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Solar Logos and Helioseismology
Depicted in Crop Circle Formations

By Kris Sherwood

'Let There be Light'

Nearly every year since Crop Circles began appearing in the English landscape what can be seen as Solar symbols, conceptual representations of 'The Sun as God', and aspects of Solar physics have been found referenced in the designs of many formations that have been considered to be created by the source of the genuine Crop Circle phenomenon. 'Solar Logos' has been a recurring theme that my research partner, and husband, Ed Sherwood first observed in 1990 and later made me aware of when we began our mutual research in 1995. Since then in my own research into discovering and deciphering what 'messages' are being stated in authentic Crop Circle symbols, I have continued to discover more extraordinary connections to Solar metaphors appearing repeatedly in the formations, including precise depictions of current understandings of Helioseismology, the Science of Solar Seismology, which I observed in some of the most complex Crop Circle pictograms of 2000.

Ed has long known that one of the major references repeatedly being stated in the formations is to the various principals of Physics that are instrumental in their creation. Layered into these brilliantly conceived designs are also symbolic references indicating the 'Intelligence' that is behind their ingenious crafting. Included in some of Ed's as yet unpublished research is the fact that he has long known and understood the role Solar activity and cycles play in genuine Crop Circle creation, and he has monitored and observed the effects of The Sun (and planets) in the Crop Circle fields. He has been giving this information in talk presentations and sharing it with researchers since discovering it in autumn of 1991, and is currently working on several projects to document this research. I am grateful for and acknowledge the insights Ed's research has offered toward my further understanding and ability to identify the information manifesting in the formations. Our individual research overlaps so much at times and to fully make a point, the other's contributions occasionally have to be mentioned and described in the context. With that understanding, I will try to focus in this article on particular observations I've made about certain Crop Circle formations that revealed the remarkable statements they were making about The Sun and its theoretical and physical realities, while adding further to the body of corroborating evidence that Solar symbols have continued to appear in authentic formations yearly through the current year of 2001.

Because The Sun is literally our life sustaining energy source, it is the obvious symbol to be used to represent The Creator, or 'God'; whatever that means to you individually. Worldwide cultures throughout the millennia have metaphorised this Universal concept as The Sun, and the genuine Crop Circle phenomenon, the Biblically proportioned spiritual manifestation of these historic times, has continued to carry on this tradition. The urgent need to perceive our role in a cocreated reality seems to have reached a critical mass and that the creation force is making itself known with a message for all.

Helios and Mithras

The simplest graphic representation of a 'Creator' symbol is a single circle, and next is a simple ringed circle, or ring with a dot in the center: another representation of God, and also the alchemical symbol for Gold, which is another metaphor for God, or the 'deus ex sol' Helios. Helios is the Greek name for the Sun, and is represented in sacred geometry in it's relation to Hermes, the personification of the Greek Logos, as a square inside a circle, and referred to as 'The Light Word of God', or 'The Son/Sun of God'. Mithras, the complimentary Solar deity, that is to the concept of the Spiritual Sun what Helios is to the Physical Sun. Often pictured together in early Christian Gnostic texts, Helios and Mithras: the 'Physical and Spiritual Suns', were represented together in a double Crop Circle formation in 1997. (Ref.1/Fig.1)


Photo 1997 Steve Alexander

Fig. 1 - Etchilhampton, Wiltshire, UK
Double Glyph Crop Circle Pictogram 1997

The two formations that appeared at Etchilhampton in 1997 were a perfectly conceived statement of the dual concept of the Physical and the Spiritual Suns, as represented by the ancient Solar deities, or 'Aeonic' embodiments, of Helios and Mithras.'Aeon' is also a Greek word, one that refers to the eternal powers or archetypal principals of Creation: the symbolic aspects that combine with all into The One. Many early belief systems describe their 'God/Gods' with nine aspects. Pertinent to this point Ed has written of 'The Nine' ('Nine Principals and Forces of God'), including their being referenced in non-manmade design symbolism (Ref.2), and to quote 'Tom', the channeled 'spokesvoice' for The Nine, as he enigmatically said of them: "We in truth are 'Aeons." (Ref. 3).


