We Receive Apologies For Two Significant Omissions

We have received apologies for two significant omissions by Crop Circle documentary director William Gazecki, and fellow Crop Circle researcher Colin Andrews.

We were not represented in two major Crop Circle related releases of recent months. We know many of you are aware of these omissions, and we want to clarify facts as we understand them directly from their source; not only for the historic record of the phenomenon, but for the integrity of our research, and contributions in support of the non-manmade Crop Circle phenomenon.

1. We were excluded from director, William Gazecki’s documentary Crop Circles – Quest for Truth at the insistence of Executive Producer Suzanne Taylor, who held the “money strings” of the production, and vehemently insisted we not to be included in the film! Mr. Gazecki revealed this fact to us himself, and has sincerely apologized for this forced omission; one we were obviously disappointed by, not only for ourselves, and our combined 30 years Crop Circle and related research, but for the sake of the Crop Circle phenomenon itself, which his film attempted to tell the “Truth” about.

Ironically, Ms Taylor attended Ed’s Andover CCCS conference presentation in 2001, while she was in England with the Quest for Truth film crew, and seemed flabbergasted and amazed at the content of our research represented in Ed’s talk. She even stood up when he was finished and made many seemingly complimentary comments to him in front of the audience; comments which were filmed by another documentary crew who was there to film Ed’s presentation.

2. We didn’t appear in the “Who’s Who” section of Crop Circle researcher Colin Andrews new book “Crop Circles – Signs of Contact”.

Colin has also sincerely apologized to us, and said he inadvertently made this oversight. This is what he said in an email to us: “Dam, I knew somebody important would be missed.  Please accept my apologies for missing you out of the 'who who' - you should be in there and deserve to be.  Yes I will make sure you go in on the next print run.  Sorry. Colin”

We thank Colin and William for extending their apologies to us. We also thank the many other people who recognize and acknowledge our ongoing research efforts, which we continue to share with all who are seeking to understand and be inspired by the “wonders in heaven above, and signs in the earth beneath.” (Acts 2:19)

Ed & Kris Sherwood
March 2003


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