Another ‘Flying Humanoid’ Videotaped Above
Santa Monica

By Ed Sherwood

To date, there have been at least eighteen daylight UFO sightings above North West Santa Monica since June 28th 2006, when two UFOs were filmed flying in formation above the city (Ref. 1). Twenty UFOs have been observed. Seventeen have been videotaped, including two that were photographed and videotaped. Three were videotaped while trying to record another and were not seen at the time. Seven were multiple witness sightings, and twelve were observer interactive, with twelve UFOs appearing between five and thirty minutes after being psychically requested to appear. Needless to say, the UFO ‘wave’ above Santa Monica continues, and with sightings closely resembling some of the UFO and UFH (Unidentified Flying Humanoid) activity filmed above Mexico in recent years.

This includes the sighting detailed in this report that was strikingly similar to an unprecedented UFH sighting videotaped late last year over Mexico City (Fig. 1 & Ref. 2).

Fig. 1 Multiple Unidentified Flying Humanoids
Videotaped Above Mexico City
35mm Stills from TV/DVD Copyright © 2006 Pedro Avila/Courtesy Jaime Maussan

One of the most experienced and respected UFO sky watchers in Mexico is a young man by the name of Pedro Avila. Since 1994 he has videotaped many UFOs above Mexico City. On the morning of November 27th 2005, while watching the sky from his bedroom window he videotaped an amazing sight high above the city. On March 4th 2006 the footage was presented at the 15th Annual International UFO Congress Convention held in Laughlin (Nevada) by Jaime Maussan and Santiago Yturria and records something extraordinary. Videotaped in a discreet area of the sky was what looks like a small group of illuminated figures, or luminous humanoid beings, playfully moving around without any obvious means of flight
(Fig. 1 & Ref. 2).

It is a unique piece of footage indeed and a first, to my knowledge, in UFOlogy. Challenged with muscular dystrophy, Pedro Avila managed to videotape the sighting for more than half an hour too, recording one of the most impressive and intriguing pieces of UFH footage to date.

Synchronously, my research partner and wife, Kris, and I, also witnessed and videotaped a UFO on the same day as Pedro Avila, and while conducting a one year ‘anniversary’ sky watch of our first UFH sighting videotaped above our apartment (Ref. 3). Then nine months later, in August 2006, after attending Jaime Maussan’s and Santiago Yturria’s presentation at the International UFO Congress Convention, I videotaped a UFO and a UFH very similar to one of the luminous entities recorded by Pedro Avila.

The following report details what I observed and videotaped for seven minutes flying above our neighborhood of Santa Monica on Wednesday August 2nd 2006.

At about 5pm I began a solo UFO sky watch from the corner of our apartment. Sitting on a wall under some trees in a shaded spot I repeatedly scanned a quarter segment of the sky for anything unusual and difficult to identify. The sky was very clear and beginning to turn a deeper afternoon blue. Nearby palm fronds were moving to a moderate breeze. Visibility was good for low to high altitude UFO watching and the lighting conditions very suitable for filming anything noticeable against the sky.

Nearby, I had a HI8 camera switched off but within easy reach. I also had a metal Pentax 35mm camera fitted with a 135mm telephoto lens, and an 8x magnification monocular (a spotting scope) in one hand, to identify and eliminate planes, helicopters, balloons, birds, etc, too high up or far away to clearly identify with the naked eye.

After making sure the camera equipment was ready to record I then turned my full attention to the sky, keeping a very watchful eye on two areas (UFO ‘windows’) in particular. I tried to make the sky and anything appearing unusual in it my primary focus and everything else incidental and peripheral, including the city around me.

For the first few minutes of the sky watch I did only that, watch. I tried to be sensitively aware of what could be seen with the naked eye in an ordinary state of consciousness. I then tried to increase my conscious awareness to perceive what I could not observe in an ordinary state of consciousness, by giving my complete undivided attention to specifically sensing the ‘presence’ and form of anything Extraterrestrial entering the area of sky being viewed, including objects oscillating at frequencies not visible to the human eye in an ordinary state of consciousness.