Illustration 2001 Kris Sherwood

Fig. 2 - The Sacred Geometry of Helios,
and a figurative representation of Mithras

The Aeonic concept of Helios is portrayed in early Gnostic Gospels as the 'Physical' or 'visible' Sun, illustrated with rays or flames in a classic solar effigy, much like the circled six-rayed 'Sun' of the double glyph at Etchilhampton. Helios, is represented in sacred geometry as a square, like the smaller glyph of the pair, and is called the 'Light Word of God', or transcendent God; Creation manifest from the spoken Word of God (Fig. 2). When a square representing Helios is drawn contained within a circle, as in the Etchilhampton glyph, this sacred geometry represents Helios' relationship to Hermes as ''The Logos, or 'The Word of the Sun'. Helios, the Physical Sun, is the traditional counterpart to the Aeon 'Mithras'. Mithras, also portrayed as a Solar effigy, is known as the true 'Spiritual Sun', and considered the primary Cosmic Solar divinity; somewhat 'elevated' above its physical counterpart, Helios. Ultimately Mithras represents the vast Cosmic flow of Time; the infinite and primary alchemical force that has been identified with personifications of highest divinity through the ages (Ref. 4). Remarkably, Ed first observed a symbolic reference to the concept of the Physical and Spiritual Suns in 1990, in a formation that also appeared at Etchilhampton. (Fig. 3)


Diagram 1990 Wolfgang Schindler

Fig. 3 - 'Solar Logos' Crop Circle Formation
Etchilhampton, Wiltshire, UK 1990


The part of the1997 Etchilhampton formation that consisted of a gridded square inscribed by a circle can also can be read as a Magic Square of the Sun. The classic 'Magic Square of 729' is a square divided into a 27x27 cube, contains numbered squares that amazingly add up to 365 in any horizontal, vertical, or diagonal line across the square. (365 also happens to be the numeric equivalent of the name Mithras.) (Ref. 4) In another remarkable synchronicity of numbers, the Sun fully rotates once every 27 days! The Etchilhampton Sun Square had a 'two-over' number present in its geometry, which reminded me of the use of 'coda's, or pairs of extra circles similar to musical repeat marks, that I also observed in the geometry of the Julia Set and Windmill Hill formations of 1996 (Ref. 5). The two 'extra' small circles in the symmetry seeming like an intended irregularity pointing to possibly an unusual aspect, or indicating a 'repeat' of a sequence. This 'extra circle' feature has also been seen in other formations as well, such as the 'Strange Attractor' of 1997, the 1997 Snowflake fractals, etc. The '729 Sun Square' is depicted as a square of 27x27, equaling 729 individual squares that comprise the 729 days and nights of a 365 day solar year (each two squares representing a 24 hour day and night) (Ref. 6). The Etchilhampton Magic Square of the Sun is irregular in a number of ways. It is divided into a grid of squares of 26x29 (not including tramlines), which seems to imply it is not a usual year it refers to. In a curious contortion of numbers, the additional 25 squares that total the formation's 754 squares can be seen to indicate 12 1/2 days in addition to the 365 day year of a typical Magic Square of The Sun year. The formation was first discovered on the 30th of July: projected one year and 12 &1/2 days ahead from that date would indicate August 11, 1998. A coincidental 'pre-anniversary' indicating, with a pre-date by one year, to the date of August 11, 1999, and the Great Total Solar Eclipse across Southern England and Europe? Stretching this a bit further to include the 'repeat' indication in its numbers, one could infer it was even pointing ahead another year to the actual date of the Eclipse. (The fantastic formations that appeared in 1999 had a lot to do with the Millennium ending Eclipse as well, but that's for another couple articles Ed and I have yet to release.)

The Interactive Sun

"...rebellious humans can produce disturbances
on the Sun proportional to the degree of their denial of the God force in
man and Nature." William Hutton on Edgar Cayce's 1936 readings (Ref. 7)

Edgar Cayce predicted what some scientists are now only just beginning to recognize and dare to admit, and that they now have the ability to prove: Events on our planet and in its beings' collective consciousness are reflected in, and relate to, the physical activity of our Sun. The Sun, that has the capability of unleashing a mighty blast of Solar radiation that could potentially blow off a dangerous amount of our atmosphere, can react like an enraged God in response to our Earthly activities, and those activities can conversely also have an effect on the Sun as well. Studies have shown that Solar cycles can be seen to coincide and spike with major events and diverse trends occurring on our planet, including weather patterns, significant political shifts, stock market activity, and it can also be shown that Crop Circle activity responds to these effects as well.

