Mulitiple ‘Plasma’ Sighting
Bindown Golf Course, Cornwall, England



Video Still Copyright 1999 Kris Sherwood/Millennium Research

August 11th 1999
Witnesses: Ed & Kris Sherwood, Kelvin Curnow & Anne Scofield
Videographer: Kris Sherwood

'Eclipse Lights' Filmed During the Moments of Totality
of the Last Total Solar Eclipse of the Millennium

On August 11th 1999 at 11:11am (GMT) many millions of people in the UK,
Europe and the Middle East turned their attention skyward to witnesses the last
total solar eclipse of the last millennium. Traveling to England to continue Crop Circle
field research and to witness this once in a lifetime celestial event Kris and I (Ed Sherwood)
arrived in East Looe in Cornwall on August 9th, to experience the eclipse in its path of totality.

Two hours before the moment of totality Kris and I, and three friends Kelvin, Anne, and David
(also from the U.S.) gathered at one of the highest points in Southern Cornwall on top
of Bindown Golf course near East Looe. This location afforded us an excellent 360 degree view
of the surrounding countryside and coast line, and a suitable site to hold a long planned small group
‘Leyline Activation Earth Healing Visualization Meditation’
and ‘Psychic Photography’ experiment during the eclipse sequence.

At about 10:40am we finished the group meditation and were preparing to watch
and video tape the solar eclipse. From our location, like much of Cornwall, unfortunately the sun
was obscured by cloud cover for most of the eclipse sequence, including the moment of totality,
so we were looking in a westerly direction to witness the approaching shadow and darkness instead.
At about 11am Kris began documenting on a HI 8 video camera the building excitement.
Then as the moment totality and maximum darkness began, I suddenly spotted a large bright
stationary fiery reddish coloured light low above the horizon, to the southwest of our position,
about four miles away near the village of Pelynt.

Also documenting the beginning of totality and the moment of approaching darkness
Kris immediately began filming the luminosity, which was brighter than any other object in view
at the time and was seen by everyone in the group. Then while attempting to zoom in on this object,
with the camera momentarily out of focus, four more reddish lights appeared,
perhaps a mile to the right of the first.

The Four Eclipse ‘Lights’
35mm Photograph Copyright Ed Sherwood/Millennium Research

Forming a ‘right angle’ in the sky three of the lights were equally spaced as a horizontal row,
with one equally spaced below to the far right of the group. Looking identical, we considered
they might be parachute flares, but saw no smoke trails, or slow floating descent, to suggest they were.
Also, despite overcast conditions the visibility of bright luminous objects only a few miles away
below the cloud base was good, and from our high vantage point, and the proximity of the lights,
smoke trails I think would have been visible. Additionally, the five lights remained in what seemed
to be a fixed position throughout the duration of the sighting.

Unfortunately, before Kris could refocus on the group of now five lights the first luminosity
disappeared, after maintaining a stationary position for approximately 25 seconds. The four lights
then remained in view for almost a minute after the first, before they too all vanished together.
Later that day the meditation group and I checked two topographical maps, including the area
near Pelynt where we estimated the sightings had occurred, and determined the specific location
of the four mysterious lights to be above a group of four ancient sacred tumuli or burial mounds!

Curiously, I had chosen the highest point on Bindown Golf Course not only to view the total solar
eclipse but also to ‘amplify’ and maximize the effect and result of our group Leyline Activation Earth Healing Visualization Meditation and ‘Psychic Photography’ experiment, by holding it at a place
in the landscape where I felt a strong ‘subtle energy vortex’ or leyline crossing point.
The first part of the group meditation was given to visualizing a desired activation of the leylines
or ‘earth grid’ all around us, including ancient sacred sites (known and not known by the group)
and other vortex points.

Could this have stimulated an energetic effect at the tumuli near Pelynt?

Immediately after the group meditation I shot a roll of 35mm
(400 ASA) film from and towards the meditation site, recording on one frame only a sudden
anomalous ‘light distorting’ effect around the site of the meditation (6c).



Photos Copyright 1999 Ed Sherwood/Millennium Research

Two 35mm frames shot several seconds apart towards the meditation site including
an unusual ‘light distortion’ effect in one of them.