Since early childhood I have had an ability to clairvoyantly sense the presence of something Extraterrestrial before it becomes visible in an ordinary state of consciousness. This has allowed me to often know when and where a ‘UFO’ will appear in a given landscape or area of sky before it does. However, since July 22nd 1992 I have also been able to see what I could only previously ‘feel’ before a UFO appeared in an ordinary state of consciousness (be it a ‘ball plasma’ type of UFO or an Extraterrestrial type of UFO).

For example, I have often witnessed (including recently above Santa Monica),
an Extraterrestrial craft, or smaller device, appear after mentally inviting benevolent ET participation in a synchronized group ‘Earth Healing’ visualization, and world peace meditation, and initially be the only person in the group to see the UFO and ET ‘response’.

On August 2 2006 I didn’t conduct an ET invitation Earth Healing meditation before the sky watch but I did ‘voice’ several psychic requests during the first twenty minutes of the watch, and ask the ‘Infinite Intelligence and Consciousness of God’ to pass them on to any benevolent Extraterrestrial Civilization near or far that could hear them and respond. Three times, refining and clarifying what I was asking for and why each time, I asked for a sign of their presence and a sign of support for our research. I also asked to be granted permission to videotape a sign of their presence and support, so that I may share it with others and help stimulate greater awareness of their presence and purpose.

After about twenty minutes of sky watching a neighbor walking her dog stopped
nearby and asked me what I was looking at in the sky. I said I was looking for UFOs and showing interest in the subject we chatted very briefly before parting. I resumed sky watching and about ten minutes later the sighting occurred. At about 5:30pm I glanced at one of the two ‘UFO windows’ and spotted something very unusual above the city flying slowly towards me (Fig. 2, top arrow, & Fig. 3).

Fig. 2 The Position of the UFO and UFH Soon After Being Sighted
(top arrow) and a Second UFO (bottom arrow) Not Seen at the Time

35mm Still from TV/Hi8 Video Copyright © 2006 Ed Sherwood/Millennium Research

Approaching from the North East, on a direct course initially, were two mysterious white objects. When first sighted they were about forty degrees above the horizon and approximately half a mile (about six city block widths) away at most. Flying one above the other the upper object was ‘round’ (perhaps a couple of feet in diameter) and the lower object was long and ‘humanoid’ shaped (Fig. 3-7).

Fig. 3 Partial Zoom of the UFO and UFH with Palm Tree Bark in Shadow (far left)
35mm Still from TV/Hi8 Video Copyright © 2006 Ed Sherwood/Millennium Research

Realizing something highly unusual was above the city and heading my way I picked up the video camera and began filming. For a couple of minutes I had great difficulty finding the UFO and possible UFH in the camera viewfinder. However, after several attempts at zooming in and out, and checking their position against certain features on a nearby palm tree (approximately 15 feet away) I did manage to record them for almost a minute before they disappeared momentarily behind the first of four palm trees (Fig. 3).

At that moment, rather than wait for the mysterious objects to emerge I decided to move for a better filming position about ten feet away. As I did the UFO and UFH changed course. Instead of continuing directly towards me they were now flying parallel to the street I was on and moving from my right to left (or North East to North West-West; in Fig. 3-9 that is horizontally from the right side to the left side of each image). I estimated they were about three city blocks (a quarter of a mile) away at this point, maybe closer.

I quickly resumed videotaping and was able to record the UFO and accompanying UFH a further forty seconds before they disappeared behind a second palm tree trunk (about 60 feet from me). When they reappeared I zoomed towards them, recording the UFH in various positions as it moved its ‘torso’, ‘head’, ‘arms’ and ‘legs’ (Fig. 4-7).

Fig. 4 Flying Against a Strong Breeze the UFO & UFH Emerges
From Behind the Second of Four Nearby Palm Trees (far right) Videotaped at Half Zoom

35mm Still from TV/Hi8 Video Copyright © 2006 Ed Sherwood/Millennium Research

Fig. 5-7 The UFO and UFH Videotaped in Various Positions at Two Thirds Zoom
35mm Stills from TV/Hi8 Video Copyright © 2006 Ed Sherwood/Millennium Research

Very noticeable in the sky to anyone looking up in their direction the UFO and UFH moved through the air in a manner characteristic of something under intelligent control. Without a sound they flew unlike any conventional airborne object, flying upright and straight for a few seconds, pausing, then moving in reverse a little, before continuing on and repeating the action. This movement they did with a strong breeze also blowing against them, evident in several clips where I zoomed back to include the UFO and UFH and the tops of one or more palm tree.