Beginning in 1990 Ed first noted and began documenting how Crop Circle events can also be observed to reflect changes and fluctuations in Solar activity and Earth's geomagnetic fields, and how the symbols being given in the genuine formations accurately refer to aspects of Solar and planetary Physics that are instrumental in their creation. The energy charged particles from Solar Flares, or Coronal Mass Ejections (CMEs), cause disturbances in Earth's electromagnetic field that in turn cause stimulation of related planetary electro-magnetic effects and responses. It is now recognized that Solar Radiation impacting Earth from CMEs has significant physical effects on us, and other life-forms, to feel agitated and nervous; with stress induced effects such as, irritability, even increased heart attacks, and auto accidents occurring during Solar Storms. Complex energy fields that constantly effect us, surround and course through the planet are in continual interaction with Solar and galactic conditions. We live in an interactive galactic biosphere where our bodies function on electromagnetic impulses and resonant vibrations. Our mass consciousness also appears to be a significant force that psychokinetically interacts within itself, and with the 'Infinite Intelligence' of the Universe. Demonstrating proverbially: As above, so below.


Solar Terrestrial Physics Program/NASA

Fig. 4 - Solar Terrestrial Physics Diagram

Current Solar Physics, and the exciting new field of Consciousness Science, are able to scientifically document, among other things, the mutually exchanged effects our Sun's activity has on the Earth and on us, and the effects that we and the mass consciousness of the planet, has on the Sun and other aspects of our existence. An extraordinary example of related new research, is a large-scale ongoing experiment at Princeton University led by Global Consciousness Project Director Roger Nelson. Through a wide Global network of stations, they record responses in the 'mass consciousness field' by monitoring randomly generated computer sequences, that become anomalously non-random and show marked changes in probability curves synchronous with major events being registered in the Global Consciousness. 'Random Effects Generators', or REGs, reflect consistent and predictable non-random readings in synchronization with major mass attention focusing events such as the September 11th terrorist attacks, the death of Princess Diana, New Year's Y2K, significant Earthquakes, and also large synchronized meditations that focus on thoughts of Peace and a positive future. Striking comparisons in the graph charts, alongside the precise timelines of each significant event noted by the REG monitoring stations, show results way outside the area of probability indicating a definite response of some kind in the mass consciousness, or 'Noosphere', to events we are collectively conscious of, and emotionally react to (Ref. 8). Further remarkable evidence of the true nature of our interactive biosphere, where the Earth and Sun demonstrate their nature as a 'living being with connected consciousness', was observed following the US Presidential Election that resulted in a inconclusive split in the voters choices between Al Gore and George Bush. As this divisive and emotional situation registered in the mass consciousness the Sun unleashed a tremendous X-Ray burst that triggered the second largest Proton storm of the peaking 11 year Solar cycle. (Ref. 9)


Photo 2000 Steve Alexander
Fig. 5 - Avebury Trusloe Crop Circle Formation - Wiltshire, UK July 2000


Photo 2000 Steve Alexander
Fig. 6 - Woodborough Hill Crop Circle Formation Wiltshire, UK August 2000

Following a major Solar storm during the Summer of 2000 that sent several of the largest CME's of the peaking Sunspot cycle hurling Earthward, two Crop Circle formations appeared that stunned us with their awesome beauty. The Avebury Trusloe (Fig. 5) and Woodborough Hill formations (Fig. 6) were the two of the most extraordinary and complex formations to appear to date, and in their precise graphic designs can be seen to be grandly proclaiming the might of the furious Solar Maximum, which Ed and I noted was at its apex when they arrived. Astonishingly, the 'tessellated', or alternating, patterns that each formation was comprised of are exact visual depictions of the latest understandings of the principals of Helioseismology and Solar Physics, as graphically represented by NASA's Solar Physicists. (Figs. 7 & 8) (Ed has made other major discoveries about these formations that he will soon publish)


Fig. 7 - Solar Vibrational Modes Diagram

The cycle seen on The Sun's surface percolating in huge oscillating patches of seismic resonance, or outwardly convecting acoustic frequencies, pictured in graphic images bearing stunning similarities to the companion Crop Circle formations (Fig. 8). The arrival of these formations at the Solar maximum underscored and bore witness to the knowledge that, as discovered in 1960, the Sun is 'propagating sound waves' (Leighton et al. 1962) 'in a two octave span centered on five minutes' (Goldrich and Kumar 1990) (Ref. 10). Imagine spiraling through the galactic soup, as we are being subliminally serenaded by our own rhythmic solar heartbeat: we all might be said to be 'marching to the beat of the same drummer' after all; one that seems to be hearkening us to a new reality, as Earth is continually bathed in surging Archimedean Spirals of sonic Solar waves, emanating from the rotating Sun. Of particular note also is the fact that Ed has recognized and disseminated since 1990 that 'sound' is reflected in the biophysical effects of genuine Crop Circle creation and in their design symbolism as being one of the formative agents in their co-creation.
(Ref. 11).


