Kris and I have noticed that apart from taking and widely publishing specific information originally published in ‘The Word Is Nine (Part 1), and other copyrighted writings of ours, without appropriate references and credit, Freddy Silva has also plagiarized other peoples published information in the same manner.

For many years,
Crop Circle Videographer Peter Sorensen produced and widely distributed to the Crop Circle research ‘community’, copyrighted silhouette drawings of many of the formations discovered each year in England, including the stunning pictogram found at Goodworth Clatford in 1996, which he was the first to observe and publish resembles a “Cymatic” pattern (geometric figures that form on liquid surfaces subject to vibration)’.

Referring to the Goodworth Clatford pictogram, but without making any reference
or giving credit to Peter Sorensen, F.S wrote in an article posted on his website in early 1997 (a few months after Peter’s small but VERY significant observation), …its interpretation is incredible when you consider it is the actual representation of the cymatic pattern that forms on a liquid surface when it is subject to vibration. In fact, drop a bead of water onto sand, stick it under a microscope and you will also see the same shape.’  (Click to view the F.S website page)

In Spring 2000, in The Circular (Issue 37), and Freddy Silva’s article ‘The Sound of Crop Circles’, between plagiarized information from The Word Is Nine (Part 1), he wrote, above a photo of the Goodworth Clatford formation: ’Fig. 3 Crop Circle with plants bent six inches from the top and laid in 78 spokes resembling cymatic pattern.’  (Click link to view The Circular, page 22)

And later in the body of the article But it was a convincing formation at Goodworth Clatford – which had its plants bent six inches from the top – that gave the proverbial nod to sound, for here was a representation of a cymatic pattern etched in 5000 sq ft of barley.’ (Click link to view The Circular, page 23 - See top left paragraph)
Not a single reference or credit to Peter Sorensen’s published observation exists
in Freddy Silva’s 1997, 2000, and subsequent published article variations of the same information and insight (to date).
(Click to read more about 'Cymatics')

Giving Reference and Credit Where it is Due

Peter Sorensen’s silhouette drawings (like the more accurate survey based drawings of Wolfgang Schindler, John Martineau, and Andreas Muller), and occasional comments, have often assisted Kris and I in our Crop Circle research, particularly in respect to deciphering and disseminating what we see as the ‘Communication’ behind certain non-manmade pictograms.


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