‘Plasma’? Filmed
Woodchester Mosaic, Woodchester

Gloucestershire, England.





Video Stills Copyright 2001 Ed Sherwood/Millennium Research
July 31st 2001
Videographer: Ed Sherwood

At about 8:55pm I (Ed Sherwood) filmed a small ‘golf ball’
sized ‘ball of light’ as it slowly traveled towards me across the buried
Woodchester Mosaic just five minutes before to hold a 20–30 minute synchronized
group Leyline Activating Earth Healing Meditation and Psychic Photography experiment
at the site.

The meditation participants were: Trevor Searby,
Jess Standing and myself, with Kris Sherwood participating
in Santa Monica (California) at 1pm (PDT).

Not seen by Trevor, Jess or myself (attempting to document the site
 of the intended meditation) at the time, the luminosity
was recorded for approximately seven seconds on a HI8 video-cam,
as it slowly approached me only seconds after saying
on camera “After the meditation we will do a Psychic Photography
experiment, and hopefully photograph some balls of light”

Photo 1a shows the light ball descending an embankment that surrounds the buried
mosaic a second or two after it first appeared.  

Photo 1b shows the light ball continuing to descend from right to left,
at an angle of about 45 degrees, across the face of the embankment. 

Photo 1c shows the light ball at the lowest point of its descent at the base
of the embankment, about six inches off the ground, 
just prior to suddenly changing course towards me. 



Photograph Copyright 2000 Ed Sherwood/Millennium Research




Photograph Copyright 2000 Ed Sherwood/Millennium Research



Photograph Copyright 2000 Ed Sherwood/Millennium Research




Photograph Copyright 2000 Ed Sherwood/Millennium Research

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