Multiple Unidentified Aerial Craft Sighting
East Kennett Crop Circle
Formation, East Kennett,

Wiltshire, England



Drawing Copyright 2000 Kris Sherwood/Millennium Research

July 31st 2000
Witnesses: Ed & Kris Sherwood
Approximate Time of Sighting: 11:30pm

Later verified by four other witnesses at two different locations
Kris Sherwood and I encountered two large unidentified aerial craft and one military type helicopter
from inside the East Kennett Crop Circle pictogram. 

Not long after our encounter Kris did a drawing of the incident including the helicopters low and close
approach of our position while observing the first object (4a).


Image Copyright Ed Sherwood/Millennium Research

 Both unidentified aerial objects
had four continuously flashing large closely arranged
 bright yellow white lights.

The flight characteristics of each object and ‘fixed’ flashing appearance of the lights
gave the impression of a large mostly unlit structured craft, at least the size of a medium sized military
helicopter, however, due to the brilliance of the lights against a dark
sky no structure was visible (4b).



Diagram Copyright 2000 Ed Sherwood/Millennium Research

(A) A low hovering, noisy, flashing military type helicopter initially attracted our attention
to an area several fields away.

(B) Moments later a second object came into view with a very different flashing light configuration
making no noise. The lights were large, closely arranged, and a brilliant yellow/white color.
The structure of the object could not be seen, as it silently glided across the landscape
at first coming towards us.

(C) Before the flashing ‘UFO’ reached the hedge, separating the field we were in from the one
the unidentified object was in, it veered off to our left and began to move parallel to the hedge,
slowly climbing the hill rise, below tree top level (approximately 25 feet off the ground).
The hedge was about 250 feet away.

D) While initially continuing to follow and ‘flank’ the UFO the flashing helicopter suddenly veered
off and headed straight towards us, only 6-10 feet above the crop. As it entered the corner
of the field we were in it abruptly turned all of its navigation and cockpit lights off!
The military helicopter was medium sized, and perhaps a ‘Puma’ or ‘Black Hawk’ helicopter.

E) Approximately 50 feet from us the helicopter suddenly banked away,
and headed back towards the UFO, with its lights still off.

F) The UFO slowly and silently continued up the hill behind the hedgerow.

G) Within seconds the helicopter caught up with the UFO
and ‘hopped’ over the hedge to the right of a tall group of trees.
As it did this, it turned its flashing navigation lights
back on again

H) Moments after the helicopter caught up with the unidentified object
the UFO disappeared behind the hill rise, and tall trees.

At this point I (Ed Sherwood), after initially being distracted by the sudden and intimidating approach
of the helicopter, began videotaping the event with a Sony HI8 Handycam
set on ‘Night Vision’ mode.



Diagram Copyright 2000 Ed Sherwood/Millennium Research

(I) With the helicopter still in view, another flashing UFO suddenly appeared,
travelling from left to right from the top of the field at speed towards the helicopter. Like the first object,
 it glided parallel to the hedgerow without making any noise. 

J) Behind the trees, the helicopter proceeded to head away from us as if to follow the first object.

K) At one point, the second UFO and helicopter seemed to cross paths, though in actuality
they were quite some distance apart with the UFO now traveling between us and the helicopter.
 Moments later, the helicopter disappeared behind the hill rise
only to be heard receding into the distance.

L) Seconds after the helicopter disappeared behind the hill, its sound also faded into the distance.
Then there was silence. Meanwhile,  the second UFO continued to flash and silently glide behind
and parallel to the hedge, towards the bottom of the field, where it suddenly ‘blinked out’
and also disappeared.









Video Stills Copyright 2000 Ed Sherwood/Millennium Research

The sequence of video stills above documents the moments
just before and after the second flashing unidentified aerial craft
(upper luminosity) and flashing helicopter (lower light/s) seemed to pass each other.



Image Copyright 2003 Ed & Kris Sherwood/Millennium Research

Ed & Kris Sherwood’s View of the First and Second ‘Unknown’ Aerial Object

The morning after our late night encounter Kris and I tried to find
out if there had been any other witnesses to what we experienced. After a few inquiries,
we met two Crop Circle researchers, Frank Laumen from Germany and Werner Anderhub
from Switzerland, who had also been watching the sky the previous night. They informed us that they too
had witnessed and filmed the same unidentified aerial object and helicopter from a bridge spanning
 the Avon Canal near the village of Stanton St Bernard. Almost four miles from our location,
and perhaps two miles from the aerial activity, they described seeing and hearing a flashing helicopter
following a silent unidentified aerial object along the Tan Hill Way
(a row of hills overlooking the Vale of Pewsey) towards Martinsell Hill. 

A few days later, we learned of at least two more witnesses.
Andy Buckley & Hazel Eastwood, were holding a late night ‘sky watch’ from Martinsell Hill car park,
near Clench Common, when they too saw and filmed two silent unidentified aerial objects;
one being followed by a flashing military helicopter pass over Martinsell Hill,
about half a mile from their position.  
Almost five miles from our location, and almost six from the bridge near Stanton St Bernard,
they also described the UFOs as having four large closely arranged bright yellow-white lights,
in a configuration unlike anything they had seen before. Traveling South across the Vale of Pewsey
they were last seen heading in the direction of Everleigh Ashes.
The four additional witnesses, at two different locations, all reported
the approximate time of their sightings to be very close to ours, at sometime around 11:30pm.
The day after our sighting Kris and I, as well as many people camping only a few miles
from where the various sightings had occurred, noticed an increased military presence,
in the form of more low flying helicopters and jets, in and around the Vale of Pewsey,
where the unidentified aerial objects had been seen.


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