Crop Circle Visualization Experiment 1992

Visualized Crop Circle Formation

Wiltshire UK - July 22nd 1992
Drawing © 2002 Ed Sherwood.

The Roundway Crop Circle Formation

Wiltshire UK - Discovered July 23rd 1992
Photo © 1992 Busty Taylor 

Since early 1991 I have widely presented the theory, that most non-manmade Crop Circle formations are ‘Co-created’, from a complex combination of elements that include, the focused psychokinetic energy (the ‘spotlight’), of human Collective Consciousness.

For example, on the night of July 22nd 1992, I participated in a spontaneous group meditation involving visualizing, for approximately twenty minutes, a new Crop Circle symbol for the genuine circle creating intelligence, or intelligences, to make. Held after sunset, on Woodborough Hill, near the village of Alton Barnes
in Wiltshire, it was a discrete experiment initiated by Dr Steven Greer, involving the late Shari Adamiak, Colin Andrews, Maria Ward, Linda Howe, Ron Russell, Lynn Gladwyn, George Wingfield, and myself. A few minutes before meditating Dr Greer asked the group to silently intuit a possible design. After a couple of minutes, he then asked everyone in turn what they thought. Interestingly, seven out of nine people, including myself, all thought of the same thing; three equally sized and spaced apart circles, arranged in an equilateral triangle, each connected by a narrow single straight pathway towards their centers. This symbol was then visualized, and ‘transmitted’ into the Cosmos by the group mind. Amazingly, hours later, a few miles away, for the first time anywhere, the exact Crop Circle sign was discovered in a wheat field at Roundway.

Kris recently discovered what the simple pictogram could be referencing and this will be included in a forthcoming work.


Ground Shot Photograph Taken While Visiting Formation the Morning it was Found
Wiltshire UK - July 23rd 1992

Photo © 1992 Ed Sherwood


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