Unidentified Aerial Object Photographed
Roundway Hill, Roundway
 Wiltshire, England



Photo Copyright 1995 Kris Sherwood/Millennium Research

July 26th 1995
Photographer: Kris Sherwood

I (Kris Sherwood) snapped this photo while taking a series of shots to record a panoramic
view of the first Crop Circle formation I visited in England in 1995 (9a). Interestingly,
this object was not recorded in the same view taken a few seconds later in the series of overlapping
shots. The dark oval shaped UFO recorded low on the horizon was above Roundway Hill nr Devizes,
and photographed while inside the Crop Circle formation (9b).


Copyright 1995 Kris Sherwood/Millennium Research

Synchronistically, the UFO was photographed on the day after I first met Ed (Sherwood),
and only a few hours before ilyes (a Crop Circle researcher also from the U.S.) and I were invited
to participate in a large group meditation led and organized by Ed that night at ‘Swanborough Tump’
involving 36 people. Held on an evening recognized as an auspicious date for UFO activity
in the Vale of Pewsey (including Roundway Hill), this group meditation also included mentally ‘inviting
 participation’ from any extraterrestrial civilization benevolent towards humanity.

Swanborough Tump is the historic gathering place of King Alfred and the ‘Swanborough Hundred’
nobles who defended Wessex (the spiritual heart of England) from the invading Danes in 871A.D. 

It was the site of a sixty foot diameter Neolithic tumuli (ancient sacred round burial mound),
no longer existing, that served as an important meeting place for local elders
and county decision makers down the centuries, including the innovative
and celebrated Saxon King Alfred.



Photo Copyright 1995 Steve Alexander

The location of Round-way Hill and the Crop Circle formations that have appeared there since 1992,
would prove to be of great significance to Ed and I, particularly through our personal experiences
of ‘interaction’ with the intelligence behind non-manmade Crop Circle creation,
and the luminosity phenomenon associated with it.

My Roundway Hill UFO photograph appeared in ‘The Circular’ magazine (Issue 23, Winter 1995)
with the photo credit of ‘Kris Weber’, my name at the time that would become Sherwood
before the issue was in print

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