ENGAGING A ‘DRAGON’ ‘Ball Plasmas’ Videotaped Interacting
with Observers Before, During, and After, a Group Meditation!

By Ed Sherwood

This article is dedicated to my friend and colleague,
Graham W. Birdsall, Co-founder and Editor-in-Chief
of ‘UFO Magazine’ (UK), and Producer of the world
renowned annual ‘Leeds International UFO Conference’,
who passed away on September 19th, 2003.

Graham’s contribution to UFOlogy, and many related subjects,
was immense, and he will be very greatly missed.

(Ref. Postscript)

The Vale of Pewsey, in Wiltshire England, is synonymous with ‘UFOs’ and ‘Crop Circles’. Many people, including myself, have witnessed extraordinary aerial ‘objects’, and phenomena in and around the valley, including sightings of Extraterrestrial technology, atmospheric Beam Plasma, and ‘Ball Plasma’ (also known as an ‘Earth Light’, a ‘Plasma Vortex’, an ‘Amber Gambolar’, a ‘fireball’, a luminous ‘UFO’, and for millennia perhaps, as a ‘Dragon’). Situated in the ‘heart’ of ancient sacred Britain, near Avebury (England’s largest stone circle), Silbury Hill (the largest ‘Temple’ Mound or pyramid in Europe), and Stonehenge, with place names like ‘Golden Ball Hill’ and ‘Dragon Lane’, the vale has a conspicuous connection with the mysterious. The valley also lies at the epicenter of the worldwide non-manmade, and manmade, Crop Circle phenomenon (Ref. 1-11).

Since 1990, I have conducted Crop Circle and related phenomena research in the Vale of Pewsey and, except for 1996 and 2002, have visited it every year to continue onsite investigations, and related activities. One of these has been to hold solo and group ‘Leyline Activation’ and ‘Earth Healing’ Visualization Meditations, and ‘Night Watches’, at and near its many sacred sites. On numerous occasions, anomalous aerial objects have been sighted, and sometimes videotaped and/or photographed, before, during, or after these meditations. The most recent and corroborating example of this occurred during the Summer of 2003, and involved a series of ball plasma sightings that were observed, and videotaped, interacting with an observers consciousness, before, during, and after a group meditation!

On August 3rd 2003 I organized the last group Leyline Activation and Earth Healing Visualization Meditation and Night Watch of my 2003 Crop Circle research related trip to England. With me, were two friends, Roger Hill and Zeb Maughn. Earlier that day I had tried to sense clairvoyantly where to hold the meditation and night watch to possibly ‘amplify’ its co-creative psychokinetic (PK) effect, and where we might best witness and perhaps videotape sightings of atmospheric ‘ball plasma’, and/or Extraterrestrial technology. What I sensed was a location close to the ancient sacred site and historic gathering place of ‘Swanborough Tump’, a sixty foot diameter Tumuli, no longer visible in the landscape, except for two marker stones, one and three quarter miles West of Pewsey (Ref. 1-11).

Fig. 1 Un­Zoomed View of One of Two UFO’s Videotaped Within Moments  of Arriving at the Site of the ‘Angel’ Crop Circle Formation of 2001
VHS Video Still ‘Night Vision’ Image © 2003 Ed Sherwood/Millennium Research

Fig. 2 Unidentified Aerial ‘Craft’ Orbits Illuminated Communication Mast
HI8 Video Still Image
© 2001 Ed Sherwood/Millennium Research

In keeping with most group meditations that I have held since 1985 we would ask (with intense sincerity) the ‘Infinite Intelligence of God’ to support our actions first, and then mentally invite all ‘Intelligences’, including all Extraterrestrial Intelligences, benevolent towards the Earth, and Humanity, to participate with us, as ‘One Mind’, if they could and would like to. I have witnessed many ‘materializations’, and apparent ‘responses’ to solo and group meditations over the years, after unconditionally inviting participation, or requesting a 'sign of support'. The most recent occurrences of this were (at the time of writing this report) in July 2003 (Fig. 1), and 2001 (Fig. 2, and Ref. 3 - 7, 9 and 11).

