An Example of Repeated Plagiarism of the ‘The Word Is Nine (Part 1)’

The Oxford English Dictionary definition of to ‘plagiarize’ is:

To 1) ‘take and use (the thoughts, writings, inventions, etc., of another person) as one’s own. 2) pass off the thoughts, etc., of (another person) as one’s own.’

The Crop Circle researcher who has copied, imitated, and plagiarized me
for the past
seven years, has taken and published a lot of my original insights,
and ‘groundbreaking’ research of 1990, as ‘his own’, including
specific information, observations, ideas, words and even sentences (copied word for word in many cases, and almost in many others) that were first published in ‘The Word Is Nine (Part 1)’, in June, and September 1998 (‘The Circular’, Issue 32).

Below, are just a few examples of
repeated plagiarism that I can cite:

Example 1)

The Word Is Nine (Part 1) presents an abundance of evidence linking the metaphysics and physics of ‘Sound’, and ‘Ultrasound’, to non-manmade
Crop Circle creation by a Divine ‘Source’, identified by ‘The Word,’ and ‘The Nine Principles and Forces of God’ (hence the articles main title). I therefore began
The Word Is Nine (Part 1) with an evocative Bible quote from the Gospel
of St. John (1:1):

“In the beginning was the Word,
And the Word was with God,
And the Word was God”

(The Circular, Issue 32, September 1998)

In an article published in ‘The Circular’ in Spring 2000 (Issue 37), more than a year after my own in the same journal, Freddy Silva writes, five paragraphs into his own article, and the beginning of his references to ‘Sound’ and Crop Circles:

‘Echoed in all the world’s faiths and traditions, Universal matter was created by Sound: ‘In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God’, St. John reminds us.’

In a recent published article in 'Mysteries' Magazine ‘show casing’
Crop Circles and sound, F.S. writes again, when beginning the body of his article:

‘Traditionally, sound is considered to be a prime universal force in the creation
of matter. This concept is echoed in all faiths and traditions.
“In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God,” says not only the Christian Bible,…’

F.S. also puts in his recent Crop Circle book, as the opening quote of a chapter given mostly to Crop Circles and Sound, below a matching quote from another culture (barely concealing the plagiarism):

‘In the beginning there was the Brahman, with whom was the Word. And the Word is Brahman.

In the beginning was the Word,
And the Word was with God,
And the Word was God. 
– John 1:1 

Example 2 and 3)

A large section of The Word Is Nine (Part 1) is dedicated to observational discoveries I made in 1990 linking ‘
Ultrasound’ to Crop Circle creation.
In a major section entitled ‘SOUND INTERFERENCE’ I wrote:

‘In late Autumn 1990 I watched a television documentary on BBC2 about ‘Ultrasound’, and was astonished to see in one demonstration: a candle flame (an ion plasma) bending 90 degrees to Ultrasonic frequencies! If Ultrasound could bend a candle flame, I wondered, could it also bend a harder medium like a living plant stem?

Turning to the Encyclopedia Britannica I learned that  ‘Ultrasound can be aimed, focused and, reflected almost like light beams. Specific frequencies can cause certain kinds of molecules to vibrate while others are left unmoved.
(See ‘Refs’ 21)

F.S. wrote in his article published in The Circular in Spring 2000 (Issue 37):

“Interestingly, ultrasound is capable of interacting with physical elements to an incredible degree. It can be aimed, focused and reflected almost like a light beam, and specific frequencies can be focused to cause certain kinds of molecules to vibrate while others nearby are left unmoved. In laboratory experiments, a candle’s flame has been shown to bend 90 (degrees) to the horizontal by the application of such frequencies.”

Taking my information word for word F.S., simply puts it in reverse order, with Ultrasound ‘can be aimed’ first, and the candle flame bending ‘90 degrees’ information second!! However, its not hard to see that ‘half’ of ‘his’ paragraph, if compared to mine, is mine!!

I can cite many examples from The Word Is Nine, and some from other
copyrighted and published works of Kris and I, as clear as above.

Ed Sherwood
March 7 2005
















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