Large Rotating UFO Videotaped Above Santa Monica

By Ed Sherwood



Video Stills Copyright 2001 Kris Sherwood/Millennium Research

Aligning a palm tree to the unidentified aerial object Kris began videotaping, at first with the camera
un-zoomed (5a). Though high up to the naked eye the object looked ‘boomerang’ shaped.
Due to its distance from the camera lens however, even half zoomed,
it initially recorded as a small white dot (5b).

Date of Sighting: 10/18/99

Time & Duration of Sighting: Approximately 9:30-9:50am

Witnesses: Ed & Kris Sherwood

Location of Observers: A residential neighborhood of North West Santa Monica, California, USA.

Location of Object: It was first observed in a North North Westerly direction heading South South East,
at an angle of about 45 degrees above the horizon, South of the Santa Monica Mountains.

Weather conditions: Clear blue sky (very good visibility)

Details of Sighting:

I was walking ‘Bessie’, a blond Labrador, around the block Kris and I were living on,
and had just turned the third corner and cleared a low shady tree when
an unexpected moment of clairvoyance caused me to look up behind me
and spot a very unusual object, high up in the clear blue morning sky.
To the naked eye it looked like a large, long, self-luminous (casting no shadows on itself),
bright white opaque ‘rod’ or ‘tube’, bent at the center, with ‘scalloped’ and diffuse edges,
and rounded ‘ends’, slowly rotating clockwise like a thrown boomerang (5c – 5e).
I estimated its size to be roughly the length and width of a Boeing 707, minus wings and a tail,
flying at an altitude of approximately 10-15,000 feet. 

I watched it for about 3 minutes, expecting it to disappear at any moment. However,
it didn’t disappear, so I rushed home quick, alerted my wife Kris, who then joined me
at a street corner to view the object with a pair of binoculars and a
‘High 8’ video camera with a x 360 Digital Zoom. We weren’t disappointed.
The unidentified aerial object was still in the sky, rotating continuously, and traveling
very slowly in a straight line, on a course that would take it directly over our position.


5c Frame View of ‘Boomerang’ Shaped Object
Video Still Copyright 1999 Kris Sherwood/Millennium Research

With some variations, the mysterious aerial object maintained
a curved configuration throughout the sighting.










5d-5l Cropped Video Frames of Rotating Aerial Object
Video Stills Copyright 1999 Kris Sherwood/Millennium Research

The UFO displayed some very interesting flight characteristics. While maintaining a straight
and level course it slowly rotated clockwise around its own 'center' and horizontal flight path,
causing the UFO to ‘corkscrew’ continuously through the sky (5d-5l).

As I viewed the object through binoculars Kris began videotaping, succeeding to record a minute
and a half of footage. Kris then passed the camera to me and I took over videotaping, however,
at this point, in the heat of the moment, I failed to notice that Kris had switched the cameras recording mode
to the ‘standby’ position. Thinking I was recording what was on the LCD screen,
I discovered when viewing the footage later that unfortunately the 5-10 minutes
I thought I had recorded wasn’t there.

To make matters worse, after I had videotaped the object for approximately 10 minutes the camera
suddenly and unexpectedly ‘switched off’. As I struggled to turn it back on Kris and I saw what looked
like a Boeing 707 pass in front of the object at a lower altitude, blocking it momentarily from sight,
while making its descent to LAX airport. Unfortunately, we didn’t succeed to videotape this,
or the last few minutes as it silently passed overhead, but what we did videotape clearly shows
what passed over Santa Monica that morning.

We watched the object for about twenty minutes until it disappeared from
view heading towards and above an area of Santa Monica called Venice.


Throughout the sighting the aerial objects shape and three-dimensional form remained the same.
It made no sound and left no contrail. At no time did it appear to be metallic or show
any reflective surfaces or attached appendages. Also, on at least two occasions viewed through binoculars
I saw the unknown object emit a bright burst of florescent ‘purple’ light along its length facing the direction
it was rotating and traveling in. 

The UFO’s flight characteristics: flying slowly on a straight and horizontal course, at a constant speed,
while continuously rotating 360 degrees on two axis (around its own center and course of motion),
were highly unusual and indicative of an intelligently controlled aerial ‘object’, in this case,
not a single object but a ‘fleet’ of self-similar and self-luminous ETI aerial objects flying together in a curved configuration as ‘one’ object: a ‘UFO Fleet Container’ or ‘UFOFC’ (Ref.1-4). 

