An Unidentified ‘Flying Humanoid’
Videotaped Above Santa Monica

By Ed Sherwood

On July 11th 1991 (nearly fourteen years ago before writing this report), the most significant single mass UFO sighting and event of the last century occurred above the worlds largest city, Mexico City, and other cities around Mexico. It was prophesized by the Maya 1200 years ago to usher in a new era of ‘Cosmic Awareness’ and ‘Earth Changes’, and since then much has come to pass to fulfill that prophesy (Ref. 1-4); ‘Quetzalcoatl’ it seems has ‘returned’, and to date, more UFO footage has emerged from Mexico than anywhere else on Earth, affirming we are NOT alone.

In Early 2004, Kris and I began to read about recent sightings of unidentified flying ‘humanoids’ observed in the skies over Mexico, including two daylight cases in which the ‘entity’ had also been videotaped (Ref. 5 & 6) Unprecedented in UFOlogy, non­human beings had been videotaped flying high and low above city neighborhoods in broad daylight! Five months later we had the opportunity to view some of the most compelling footage, from multiple 'UFH' (Unidentified Flying Humanoid) encounters, at a presentation to the Los Angeles MUFON group by Mexican UFOlogist, Santiago Yturria, and were very impressed.

Video footage of darkly covered flying humanoid entities or ‘hombrecitos volodaros’ is a ‘recent’ and historic development in UFO activity above Mexico, and elsewhere. UFH encounters, with various individual and sometimes groups of non­human beings, have been reported around the world since antiquity (Ref.7), but only very recently, in the ‘timeline’ of ETI and Human encounters, has one or more UFH been videotaped.

Were it not for the many videotaped UFH sightings in Mexico I probably wouldn’t have published this report for some time but, remarkably, less than four months after viewing the video evidence from Mexico, Kris and I observed an almost identical looking ‘Unidentified Flying Humanoid’ or ‘UFH’ flying purposefully over the neighborhood of Santa Monica we were living in, and I managed to videotape it!

Click below to view three sequential clips and enlarged still frames from the encounter:

UFH Sightings (Part 1)

The following report is my account of our sighting.

Sighting Details & Description

Fig.1 Initial Sighting Location
Photo Copyright 2004 Ed Sherwood/Millennium Research
Fig.2 Sighting Area Map
Diagram Copyright 2004 Ed Sherwood/Millennium Research

Date & Time of Sighting: November 27th 2004, approximately 10:15 am
Number of Observer/s: Two (Ed and Kris Sherwood)
Observer/s Location: A residential neighborhood of North West Santa Monica, California, USA.
UFO Location: It was first observed above North West Santa Monica heading in a South South Westerly direction at an angle of about 50 degrees above the horizon.

Kris and I were out walking our dog ‘Bessie’, a blond Labrador, a few city blocks from our  apartment, when the sighting occurred.

Approximately half way down one street, as the dog stopped to sniff, I looked up, and between two buildings immediately noticed something very strange in the sky, flying slowly towards us (Fig. 1, & Fig. 2B-C). At first, I considered a helicopter high above the city and perhaps one to two miles away. It was ‘solid’ looking, bulky, and ‘dark’ gray to black in appearance. However, the more I watched it the closer it came, and the nearer it came the more anomalous it looked.

I quickly realized the ‘UFO’ was much smaller and much closer than originally thought,
and it wasn’t a helicopter. Instead, it was about a third of a mile away, made no discernable sound, was about the size of a very large man, and looked oddly ‘humanoid’. I was well aware of some of the recent sightings of unidentified flying humanoids (U.F.H.s) witnessed and filmed in Mexico, and considered the possibility (Ref. 5 & 6). I also considered tethered ‘balloons’, and a released inflatable ‘parade character’, but it didn’t actually look or behave like either. After about ten seconds I drew Kris’ attention to it and we observed it together for several more.

Knowing I was only a block and a half from our apartment, and observing how slowly the unidentified object was moving (perhaps walking speed), I decided to run back to retrieve our HI8 video camera. However, as I said this to Kris, the UFO immediately stopped and began to head away from our position in a North Westerly direction (Fig. 2C-G). Determined not to lose the opportunity I ran, while Kris continued to watch incase something changed.

While on route to our apartment I sighted the UFO several times, as it passed above and behind city buildings (Fig. 2C-E). Upon arrival, I quickly noted its location, direction and speed (which had remained constant), and ran inside. Moments later, I was back outside with a HI8 camera (Fig. 2D). However, much to my frustration, as I tried to videotape the object I discovered the ‘charged’ battery I thought I had was flat! Rushing back inside and out again, I began videotaping the UFO as it slowly approached a cross street, about 350 feet away (Fig. 2E). The first clip is about 10 seconds long and includes an un-zoomed view of the street and sky in which the UFO is flying, to a half zoomed view of the mysterious object (Fig. 3).

