Mysterious ‘Cloud Ring’ Sighting
Los Angeles, California, USA


Photo Copyright 1995 Kris Sherwood/Millennium Research

August 11th 1995
Witness: Kris Sherwood

I (Kris Sherwood) photographed this anomalous ‘Cloud Ring’ in Los Angeles,
California in the week after returning from my trip to England in 1995, where Ed (Husband, Ed Sherwood)
and I had just met for the first time. Photographed from my car while driving on the 10 Freeway
on the way to my then job in Hollywood, the Cloud Ring was visible and remained unchanging
for at least 30 minutes. After exiting the freeway I stopped and attempted to take more photos along
the way, before finally losing sight of it as I approached my work location. Due to glaring light conditions
and the film speed in the camera at the time, most of the photos I took from outside the car came back overexposed, but the ones I took through the polarized glass windshield while driving on the freeway successfully captured the image. The Cloud Ring, which was several miles away,
and very large in relation to the landscape features, maintained a symmetrical and unchanged
shape for as long as I had it in sight. It also seemed to be at the same distance,
and of the same consistency, as the cloud mass below it. I contacted local airports,
which reported no ‘skywriting’ activity anywhere that day.

It struck me at the time that it was a very enigmatic occurrence, and also that I happened
|to have my camera and was able to capture it on film. In retrospect the event would take on
much greater significance to my recent and very synchronous meeting of Ed, and our as yet unplanned
but soon to be engagement and marriage, which we felt our destiny
and mutual
Crop Circle connections had drawn us together for.

In another ‘ring’ synchronicity, when I returned to
England in 1997, on landing approach to Heathrow
I looked out the plane window just in time to glimpse a large perfect Crop Circle Ring formation
in a ripening crop field near the Windsor area. I reported it at the time,
but subsequently heard of no other reported sightings of it. (Coincidentally, my family tree
includes branches that trace to the House of Windsor.)

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