Plan A’ was to hold the meditation and night watch on top of a prominent conical hill called Picked Hill, about two thirds of a mile from the Tump, giving us a 360 degree view of the valley. However, due to arriving late at the sacred site and everyone feeling fatigued from a very full day, that included an earlier meditation at the West Kennett Long Barrow, I decided on ‘Plan B’, a site much closer to the Tumuli requiring much less effort to arrive at, and one we could be in place at a lot sooner (Ref. 1 and 5). 

Addressed by Dr Terrence Meaden in the early 1980s, and affirmed by numerous apparent ball plasma sightings around the world, including more than 100 of my own in the Vale of Pewsey over the last ten years, the weather conditions were ideal and very conducive (physically ‘co-creative’) for the manifestation of large long duration atmospheric ball plasmas. The air was very still, and stable. An area of high pressure had moved over the Vale of Pewsey, bringing with it fine weather. After a day of warm temperatures the humidity was also rising. With a mostly clear sky, visibility from the valley floor was excellent, to about ten miles, as dusk turned to night (Ref. 1- 3, 5 - 11).

We were in position at the meditation and night watching site at about 8:45pm. Immediately we prepared for cooler temperatures, adding layers of clothes, and ate a very quick light meal. With ‘butterflies in my stomach’, a physical feeling I have often experienced just before the appearance of ball plasma, I felt tense and restless, and was therefore barely able to eat, despite being very hungry only minutes before to arrive at the site. Sensing a very high potential that ball plasma would appear, I readied my recording equipment (a Sony Video HI8 Handycam with a 360 Digital Zoom and Night Vision capabilities), and asked the Infinite Intelligence and Collective Consciousness of God for permission, in advance, to videotape anything that might appear, before, during, or after our intended meditation. As we would soon experience, it would not be an uneventful night, with four dramatic sightings being witnessed and videotaped in a period of about thirty-five minutes (Ref. 3, 9 and 11).

Fig.3 Distant View of the First ‘Ball Plasma’
VHS Video Still Image from Partially Zoomed Footage
2003 Ed Sherwood/Millennium Research
The first sighting occurred at approximately 9:03pm and lasted about forty seconds, of which about twenty three seconds I videotaped. Zeb first spotted the aerial ‘object’, which looked like a large, perhaps more than twenty feet in diameter, diffusely edged, bright orange ‘fireball’, low above the horizon, and West of our location. Observing it in fading light and through the camcorders LCD screen, in daylight videotaping mode and full zoom, I estimated the ball plasma to be near Etchilhampton Hill, approximately five and a half miles away. Initially, as on many previous occasions, the large ‘physical’ light form held a ‘stationary’ position until everyone’s attention was acquired. Then it began to move and at speed, heading South in the direction of Urchfont, before suddenly diminishing in brightness, flickering, and vanishing completely (Fig. 3, and Ref. 1-11).

Almost twenty minutes passed before another ball plasma appeared. Then, within seconds of saying to Zeb and Roger “let’s hold the three minute minimum ten minute maximum Leyline Activation and Earth Healing Visualization Meditation” the second sighting occurred, this time at the opposite end of the valley, East of our position. It appeared at approximately 9:23pm and was visible for about six minutes and twenty-five seconds, of which about six minutes and seventeen seconds I recorded on videotape. Since I was now videotaping at night I had the camera set in ‘Night Vision’ mode to be able to videotape it, as much as possible, in relationship to its surroundings. This meant however, that the footage of the second sighting, though impressive, is in black and white (Fig. 4 and 5, and Ref. 1-11).