Fig. 3 A Half-Zoomed View of the ‘Unidentified Flying Object’
Digital Still from TV/HI8 Video Copyright 2004 Ed Sherwood/Millennium Research

Curiously, as it approached the cross street, and flew over it, the UFO seemed to form a ‘cross’ almost in the sky (Fig. 3). It was the only time during the entire sighting that I saw it do this. Seconds later, what had looked like outstretched ‘arms’, or appendages of some kind, were now down in a half resting position (Fig. 4).





Fig. 4, 5, and 6 Half-Zoomed Views of the ‘Unidentified Flying Object’
Digital Still from TV/HI8 Video Copyright 2004 Ed Sherwood/Millennium Research

The UFO remained in this configuration, with some subtle movements, for the remainder of the sighting (Fig. 5, & 6). The second video clip I shot includes Fig. 4, 5, and 6, and is about 65 seconds long, and also includes un-zoomed to half zoomed views of the object (Fig. 2E-G, & 7).

Fig. 7 Un-zoomed Image of the UFO’s Position and Direction
Digital Still from TV/HI8 Video Copyright 2004 Ed Sherwood/Millennium Research

From this point on, I had great difficulty videotaping the UFO, beyond recording
an additional ten seconds. The main problem was I couldn’t keep the camera still enough, beyond half zoom without a tripod, for a steady clear shot, even leaning against a parked car. Also, the UFO was very hard to re-spot, and keep track of, under the prevailing weather and lighting conditions, once I had lost it on the camera’s LCD screen. It was overcast and gray, but still very bright (without sunglasses), with dense off shore mist and low clouds. Combined, these factors made a full zoom on the UFO pointless, and a half zoom increasingly difficult.

As I struggled with the camera the unidentified aerial object was slowly but steadily moving away. Realizing I would soon lose it behind buildings and trees, I decided to get above them by accessing the rooftop of an adjacent building (Fig. 2D). Knowing this would give me an unobstructed view of the sky, and a wall to balance the camera on for a steady shot at full zoom, I quickly climbed three flights of stairs. However, once on top of the building, I couldn’t find the UFO in the sky. I tried to mentally ‘triangulate’ its last location, and looked all around, but to no avail. Frustrated, and needing to make a decision fast, I decided to try to find the UFO again from the
street. Rushing down three flights of stairs I quickly estimated where I last saw it
(Fig. 2G), and ran to that spot (Fig. 2H).

Kris in the meantime was slowly making her way back to our apartment with the dog.
She had remained close to the initial sighting location and watched the UFO for several minutes. Noting it was going to disappear behind buildings, she began to return, losing it and spotting it several times on route as it slowly headed away (Fig. 2C-G), and out of view (Fig. 2F).

I last sighted the UFO heading North North East into low clouds and bright gray morning haze (Fig. 2I). I tried to videotape it, but couldn’t ready the camera in time. As it passed behind a distant rooftop I ran on several blocks hoping to catch up with it, and videotape it from a cross street, where I could have the widest and least obstructed view of the sky, but I didn’t see it again after that.

Duration of Sighting: Approximately 15 minutes.
UFOs Estimated Size, Distance, & Altitude from Observer/s: About 7-8 feet tall, 3-4 feet wide and maybe a foot thick; three and a half to four city block widths away when first spotted, and one and a half block widths away when videotaped; and maybe 7-800 feet off the ground.
Type of Observation: Ground to air, naked eye (aided by a HI8 video camera with a 32X optical zoom lens, and a 360X digital zoom capacity).
Length of Videotape Footage: Approximately 5 minutes.

Further Observations

On December 1st 2004 I called the local FAA (Federal Aviation Administration) Flights Standards District Office and spoke to a duty officer who informed me that
no unusual air traffic was reported, or logged, above North West Santa Monica on Saturday morning November 27th 2004, including any escaped or released low flying inflatable objects, such as large parade characters, or tethered balloons.

Similar Sightings Witnessed and Videotaped in Mexico
During the early hours of January 16th 2004, officer Leonardo Samaniego, a policeman from Guadalupe, N.L. Mexico, was making a routine patrol around Colonia Valles de la Silla, when he encountered and was attacked by what he described as a flying “witch”, ‘”all dressed in black with cloak and cape”’. An in-depth report, entitled ‘Mexican Policeman Attacked By a Flying Humanoid Entity’, by Santiago Yturria, details the policeman’s dramatic and disturbing encounter, and includes still images from footage shot of an identical looking entity videotaped flying above the same area at 3pm the day before the attack (Fig. 8 & Ref. 5).


