ‘East Kennett Square/Grid’ Crop Circle formation, videotaped by Ed at the time. A full report can be found on the Sightings page.


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