A couple of times while I was recording the UFO and UFH about to pass behind a nearby palm tree they accelerated forward until they were hidden. Playing ‘hide and seek’ perhaps the UFH could see what I was seeing or simply see me better than I could see it? Whatever the case, I had the distinct feeling that I too was being observed and by a playful intelligence.

I videotaped the UFO and UFH for another three minutes and thirty-five seconds, as they flew between a second and third palm tree. During this time I slowly zoomed in and out several times, until the third palm tree came into view (approximately sixty seven feet from me). I then zoomed out partially and held this position to record the controlled motion and speed of the UFO and UFH in relation to the palm tree. This segment of the footage clearly shows how they moved through the air (watch the ‘NEWS’ page for the MPEG to follow).

After the UFO and UFH emerged from behind the third palm tree I continued to film them for a further sixty-five seconds, before both objects disappeared behind the head of a forth palm tree (approximately 93 feet away and about fifty degrees above the horizon) and vanished (Fig. 8 & 9). It was the last time I saw them.

Fig. 8 The Position of the UFO and UFH Moments Before
Disappearing Behind Nearby Palm Tree Fronds

35mm Still from TV/Hi8 Video Copyright © 2006 Ed Sherwood/Millennium Research

Fig. 9 A Final Zoom of the UFO and UFH
35mm Still from TV/Hi8 Video Copyright © 2006 Ed Sherwood/Millennium Research

I waited a few seconds for them to reappear before moving the camera another ten feet to continue filming from a better position. However, when I searched the sky behind the palm tree, knowing their last position and speed, neither could be found. This time, the UFO and UFH had disappeared. I spent several minutes looking but to no avail. Realizing the sighting was over and that perhaps my psychic request had been heard and ‘answered’ I thanked the ET intelligence for granting a sign of its presence and for allowing me to record the experience so that I could share it with others.

The complete sighting lasted for about nine minutes and on this occasion I was able to record just over seven minutes.


The UFH sighting I videotaped in 2004 (Ref. 3) and 2006 were very similar
and very different in a number of respects.

In common, both initially approached from the same general direction (North East) and flew directly towards my location before changing course. Both were silent encounters and involved what appeared to be a large UFH wearing a full ‘body suit’. Both moved about (turning, twisting, bending, and extending) as they slowly flew through the air and neither descended.

Not in common, the UFH filmed in 2006 was further away and higher up than the previous UFH sighting. One wore what looked like a dark slate gray suit and the other a bright white suit. One was a very frustrating experience to videotape while the other was the complete opposite. The UFH recorded in 2004 appeared about ten hours after I forcefully (expressing a lot frustration at the same time) requested a benevolent ET ‘sign of support’, while the UFH videotaped in 2006 appeared within fifteen minutes of peacefully asking for a sign of support.

The UFH in 2004 flew through the sky without any obvious means while the UFH videotaped in 2006 flew with a similarly bright white UFO above it, that appeared to be assisting its flight, perhaps even making it possible? The accompanying UFO also maintained it shape, position and size relative to the UFH throughout the sighting.

The UFO and UFH sighting of August 2nd was, in my view, a close encounter of the ‘Fifth Kind’, an encounter initiated by a human observer.

On a number of occasions, a few weeks before the UFO and UFH sighting, Kris (Sherwood) and I had psychically asked ‘Upstairs’ for continued UFO sightings above Santa Monica, including objects visible long enough, close and moving slow enough to videotape effectively on our outdated recording equipment. I also expressed how challenging it was to film a sighting even under the best of circumstances and their cooperation would help a lot.

As if in ‘response’, since June 28th 2006 most of the UFOs we have observed and videotaped have been either slow moving, like the August 2nd UFO and UFH, or ‘stationary’ objects, including a few that held their position for as much as fifteen minutes (watch the CCA ‘NEWS’ page for more information and images to follow).