Fig. 8 ‘Flying Entity’ Filmed Above Colonia Valles de la Silla
Video Still Copyright 2004 Courtesy of the
Videographer & Santiago Yturria
Fig. 8b Flying Entity (Form and Shading Similar to the Santa Monica UFH)
Enhanced Video Still Image Copyright 2004 Courtesy of the Videographer & Santiago Yturria

‘This flying entity was witnessed by several neighbors of that area including three policemen that saw this strange dark entity flying low over the place. People were afraid of this being that they described as a ‘demon’ or witch and was seen for three days flying around.’ Santiago Yturria

Kris and I first met Santiago Yturria at the 13th International UFO Congress Convention in Laughlin Nevada on February 9th 2004. On March 12th we read his report, posted on the Jeff Rense website, about the Leonardo Samaniego case (Ref. 5). Synchronously, on the same day another flying humanoid, or ‘hombrecito’ (‘little man’), was videotaped near ‘Hill of the Chiquihuite’, a reputed UFO ‘hotspot’ in the State of Puebla, Mexico (Ref. 6).

On August 17th Santiago gave a stunning video presentation to LA MUFON (which Kris and I attended), when he showed different pieces of daytime footage, recorded by multiple individuals, of unidentified flying humanoids videotaped in Mexico in 2004, including the entity observed above Colonia Valles de la Silla (Fig. 8 and 8b).

In each case that Santiago presented, the unidentified flying humanoid (UFH) appeared to fly without any obvious means, and was ‘covered’ by a flexible dark gray coloured ‘suit’, or coverall, or ‘cape’. The same was true of the unknown later witnessed and videotaped above Santa Monica (except it was taller). Another similarity between the sightings was their humanoid ‘form’, and how it appeared in ‘shadow’, particularly around the area of the ‘feet’, ‘arms’, and ‘head’ (Fig. 3-6 & 8).

Most of the time the Santa Monica unknown looked very humanoid in shape.
There were times though when it was very difficult to identify what it was because it changed shape. Apart from moving in a particular direction it also moved on its own vertical axis, like similar examples videotaped in Mexico. Leaning, bending, twisting, and extending actions all affected its appearance, making it hard to tell if it was a flying entity, an aerial ‘device’, or both (Fig. 9)?

Fig. 9 A Three Quarter ‘Profile’
of the Unknown

Digital Still from TV/HI8 Video Copyright 1999 Kris Sherwood/Millennium Research
Fig. 10 The ‘Flying Humanoid’
in Different Positions

Diagram Copyright 2005 Ed Sherwood/Millennium Research

Trying to make sense of what I was looking at, at the time, I wondered if the UFO was an entity ‘wearing’, or ‘sitting’ on, some sort of ‘cloak’ covered flying device (Fig. 9 & 10). It seemed ‘biological’ and ‘technological’, explaining why perhaps its form looked ‘oddly’ humanoid. I tried briefly to ‘communicate’ with it telepathically,
but without success.

What are the flying entities being seen and videotaped above Mexico?

Fig. 11 ‘The (Aztec) god Homoyoca was depicted on a strange mount.
Could it be a one-man flying vehicle?’
(Ref. 7)
Illustration Copyright 1974 W. Raymond Drake

While watching the various clips in Santiago’s presentation, I faintly recalled something I read many years ago about flying humanoid sightings in Mexico. Doing a little research, I blew the dust off a book that has been in my reference collection for 25 years, entitled ‘Gods and Spacemen in the Ancient West’ by W. Raymond Drake. It’s a very engaging read, and in it I found several possible historic references to what has been seen and videotaped in Mexico of late (Fig. 11 & Ref. 7).