A leading member of the Orange County MUFON Chapter Jan Harzan contacted an air traffic controller
at LAX airport a few days after the sighting and reported that ‘nothing’ anomalous was ‘allegedly’
reported on radar, at the time of the sighting. This seems hard to believe, since it was
a large object at relatively low altitude flying in the direction of LAX, approximately seven miles away.
Was the object ‘cloaked’ to radar perhaps, or was a different kind of cloaking in operation?

Just seconds before sighting the mysterious aerial object I clairvoyantly ‘remotely sensed’ an ETI aerial
object’ high up in the sky behind me. In fact, had I not remotely sensed its ‘presence’ and turned around
and looked up I probably wouldn’t have seen it at all with my back to it, while walking Bessie towards the last street corner before home. Since early childhood I have often spontaneously and/or willfully remotely
sensed (i.e.: at a ‘distance’ in space and/or time, and beyond ‘ordinary’ conscious perception),
the presence and location (etc) of an ETI aerial object before encountering it. This has often
allowed me include other witnesses and when possible to photograph and/or videotape an ETI
aerial object (Ref.1, 2, 3, 7 & 8). Remote sensing has also allowed me to do the same with
one or more ball plasma (Ref.5 & 6).

The UFO Fleet Container encounter of 1999 was the first time I psychically sensed, and Kris
and I observed, a UFOFC above NW Santa Monica. It was also the first time I facilitated
videotaping a UFO above the city after sensing it clairvoyantly. Many more UFO and UFOFC
encounters, including ‘self initiated’ or human initiated ‘Close Encounters of the Fifth Kind’ or
‘CE5’ type encounters, would follow, especially after beginning, on April 8, 2006, to
conduct solo and small group synchronized ETI participation invited Earth Healing and
World Peace meditations, and requesting before a meditation a visible sign of ETI participation, and
permission to videotape anything that may appear (Ref.1, 2 & 7).

Considering all of the above and the duration of the sighting, conventional explanations such as
micro-lights, balloons, parachutes, space debris and rocket stages (etc.), can be ruled out I think.

*      *      *

Below is a copy of a letter Kris and I sent to a number of local television news desks three days
after the sighting. Although the initial response was encouraging, each news desk quickly fell silent
and seemed to drop the story like a ‘hot potato’, despite our making no reference to ‘alien spacecraft’
or the like: 


Dear  **********

Enclosed is a VHS copy of the daylight UFO sighting over
Santa Monica, (filmed earlier this week) with a brief description.

We think it would be interesting to know if anyone else spotted
or even filmed this object, and could offer a convincing explanation of what it was.

Bear in mind that the objects shape and form remained the same throughout the sighting
(something I don’t think a stray balloon, and a very large one at that, would do), while travelling
in a straight line for at least 5 miles, continuously rotating 360 degrees. 

It was very unusual, a true ‘Unidentified Flying Object’.

Look forward to all contact,


Ed & Kris Sherwood.

1973 NASA Video Image

Recently, Kris and I came across an interesting piece of NASA footage,
of an unidentified object in space, recorded during the 1973 Apollo 12 Mission
to the Moon, that looked very similar to the UFO videotaped above Santa Monica.

Commander Charles Conrad reported the sighting and videotaping of an unidentified
object to Mission Control: "We have, … an object which is in the same place
all the time but, … appears to be tumbling, … ah, we've had it ever
since yesterday, and,… it seems to be tagging along with us."

Mission Control offered several possible explanations, including jettisoned
'SLA Panels'; the four large 'garage doors' of an area enclosing the Luna module during launch.
When released, these would tend to continue to follow the command module, slowly tumbling through space.
But, wouldn't Apollo astronauts recognize such a large and important piece of Apollo 12?

Indeed, these seemed to have also been videotaped during the Apollo 12 flight.
However, a slowly turning panel bore no resemblance to the mysterious 'tubular' 'boomerang' shaped
object videotaped; 'rotating' anomalously (especially when viewed frame by frame), flying in a straight line,
at a high rate of speed, far above the Earth.

In the case of the unidentified aerial object above Santa Monica,
which also flew in a straight line, and continuously rotated and 'corkscrewed'
through the sky, at an altitude that would put any similar sized piece of 'space junk'
on primetime television NEWS, LAX air traffic controllers saw nothing.


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*      *      *

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