Not all, but at least half of the recent UFO sightings above our apartment and neighborhood of Santa Monica have appeared within thirty minutes of either: 1) sending a ‘psychic invitation’ to any benevolent ET civilization to participate in a synchronized group Earth Healing Visualization and World Peace Meditation, or 2) sending a psychic request for a sign of their presence and support of our disseminated UFO and Crop Circle research.

Last year, I wrote about the prophetic UFO fleet sightings above Mexico and Florida that preceded Hurricane Katrina, and included a comment about some of the UFH sightings witnessed up to that point above Mexico and other areas, and a year later above our neighborhood of Santa Monica is a continuous series of daylight UFO sightings, many resembling individual objects videotaped in UFO fleets,
and another, albeit different, UFH sighting (Ref. 4).

On July 21st 2006, I held a benevolent ET invited Earth Healing and World Peace Meditation with David Mitchell, a friend and photographer visiting from Costa Mesa, and approximately fifteen minutes after beginning the post meditation sky watch we observed, videotaped and photographed, a stationary self-luminous ‘pearly’ white ‘sphere’, identical to one of the seven UFOs videotaped above Florida last Summer forming a ‘Latin Cross’ in the sky shortly before Hurricane Katrina appeared (Ref. 4).

The UFO was approximately a couple of city blocks from where Kris and I live and a few thousand feet up in the air. We estimated it to be perhaps six to ten feet in diameter, maybe more. Motionless and silent, after about fifteen minutes the UFO slowly ascended until it was lost from view. Since this sighting, an identical looking object has reappeared at and near the same position in the sky several times following subsequent ‘benevolent ET invited’ Earth Healing and World Peace Meditations, including twice on camera last Sunday (August 27th 2006).

Returning to the videotaped UFO and UFH. Upon reviewing the first minute of partially zoomed footage, recorded while trying to find the UFO and UFH in the camera viewfinder, I noticed a second UFO had been present and recorded that was not seen at the time. Clearly visible on three video frames (or for one tenth of a second) it appeared to be a large ‘stationary’ white object (Fig. 2, Bottom arrow).

Unfortunately, being several generations away from the original footage the image
of the second UFO is not as clear in this report as it is viewed a frame at a time on television. However, it does record its position in the sky, which on July 22nd 2006
was also the location of a UFO not seen but videotaped while trying to record another UFO. In UFOlogy it is not uncommon to photograph or videotape something that was not observed, or visible, at the time.

As mentioned previously, it has often been my experience since July 22nd 1992 to witness ET technology in the form of an aerial object in daylight that is only visible to myself (and in a superconscious state of awareness), and cameras able to record the UFOs operating frequency. These objects are invisible in an ordinary state of consciousness, which is why I can see them when I’m not videotaping and not when I am (sometimes recording the UFO I didn’t see anyway). Having to divide ones attention between direct and indirect observation through a camera, and having to give attention to the camera functions (and limitations) and not the UFO completely (whatever frequency it’s operating at) is I think, the primary reason for this consciousness problem.

At least a third of the visible UFO sightings I have videotaped above Santa Monica recently were preceded by one or more aerial object that was invisible to the human eye in an ordinary state of consciousness.

Since August 2nd 2006 there have been at least eight more UFO sightings above North West Santa Monica. Seven I managed to videotape (watch the CCA ‘NEWS’ page for more information and images to follow). Daylight UFO sightings have also been reported and photographed above LA and neighboring Southern California communities, including Woodland Hills, Lancaster, and Costa Mesa (watch the CCA NEWS page for more information and images to follow).

Ed Sherwood – August 2006

Copyright © 2006 Ed Sherwood/Millennium Research
All rights reserved.
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2) Recent UFO & UFH Sightings Above Mexico (DVD), by Jaime Maussan & Santiago Yturria Garza, 15th Annual International UFO Congress presentation (Volume 509), March 5th 2006.

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Fig. 1: Copyright © 2005 Pedro Avila/Courtesy Jaime Maussan
Fig. 2-9: Copyright © 2006 Ed Sherwood/Millennium Research

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