Fig. 4 Distant View of the Second ‘Ball Plasma’
VHS Video Still ‘Night Vision’ Image from Un-Zoomed Footage © 2003 Ed Sherwood/Millennium Research
Once again, to the naked eye the luminosity looked like a large, twenty foot in diameter plus, diffusely edged orange fireball that seemed to pulsate and flicker like a distant candle flame.  I later estimated it to be about four and a half miles away, between the villages of Easton Royal and Wootton Rivers. During the first few minutes of the sighting it appeared to hold a stationary position, low above the horizon, which allowed me plenty of time to videotape it, including zooming in and out to record its position. It then began to very slowly head in a Northwesterly direction towards the village of Clench, where I have observed many identical looking ball plasmas appear in the past, some of which were also videotaped and experienced by multiple witnesses (Ref. 1-11).

Fig. 5 The Second Ball Plasma ‘Responds’!
(VHS) Video Still ‘Night Vision’ Image from Fully Zoomed Footage © 2003 Ed Sherwood/Millennium Research

During most of the sighting the luminosity remained consistently bright. However, after about six minutes of videotaping, while I had the object centered in the LCD screen and at full zoom, I thought “If you are aware of our presence and intended meditation could you increase in brightness”. Unfortunately, I didn’t say this on camera at the time, but suddenly, it became many times brighter! This was videotaped and witnessed by everyone in the group. A few seconds later, the luminosity quickly dimmed to a point almost invisible to the naked eye. It then flickered and flashed brightly for several seconds before disappearing (Fig. 5 and Ref. 6).

Trying to videotape the second sighting greatly prepared me for the third, and this time, I would ask the luminosity to do something on camera, at the onset of videotaping, and hopefully record psycho-interaction, or psychic interaction, with atmospheric ball plasma. I also decided that if another sighting occurred I would switch the camera in and out of Night Vision mode to document both its position relative to its surroundings and its true colour! (Ref. 1-11).

Fig. 6 Distant View of the Third Ball Plasma
(VHS) Video Still ‘Night Vision’ Image from Un-Zoomed Footage including Zeb
© 2003 Ed Sherwood/Millennium Research

Fig. 7 Close Up View and ‘Colour’
of the Third Ball Plasma!

(VHS) Video Still Image from Fully Zoomed Footage
© 2003 Ed Sherwood/Millennium Research

Less than a minute after the second sighting, at approximately 9:30pm, the third sighting occurred. It lasted about two minutes and nine seconds, of which about two minutes and five seconds I videotaped. Again another large orange coloured ball of light appeared very close to the previous one. This time, approximately thirty two seconds after the sighting began I requested, on camera, that it did one of three things. The following dialogue was recorded as the sighting unfolded (Fig. 6 and 7).

“OK, here we go… OK, If you are aware of our presence, can you, … show us a sign that you are aware, … perhaps, ah… increase in brightness, or change form, or move dramatically. Might be asking too much, … OK, we are again situated in the same location, … the corner of Frith Copse, in a field, … vegetation ahead of us, and there is a, … what looks like a an orange ball of light, … (Roger: “Umm”) right, … switching to regular mode (not ‘Night Vision’) so we can get the true colour, … oh, … there’s two, it is changing shape, great, got it, … it has responded, … it has just ah, … it appears to be almost two, … hold it still, still, still, still (I was balancing the camera on Zeb’s head at the time), … it is not dancing it’s me moving, … but ah, it has just responded, and changed of shape, … so through here (the small Handycam LCD screen) it looks like there are two, … (Roger: “uh umm”), that shows, … if there is two now, and they are separating, … and they are blinking out, … they are beginning to fade, … they are almost gone, … they are gone! Thank you very much!” (Fig. 8-13)


Fig. 8-13 The Third Ball Plasma ‘Responds’ and Changes Form
Top left to bottom right/VHS Video Still Images from Partially Zoomed Footage
(including a distant view: Fig.13) Copyright 2003 Ed Sherwood/Millennium Research

