ET Invited ‘Earth Healing’ and ‘World Peace’
Meditations Attract a Positive UFO ‘Response’

By Ed Sherwood

Fig. 1 UFOs in Formation Above Santa Monica
35mm Still from TV/Hi8 Video Copyright 2006 Ed Sherwood/Millennium Research

Observed and videotaped above a residential area of Santa Monica, where Kris, (my research partner and wife) and I live, more than half of the recent UFO sightings have appeared within thirty minutes of either:

1) mentally transmitting a ‘psychic invitation’ to any benevolent ET civilization to participate in a synchronized group Earth Healing Visualization and World Peace Meditation (Ref. 3), and requesting a ‘sign’ of their participation, or 2) sending out a psychic request for a sign of their presence and support of our disseminated UFO and Crop Circle research (Ref. 4).

For example, on July 21st 2006, I held a benevolent ET invited Earth Healing and World Peace Meditation with David Mitchell, a friend and photographer visiting from Costa Mesa, and approximately fifteen minutes after beginning the post meditation sky watch we observed, videotaped and photographed, a stationary self-luminous ‘pearly’ white ‘sphere’ (Fig. 2 & Ref. 5).

Fig. 2 A Self-Luminous ‘Sphere’
Photo Copyright 2006 David Mitchell

The UFO was approximately a couple of city blocks away and a few thousand feet up in the air. Through high-powered binoculars David reported it looked silvery, while to the naked eye it appeared a soft opaque white (Fig. 2). We estimated it to be perhaps six to ten feet in diameter, maybe more. Motionless and silent, after about fifteen minutes the UFO slowly ascended until it was lost from view. Since this sighting, an identical looking object has reappeared several times at and near the same location in the sky following subsequent ‘benevolent ET invited’ Earth Healing and World Peace Meditations, including twice on camera on August 27th 2006, and on four separate occasions since (all videotaped).

On August 2nd 2006, instead of conducting an ET invitation Earth Healing meditation before the sky watch I ‘voiced’ instead several psychic requests during the first twenty minutes of the watch, and asked the ‘Infinite Intelligence and Consciousness of ‘God’ to pass them on to any benevolent Extraterrestrial Civilization near or far that could receive them and respond. Three times, refining and clarifying what I was asking for and why each time, I asked for a sign of their presence and a sign of support for our research. I also asked to be granted permission to videotape a sign of their presence and support, so that I may share it with others and help stimulate greater awareness of their presence and purpose. About fifteen minutes later, in an area of sky where many UFOs have appeared recently, I witnessed and videotaped for seven minutes a UFO and possible UFH (an ‘Unidentified Flying Humanoid’, similar to others videotaped above Mexico in 2005 and 2006), moving through the sky against a strong breeze, about a quarter of a mile away (Fig. 3 & Ref. 5).

Fig. 3 A UFO and UFH Videotaped at Two-Thirds Zoom
35mm Stills from TV/Hi8 Video Copyright 2006 Ed Sherwood/Millennium Research

On September 9th and 10th 2006 I videotaped another apparent response to the ET invited meditations and requests. This time, after specifically requesting a UFO ‘fleet’ sighting like some videotaped above Mexico in recent years, I observed and videotaped two identical looking UFOs in the same area of sky for twenty-five minutes each. Both looked like a giant white ‘worm’ containing multiple large white ‘spheres’, which later emerged from one of them and flew in a manner typical of a UFO fleet (Ref. 6, 7 & 8)

I have conducted benevolent ET invited solo and group synchronized Earth Healing and World Peace meditations since 1984, and witnessed many UFO sightings following them (Ref. 9). I think it is something we can all do and from almost any location. As UFO sightings above Santa Monica and many other cities around the world continue to affirm, not only are we not alone, our benevolent ‘visitors’ from the stars are willing to support us if we ask for it, and invite them to participate in our efforts towards global healing.

Ed Sherwood – September 2006

Copyright 2006 Ed Sherwood/Millennium Research
All rights reserved.
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Fig. 1: Copyright 2006 Ed Sherwood/Millennium Research
Fig. 2: Copyright 2006 David Mitchell
Fig. 3: Copyright 2006 Ed Sherwood/Millennium Research


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