Perhaps the flying humanoid that attacked the police officer was, or is related to,
‘an Ikal, a three feet tall, hairy black humanoid which was believed to be a humanoid from another world, often flying with some rocket propulsion attached to its back. Mr. Gordon Creighton (the late), Fellow of the Royal Anthropological Institute and a world-renowned authority on UFO phenomena, who has lived in Mexico, comments that among the Tzotzils, neighbors of the Tzeltals, the Ikal is the commonest form of the God of Death who flies through the air and steals women…’ ‘During the past twenty years (1940s-1960s) numerous incidents have been reported concerning luminous spheres from which black dwarf-like creatures have emerged and attacked people, often with a paralyzing dazzling light.’ Drake continues, ‘The Aztecs believed the night was full of fantastic monsters, including ‘dwarfish women with floating hair’, and adds, ‘Did Ikals menace the Aztecs, Mayas, and Incas?’ (Ref. 7)
‘Montezuma is said to have patrolled the roof of his palace every night, scanning the skies fearful of hostile influences from the air – fears well-founded, for the belief in aerial demons kidnapping people persists in Mexico to this day.’ (Ref. 7)
This was published in 1974! Thirty years later a young policeman from Guadalupe would find out how frightening such an encounter could be (Ref. 5).

Not all non-human ‘humanoids’ darkly caped are necessarily negative however.
One was renowned and revered as a ‘God’ for his fairness and intellect. Drake writes, ‘the peoples of Central and South America treasured memories of a Fair God who had taught their ancestors all the arts of civilization then left them, warning that one day he would return in a One Reed Year bringing a time of tribulation.’ (Ref. 7) The ‘Fair God’ was named Quetzalcoatl, and the actual date of his return, predicted by the Maya, was July 11th 1991! (Ref. 1-4) Drake adds, ‘The idealism of Quetzalcoatl, preaching universal love and beauty, the worship of a benevolent Heavenly Father honoured by gifts and flowers, was acclaimed by the Toltecs and Nahuas.’ (Ref. 3) He also adds ‘The Aztec priests divined that the God would be white-skinned with a black beard, and dressed in black,…’ (Ref. 7)

Was it an Ikal, Quetzalcoatl, or something else that appeared above Santa Monica?
I don’t know. I didn’t sense anything negative at the time.

Further Similarities and Synchronicities

October 18th 1999, Kris and I witnessed and videotaped an equally strange UFO from almost the same spot where I videotaped the UFH in 2004, and there were other similarities too (Fig. 12 & Ref. 8). Both were observed and videotaped in the same area of sky. They were very unusual to look at, and hard to identify, and were new UFO types in my experience. Neither produced any obvious contrail, energy field effect, or sound, and occurred during the morning hours while out walking the family dog. They were also videotaped and ‘framed’ against opposite sides of the same palm tree! (Fig. 12 & 13)

Fig. 12 Partially Zoomed View of a Rotating ‘Boomerang’ Shaped ‘Object’
Digital Still from TV/HI8 Video Copyright 1999 Kris Sherwood/Millennium Research

Fig. 13 Different UFO, Same Palm Tree Five Years Later!
Digital Still from TV/HI8 Video Copyright 1999 Kris Sherwood/Millennium Research

For a detailed report of the October 1999 sighting, including ‘zoomed’ images,
visit: UFO Videotaped Over Santa Monica (Ref. 8).

The unknown sighted above Santa Monica in 2004 at all times appeared to fly upright, and one of the last moments I was able to videotape it was just before it passed behind the head of the nearest palm (Fig. 2G, 7 - un-zoomed, & 13 - at half zoom). At half zoom, it looks almost identical to the flying entity videotaped near Puebla, on March 12th 2004. To view images of the UFH, videotaped by Arturo Lopez Lopez ('El Burro'), at approximately 6: 26pm, from the roof of his house, visit: ‘Hombrecito Volador’ - Spanish for ‘Little Flying Man’
(Ref. 6).

A ‘Fifth Kind’ Encounter
There were several reasons to consider the Santa Monica UFH sighting was a psycho­interactive  encounter and possibly even a ‘Close Encounter of the Fifth Kind’ or ‘CE5’, which in my experience  is a human initiated encounter with any form of ‘Extraterrestrial’ Intelligence, related phenomena  and/or technology.

Approximately twelve hours before the UFH sighting, while taking Bessie for a last late walk, I had  asked the ‘Infinite Intelligence of God’ (Ref.9) for an Extraterrestrial ‘sign of support’. I rarely did  this for myself, having learned in my early teens that the more I asked for an encounter (i.e.: for  personal and/or emotional reasons), the less it happened. I realized then that despite being an ETI  ‘contactee’ it wasn’t to be so easy, or taken lightly. A few years later I would begin to conduct  synchronized ‘Earth Healing’ and ‘World Peace’ meditations, and to ask for others, and most of the  time receive a visual ‘response’. Sometimes this would occur immediately, sometimes minutes,  hours or occasionally days later. Late evening on November 26th 2004 I asked for Kris and I..

