Ed Sherwood

Ed is an Internationally known English ‘UFO experiencer’, ‘Crop Circle’ researcher, and psychic. As an International speaker, writer, and researcher of Crop Circles, Ed has studied the subject since 1984, and personally experienced most aspects of the non-manmade phenomenon, including more than 100 ‘anomalous aerial object’ sightings; numerous psycho-interactive and psycho-kinetic events; unusual acoustic, magnetic, and ion effects; plant anomalies, and more inside and near many crop circle sites.


Since early childhood Ed has experienced first hand a wide range of parapsychological phenomena, including: clairvoyance, telepathy, precognition, ‘Out of body’ experiences, remote viewing, psychokinesis, materialization, perception of auras, spirits, and psychic healing. He has also experienced ‘Extraterrestrial’ contact, and could be described as a ‘Close Encounter’ experiencer of the ‘First’ to the ‘Fifth’ Kind’.


In 1990 Ed began to conduct Crop Circle field work  alongside other known UFO/Crop Circle researchers, assisting their surveillance operations and experiments in a psychic capacity. Notable examples he has been peripherally, and directly involved in include: "Operation Blackbird" in 1990, coordinated by Colin Andrews; "Operation Starlight", a ‘CSETI’ experiment (including a  crop circle design that was visualized, and later discovered in a wheat field!) coordinated by Dr Steven Greer in 1992, and a similar experiment in 1993; and Andrew Collins "Orgone Project" in 1994.


Working as a psychic ‘sensitive’ Ed has helped many researchers and experiencers over the years to witness, photograph, and film ‘anomalous’ phenomena using his clairvoyant sensing abilities. A few examples of this have been referenced in several books, such as: ‘Alien Update’ by Timothy Good; ‘Alien Energy’ by Andrew Collins; ‘Crop Circles: A Worldwide Mystery’ by Janet Ossebaard; and most recently, ‘Mysterious Lights & Crop Circles’ by Linda Moulton Howe. Ed has also been interviewed, and supplied photographic materials for television, and video documentaries about the Crop Circle phenomenon, including: the ‘History Channel’ series: ‘Histories Mysteries’ program ‘Crop Circle Controversy’; and, ‘Crop Circles: The Research’ by Bert Janssen & Janet Ossebaard.


In 1991, Ed started to organize Crop Circle field surveillance projects of his own, combining clairvoyant sensing with group ‘Earth Healing’ meditations, that also included mentally ‘inviting’ any ‘intelligences’, benevolent towards humanity, involved in non-manmade crop circle creation, to participate in them. Eventful experiments included: ‘Operation Dragon’ in 1991, resulting in a daytime multiple witness sighting and photograph of a metallic aerial ‘disk’; Operation ‘Pheonix’ in 1992, involving a two month surveillance of a 1991 crop circle site, with meteorological, electrostatic, ultrasonic, microwave, low radio frequency, and radiation sensitive equipment; and ‘Project EarthMind’ in 1994 and 1995, involving many interactive multiple witness sightings of ‘atmospheric plasma’ (a type of ‘physical’ luminosity often reported as a luminous UFO and called an ‘Earth Light’), and ‘unidentified aerial craft’, including one of each experienced during a 20 minute guided ‘mass audience’ Earth Healing meditation in 1994, inviting non-human intelligence ‘participation’, broadcast live from a hill in Wiltshire England, well known for ‘UFO’ activity, hosted by the nationally recognized English radio and television personality Dave Barratt.

In July 1992, while pursuing a 'psycho-interactive' approach to crop circle research, Ed began to see 'balls of light', invisible in an ordinary state of consciousness, that were otherwise only visible to infrared sensitive film and equipment. He also witnessed the same type of luminosities precede the appearance of atmospheric 'ball' plasma (often reported as a luminous UFO, and called an 'earth light' by 'Earth Mystery' reserachers), a number of times, and on one occasion, also lead to the creation of a non-manmade crop circle formation. Since then he has seen the same kind of 'subtle energy' luminosity (or 'etheric light') everyday, and witnessed its transformation to 'ball plasma' more than 100 times. Ed sees 'etheric lights' both indoors, and outdoors, in daytime, nighttime, stationary, moving, single and multiple, in a wide variety of colours, sizes, forms and conditions, also experiencing a form of 'psycho-interaction' with them that suggests they are, along with most non-manmade crop circle formations, and to a certain extent the more physical atmospheric plasmas, a 'co-created' psychokinetic phenomenon, involving Infinite Intelligence, Collective Consciousness, and natural physical forces of the Cosmos and Earth.
In 1995, after four years of successfully assisting other researchers in photographing physical and non-physical luminosities, Ed began to initiate his own photographic experiments, in an attempt to record the "psycho-interactive" nature of the luminosities, occurring all year round, particularly at places in the landscape where ‘Leylines’ cross. These experiments, based on a method Ed has initiated since 1991, have laid the ground work for hundreds of successful experiments since 1995, in the US, UK and France, at ancient sacred sites, natural and alternative spaces, as well as inside crop circle formations.


In 1980 Ed completed two years full-time training as a graphic artist and designer at the nationally recognized Gt Yarmouth College of Art & Design in Norfolk, England, as well as 2 further years full-time training in Ceramic Design in 1990 at Derby University. Drawing heavily on his artist background, and a long time interest in sacred geometry, symbolism, and physics, Ed’s primary Crop Circle research work (apart from a psychic and interactive approach) like a ‘graphologist’ or ‘cryptographer’ is to decipher the ‘statements’ and ‘messages’ encoded in authentic crop circle pictograms. 


This work, while adopting a multi-disciplinary in-depth research approach to trying to ascertain the authenticity of pictograms, he thinks is very important and necessary, strongly supporting the view that the true purpose of the non-manmade crop circle phenomenon is to awaken humanity to vital ‘other realities’, and to expand human consciousness and knowledge in a time of prophesized ‘Revelations’, and ‘Earth Changes’.


In January 1996 Ed co-founded Millennium Research: a (self-funded) multi-media project created to document and share the combined research of Ed and Kris Sherwood concerning Crop Circles and related phenomena. Millennium Research projects include: ongoing Crop Circle field work and extensive Psychic Photography research (since 1990, and 1995 respectively; the latter involving no less than 400 documented experiments between 1999 and 2000, and resulting in more than 1000 luminosity images recorded on 35mm, HI8 video and Digital camera equipment); regional and international radio appearances (including well known shows hosted by Art Bell, Jeff Rense, Linda Moulton Howe, and Dave Barratt), television, and video documentary interviews (since 1993); yearly talk and slide presentations in the UK and US (since 1994 and 1995 respectively, including Conference appearances at the ‘International UFO Congress’; the ‘Star Knowledge’ Conference; the ‘Center For Crop Circle Studies’ Conference; and the ‘Glastontonbury Symposium’); and illustrated articles for ‘Crop Circle/UFO’ research magazines and web sites (since 1996). Current projects include a book, about the crop circle phenomenon.


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