Unidentified Aerial Craft Sighting
Costa Mesa, California, USA


Photo © 1999 Tom Augustine

June 20th 1999
Witness & Photographer: Tom Augustine

Photo enlargement of 'disk shaped' unidentified aerial object
above city rooftops reflecting afternoon sunlight.

Following a Psychic Photography experiment in the local Santa Monica mountains,
in early June 1999, I (Ed Sherwood) sent out a 'psychic request'
to the 'Infinite Mind and Intelligence' of all life for a sign of support from any
Extraterrestrial Civilization benevolent towards Earth and humanity.
It had been almost a year since my last very brief sighting of their presence,
so I asked. "Are you still there? Are you aware of what Kris and I are doing, and could you
show yourselves again soon, to both of us?"

After a couple of weeks and no response, and a lot to organize for the 1999
Crop Circle field trip to England, I forgot all about the request. That was until
David Mitchell, one of only two friends involved at that time in our 'Psychic Photography'
experiments in the local mountains, called with some exciting news.

The following information is abridged from David Mitchell's report:

Tom Augustine, is a friend and neighbor of David Mitchell, living in the same apartment building in Costa Mesa (California), and is a retired engineer, aged 70.
Within the last 10-15 years he has had a pilots license, and is a dedicated airplane enthusiast, constructing vintage model aircraft from his garage workshop,
and a keen observer of the skies.

At approximately 11.30am PST on June 20th 1999, Mr. Augustine was working inside his garage when he heard a loud airplane approaching. Orange County Airport is about 4 air miles away, so it was not uncommon for him to hear and see airplanes taking off. However, by the sound of this aircraft Mr. Augustine could tell it was an older type of airplane, so he stepped outside to have a look.

After observing the aircraft for a few moments he was about to return to his workshop when something else caught his attention in the sky. A strange metallic looking object now came into view, making no noise, moving very slowly from left to right, estimated to be approximately 18 degrees above the horizon, and 54 degrees NE (from Mr. Augustine's position), traveling in a Northwesterly direction. The sky at the time was clear with little to no wind. The unidentified aerial object was approximately 2-3 miles away, and moving in the direction of the airport.


Photo © 1999 Tom Augustine

The second photo in a sequence of three showing the unidentified
aerial object angled to reveal a dark underside.


Photo © 1999 Tom Augustine

The last shot of the unidentified aerial object just moments
before it accelerated away at high speed.

Mr Augustine was able to estimate the objects position in the sky using a device from his workshop, particularly useful to pilots, called a 'Pitch Angle Calculator' to ascertain the azimuth. Having a cool head he also thought of his camera, only a few steps away, and within 10-15 seconds he had removed the lens cap and was taking pictures. Using a Canon 50mm set to 'Infinity', and Fuji 400 speed colour film, Mr Augustine was able to obtain three sequential photographs of the object, lowering his camera only to keep the object in sight while advancing the film for a few seconds between each shot. It suddenly disappeared while preparing a forth shot.

Had Tom Augustine photographed an 'ET response' to my request
for 'a sign of support' two weeks earlier? At the very least, I think it was
a very synchronous event, that was witnessed and photographed by Tom, an immediate
friend and neighbor of David Mitchell, one of only two California residents participating
in our Psychic Photography experiments in the local mountains at the time of the request.


Pic 7d

Photograph ã 1999 Tom Augustine

Close Up View of the ‘Unknown’ Aerial Object Above Costa Mesa
Upon close inspection of the original photographs, the object above Costa Mesa
looks identical to many that have been seen, photographed and filmed
over Mexico City, and other parts of Mexico, and the world for many years.

Upon close inspection of the original photographs, the object looks like many
that have been seen, photographed and filmed over Mexico City and other parts
of the world for many years.

* * *

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