Interestingly, this possible leyline vortex effect, or meditation and leyline effect,
was not unlike a similar light distortion that was photographed by John Holman
inside a 1991 Crop Circle formation that appeared near Lockeridge in Wiltshire.
Kris and I have also photographed this same effect at other subtle energy vortex sites,
including  a natural leyline crossing point in the Santa Monica Mountains in August 2000.

Moments after recording the anomalous light distortion the camera
I was using became completely inoperable for several minutes.

About fifteen minutes later the moment of solar totality occurred and the five eclipse lights appeared.
We thought afterwards that it was very synchronistic that there was five of us and that five lights
had appeared. It was also interesting that one light appeared first, some distance from the four
that followed, since Kris, Kelvin, Anne and myself had each sat and meditated as a group of four
around a height triangulation pillar on Bindown Golf Course hill. David, not directly participating
in the visualization meditation, had first set up his camera equipment some distance away,
in an attempt to photograph the meditating group and site, and hopefully record any anomalies
that might (in part) be generated by the meditation. Additionally, the location of the four lights
had seemed to appear in close proximity to four tumuli (unknown to us at the time) near Pelynt
that were arranged in the landscape in the same manner as the meditating group around
the hilltop height marker only four miles away!

Is it possible that the psychokinetic energy and effect of our focussed group meditation
had stimulated an energetic discharge (perhaps an electromagnetic discharge) and process
that ‘Co-created’ the eclipse lights? Is it also possible that the combined collective psychokinetic
energy and effect of hundreds of thousands of people in Cornwall, wishing to witness a once
in a lifetime total solar eclipse obscured at the time by thick cloud cover, had similarly stimulated
the creation of the eclipse lights? Could it have been both?

Back in the U.S. when we viewed the tape a frame at a time, we noticed that the four lights appeared
to flicker or pulsate a little, especially the luminosity in the top right corner of the group,
which in slow motion seems to disappear and reappear often.

Book marked by the beginning and ending of the moment of totality, the multiple luminosity
sighting lasted approximately 1 minute 20 seconds, of which we recorded about 1 minute 5 seconds.

Reviewing our experience and footage, we concluded that the reddish lights were not aeroplanes,
helicopters, balloons of any kind, or radio mast lights, as there weren’t any in the area at the time.
Though we cannot be totally sure they were not parachute flares, I seriously question
whether the military or anyone else would have released five large flares above public land,
at two different locations, one including an ancient sacred site, close to a village,
at the moment of totality.

In the August 12, 1999 edition of the Cornish Guardian the mysterious lights
were reported by at least one observer at Blisland to be parachute flares. However,
from Bindown golf course we were 2-3 miles closer to the reported location of the unidentified lights,
than an observer at Blisland, and saw no smoke trails. Also, our
‘HI 8’ video footage
doesn’t show them either.

While living in the Vale of Pewsey in Wiltshire England, between 1992 and 1996,
I witnessed scores of parachute flares, periodically released by the military over nearby military land,
and more than 50 nocturnal ‘fire balls’, or ‘ball plasmas’ above non-military land, and noticed
that they could sometimes look similar. However, there is a big difference between parachute flares
that predictably descend and leave chemical smoke trails, and the most transient ball plasmas,
which in the case of the August 11th eclipse lights did not descend but held a stationary position
and left no discernable smoke trail despite good visibility.

Ball plasmas are known to form under various astrophysical, meteorological
and geophysical conditions, and frequent many parts of the world.

Soon after the eclipse sightings the Cornish Guardian was flooded with telephone calls from people
having also witnessed the luminous phenomenon. Some were interviewed by Dave Gillham,
a long time UFO researcher and founder of the Cornwall UFO Research Group, who said that people
closer to the mysterious lights than we were also reported seeing them ‘shoot off at high speed’
as the moment of solar totality ended.

To Kris and I, the five stationary luminosities were unidentified, but perhaps another example
of what ‘Earth Mysteries’ researchers often call ‘earth lights’, or ‘atmospheric plasmas’,
often reported as luminous UFOs, and sometimes witnessed
during the event of a total solar eclipse!

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