Kris hadn’t witnessed anything Extraterrestrial directly since our encountering two ETI aerial objects  at close range from a non­manmade Crop Circle formation near West Kennett on July 31st 2000 The last ETI aerial object I had experienced and videotaped while conducting a solo CE5 'initiative' was an ETI 'response' upon arrival at Magog Down, near Wandlebury Ring in Cambridgeshire on July 15th 2003 (report to follow). We had however observed multiple ETI aerial objects inderectly, including more than half a dozen UFH's videotaped above Mexico, during Santiago Yturria's memorable video presentation to LA MUFON.

Apart from asking an infinitely aware ‘Infinite Intelligence’ to relay my request for an ETI encounter I  didn’t mentally visualize or ‘project’ anything, or inwardly or outwardly ask for a particular sign, or  specify when and/or where for a sign to take place, just something positive, supportive, and soon.

The next indication to suggest the sighting was an interactive event occurred when I expressed to Kris my intention to try to videotape the UFO, and it immediately stopped, and started flying in a new direction, away from where we were, and myself without a camera (Fig. 2A). Instead of continuing towards us (Fig. 1 & 2A), it flew to a new location that made it visible from our apartment, and significantly closer to myself with a camera (Fig. 2E). I didn’t realize it then, thinking the UFO was simply leaving the area, but maybe it was reading my intentions, and ‘assisting’ me? Despite flying away (much to my frustration at the time trying to record it), and no telepathic exchange (I asked it mentally to stop), it did, by its slow speed and direction, actually give me a fair chance to videotape it (albeit ‘on the run’), by ‘mirroring’ my movements (Fig. 2).

Another point to consider as possibly ‘interactive’ was a brief moment when the unknown approached a cross street below it, and in front of me, and extended what appeared to be its ‘arms’ (Fig. 3). I had asked for a sign. Was this it?
‘As Above, So Below.’

Ed Sherwood - January 2005

Postscript Update: November 27th 2005 UFO Sighting

On November 27th 2005, exactly one year after our Unidentified Flying Humanoid encounter above Santa Monica, Kris and I held a short sky watch on top of a
building in our neighborhood to see if there might be another sighting. With a video camera at hand we patiently watched the sky from around 9:30am to about 11am. At approximately 10am (fifteen minutes before the UFH sighting of 2004), after repeatedly sensing to look straight up, I looked up and spotted directly overhead,
in clear blue sky and at a very high altitude, a brilliant ‘star’ like (‘spherical’) point of light moving rapidly in a straight line.

Producing no contrail the UFO sped across the sky heading North East to South West, and out to sea (like the unidentified flying ‘boomerang’ of 1999). Drawing Kris’ attention to it, I quickly activated our video camera and tried to film it. However, like the UFH sighting of the previous year the UFO proved to be very difficult to film. Its small size (to the naked eye), great speed, high altitude, and lack of contrail made it almost impossible to find with the camera and film, and I was only able to record it on two frames, and out of focus.

Visible for approximately thirty seconds the UFO sighting was very brief. However, it lasted long enough to observe that it produced no contrail as it streaked through the sky, unlike every other type of aircraft we observed flying at very high altitude, that all generated very noticeable white contrails behind them.

Ed Sherwood – January 2006

Additional Reports


1) ‘Messengers of Destiny’ (Video Doc.), By Lee & Brit Elder, Genesis III, 1992.
2) ‘Masters of the Stars’ (Video Doc.), By Lee & Brit Elder, Genesis III, 1994.
3) ‘Voyagers of the Sixth Sun’ (Video Doc.), By Lee & Brit Elders, Genesis III, 1996.
4) ‘MEXICO CITY JULY 11TH 1991: The Most Significant Single Mass UFO Sighting and Event of the Last Century’, By Ed Sherwood, 2002, posted at:
5) ‘Mexican Policeman Attacked By a Flying Humanoid Entity’, By Santiago Yturria, January 2004, posted on the Jeff Rense website.
6) Images of the ‘Hombrecito Volador’, By Arturo Lopez Lopez, 2004, posted
on at:
7) ‘Gods and Spacemen in the Ancient West’, By W. Raymond Drake, Sphere Books Ltd., 1974.
8) 'Large Rotating UFO Videotaped Above Santa Monica', By Ed Sherwood, 1999, posted at:
9) Briefing For The Landing On Planet Earth, By Stuart Holroyd, 1974.

The images in this report are lower resolution copies of the images and footage originally shot. Efforts to analyze this are currently under way. For future updates, and related ‘NEWS’, visit:

Except Fig. 8, & Fig. 11, All Images Copyright
November 2004
Ed Sherwood/Millennium Research All rights reserved.

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