Graphic BISON

Graphic BISON

Fig. 8a - Solar Oscillation Pattern
(First phase peak of five minute oscillation cycle)

Fig. 8b - Solar Oscillation Cycle
(Second phase peak of five minute oscillation cycle)


'Herein have I completely explained the operation of the Sun'
The Emerald Tablet of Hermes (Ref. 12)

The two formations mentioned above reflecting Helioseismology had another interesting feature in their related geometry, one they shared in the same manner that the1996 Double Helix and the Stonehenge Julia Set formations were similar to each other in their geometrical structure. In 1996 I observed that the Julia Set's structure could be seen as a rotated three dimensional view of Double Helix formation (Ref.5) Looking at the Avebury Trusloe 'Magnetic Field' formation, visualize it rotating toward you 90 degrees in 3-dimensional space so the point of view becomes down the axis of its 'poles', which are in effect over each other graphically. This shift would, in effect, move a polar circle to the center of its radiating tessellated pattern, and it would look nearly identical to its structural near-twin: the Woodborough Hill formation, which coincidentally presents another image of Solar and Mithraic implications: the obvious geometry of the head of a Sunflower!

Kris Sherwood
October 2001 Millennium Research

A Postscript thought to ponder:

"Our Planet Earth is now in the process of a dramatic transformation; by altering the electromagnetic skeleton through a shift of the geomagnetic field poles, and through compositional changes in the ozone, and hydrogen, saturation levels of its gas-plasma envelopes. These changes in the Earth's physical state are being accompanied by resultant climatic/atmospheric, and biospheric adaptation processes. These processes are becoming more and more intense, and frequent, as evidenced by the real time increase in "non-periodic transient events"; i.e.: catastrophes. There are reasons favoring, or pointing to, the fact that a growth in the ethical or spiritual quality, of humanity would decrease the number and intensity of complex catastrophes. It has become vitally important that a world chart be prepared setting forth the favorable, and the catastrophic, regions on Earth taking into account the quality of the geologic-geophysical environment, the variety and intensity of cosmic influences, and the real level of spiritual-ethical development of the people occupying those areas."

Dr. A.N. Dmitriev (Ref. 13)

A Final Postscript:

At this critical time in our history it is necessary to recognize how we are able to empower ourselves by combining our collective intentions and the psychokinetic energy of our positive thoughts and visualizations toward a more harmonious existence. Through meditations for Earth Healing and Peace for the planet and all her life forms, focusing on areas most in need of balance and healing, we can affect a positive change for the future; indeed we must or eventually perish. Focusing meditative energy, as Ed and I regularly do, particularly at amplifying 'vortex points' or spaces on the Earth's surface where subtle and physical energy is concentrated, we can each direct the power of our thoughts to a consciously envisioned co-created future that helps fulfill the purpose of Creation, through the refining processes of 'spiritual alchemy' that leads toward ultimate truths; Universal truths that the genuine phenomenon of Crop Circles is with us at this time to help bring our attention to.



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(*Russian to English Translation and Editing:
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English Presentation Sponsored By:
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*Title Page Solar image courtesy SOHO EIT

Fig. 1) Double Crop Circle Formation 1997 at Etchilhampton, Wiltshire, England - Photo
Steve Alexander 1997
Fig. 2) Helios and Mithras Diagram -
Kris Sherwood 2001
Fig. 3) Etchilhampton 1990 Crop Circle Diagram - Wolfgang Schindler 1990
Fig. 4) The Sun - A Pictorial Introduction International -
Courtesy Solar Terrestrial Physics Program/NASA
Fig. 5) Avebury Trusloe 2000 Crop Circle Formation - Photo
Steve Alexander 2000
Fig. 6) Woodborough Hill 2000 Crop Circle Formation - Photo
Steve Alexander 2000
Fig. 7) Solar Vibrational Modes graphic - Courtesy AURA/NOAO/ NSF
Fig. 8) Solar Oscillations graphic - Courtesy BISON

Thanks to NASA and the Helioseismology pages credited above for their public educational services and information.
Additional thanks to Crop Circle Photographer Steve Alexander for allowing me to include his excellent photos in this article.
Ref. 5 article by Ed & Kris Sherwood can be found on their Millennium Research Homepage on The Crop Circle Connector Website at:

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P.O. Box 2084
Santa Monica, CA



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