Will 2012 Actually Arrive Sooner Than We Think?

By Kris Sherwood

While watching a History Channel program on the life of Jesus which examined, among other things, questions about the actual year Jesus was born in relation to the calendar most commonly used to mark time by: the ‘Christian Era’ calendar, a startling question arose as Ed (husband and research partner Ed Sherwood) and I discussed it. Based on various inconsistencies in the chronology of events and dates, as well as mistakes made by the monk, Dionysius, in the creation of that calendar, I realized the date of 2012 is our interpretation, or assumption, of the corresponding year in the much longer time span of the Mayan Calendar that predicts the ‘end’ of our present world or cycle on December 23rd of its own prophesied year within its calendar, but doesn’t relate to or take into account the discrepancies in the conversions to the newer calendar, and the corresponding date may not actually be 2012 by the Gregorian Calendar! It may actually be years sooner! After further research it seemed to me that at the very least, and based on historical facts, our present calendar does not account for at least one year, to a maximum of seven years, in the chronology of events and the conversion of the Julian Calendar to the Gregorian!  This means 2012 actually may correspond to one of the years from 2011 to as soon as 2005, depending on how you interpret the evidence.

The Christian monk, Dionysius, was commisioned in 525 AD by Pope St John I to create a new calendar which was decreed by the Pope to begin with the birth of Christ as 1 Anno Domani (1 AD: the first year of our Lord). This date corresponded with 754 of the Roman calendar (which predated the Julian calendar that was replaced by the current Gregorian calendar), and year 753 of the Roman calendar became 1 BC. This sequence ignored the year ‘0’ throwing off the counting of BC years by at least one. For example if you were born in 10 BC, in 10 AD you’d be 19, not 20. Other errors and compensations were made in the conversions from earlier calendar systems that could make the discrepancy even greater.

It is recorded that Herod died in 4 BC, directly contradicting the Gospel of Matthew which has the Holy family fleeing to Egypt with the young child, Jesus, until after Herod’s death. Herod’s death follows a time consuming sequence of events described in Matthew following the birth of Christ that include: the journey of the ‘three men from the East’ following the ‘star’ to Bethlehem, presumably a long journey; then their return travel home that avoided Herod, now realizing the potential danger if they had to answer more of his questions about Jesus; then the angel’s warning to Joseph, and the Holy family’s flight into Egypt; Herod’s subsequent order to kill all children two years old or younger in the region, carried out and based on the estimated age of Jesus from what the three men had told Herod when they first met with him on their way to Bethlehem; Herod’s death then follows the mass infanticide, but it’s not clear by how long; finally the Holy family is told, again by an angel, that the coast is clear and they then travel back to Nazareth. If we can believe the chronology of Matthew, it seems that Jesus must have been born at the very least a couple of years before Herod died, giving him a birth date of as early as 6 or 7 BC, or maybe even earlier. If Dionysius compounded his error by counting 7 BC as 1 AD this amounts to a nine year discrepency, meaning 2012 could have aligned with 2003! We’ve passed December 23, 2004 without a world transforming event, so it could be considered if an error was made by Dionysius it was by less than 8 years, and if it was by seven as the evidence suggests, 2012 might actually be 2005! Interestingly, Ed has had a strong feeling 2005 would be a very significant year to the changes culminating at these potentially ‘prophesied times’.

While this might allow for a wide range of interpretation, if the end of the Mayan calendar corresponds with any type of ‘shift to a new order’ (which Ed and I certainly see the Crop Circle phenomenon as an indicator of), or the ‘End of Days’ as we know it, and that has been widely conjectured about, knowing that it may arrive a year or more before anticipated might get some of us up ‘off the couch’ and re-evaluating priorities.

Whether ‘2012’ means an actual date that brings with it a profound manifestation of prophesied Cosmic Destiny; a cataclysmic backlash of mass spiritual decadence through violent natural forces, as the current Mayan Elders warn; or if it’s only revealed to be mass fodder for self appointed prophets, doom mongers, and New Age ‘Carpetbaggers’, that bursts like an empty Y2K balloon, ‘2012’ might just be scheduled to arrive a lot sooner than we think.

Kris Sherwood
January 21, 2005

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