The camera recorded what we all observed (Roger and Zeb with the naked eye and myself through the LCD screen). Approximately 17 seconds after asking the four and a half mile distant (approx.) ball plasma to increase in brightness it did. Then, about 38 seconds after asking it to change form, it morphed into two distinct and identical looking luminosities! It was an unforgettable moment. A few seconds later, the ball plasmas suddenly dimmed considerably in intensity, flickered and disappeared in the same manner as the previous ones. Afterwards, Roger and Zeb informed me that just before they did (approximately one minute and 35 seconds after my also asking, “or move dramatically”), the two ‘stationary’ ball plasmas suddenly flew very rapidly in a straight line for a short distance. I wasn’t able to record this sudden movement, however, overall I did manage to videotape the materialization of four identical looking ball plasmas and a simple psycho-interactive response to my Consciousness, thoughts and spoken ‘requests’. (Ref.8)

Fig. 14 Distant View of the Fourth
Ball Plasma Sighting

(VHS) Video Still Image
from Un-Zoomed Footage
© 2003 Ed Sherwood/Millennium Research
Fig. 15 Close Up View and Colour
of the Fourth Ball Plasma

(VHS) Video Still Image
from Fully Zoomed Footage
© 2003 Ed Sherwood/Millennium Research

Nearly four minutes after the third ball plasma disappeared a fourth sighting occurred, at approximately 9:36pm, in the same area, about four and a half miles East of our location. It lasted about three minutes and forty-five seconds, of which about three minutes and thirty five seconds I videotaped. Approximately 52 seconds after its appearance I asked again “Now, if it is possible again to show us you are aware of our presence, our meditation, our intentions for being here and what we are doing, show this through… either increasing in brightness, or changing form, or moving in a more dramatic fashion.” Up to this point the orange coloured luminosity seemed to hold a stationary position low above the horizon. It then began to move slowly in a Northerly direction and lose height slightly. It also began to pulse light very noticeably, rather than emit light in a constant fashion, and flicker. Then, about two minutes and forty seconds after requesting it to increase in brightness it did considerably! A few seconds later the intensity of its light diminished suddenly, making it almost invisible to the naked eye, and like the earlier sightings it ‘flickered out’ (Fig. 14 and 15).

At about 10:05pm, Zeb retired from the Night Watch to sleep, leaving Roger and I to continue. Admittedly, despite all the excitement, we were all flagging by this time. Roger and I continued for about another thirty-five minutes, during which time we didn’t observe any further sightings of apparent ball plasma. At about 10:35pm however, as Roger was packing his belongings into his car and I was standing alone in the field trying to sense the possibility of any further last minute sightings, and facing Roundway Hill, another one occurred! This time though, it wasn’t ball plasma. Instead, it looked like our earlier mental invitation of ETI participation, to our Earth Healing Meditation, had been answered! (Ref. 4, 5, 6, and 8)

For more information about the above, and a related interactive daylight sighting I videotaped on July 15th 2003, from the site of the AngelCrop Circle formation of 2001 (Ref. 8), watch for ‘NEWS’ on www.CropCircleAnswers.com/news.htm
and a forthcoming report!

Postscript (Dedication to Graham W. Birdsall continued):

A few days before Graham was suddenly, and tragically taken ill, on September 11th 2003, I gave him a quick call to let him know that this article was almost ready to send him for the Nov/Dec 2003 issue of UFO Magazine. He seemed in great form, and pleased, and encouraged me to send it.

Many weeks earlier, Graham, my wife, Kris, and I had arranged to meet in Wiltshire on July 26th 2003. We were going to hold our first group Earth Healing Meditation and night watch together. Unfortunately, all of our plans went awry at the last minute, due to factors out of our control, and the meeting, meditation, and night watch didn’t take place. With our commitments and schedules not allowing another opportunity to meet at the time, Graham returned to Yorkshire, Kris to California, and I remained in Wiltshire.

A week later, situated only one mile from where Kris and I would have taken Graham, and plainly in view, I videotaped multiple ball plasmas with Roger and Zeb. On August 6th 2003 I returned to California, and immediately began to copy the footage, and prepare ‘Engaging a Dragon: ‘Ball Plasmas’ Videotaped Interacting with Observers Before, During, and After, a Group Meditation!’ for UFO Magazine.

Unknown to Kris and I, three days before we were going to meet Graham in Wiltshire he went to Ireland. A few weeks later, after I had returned to the US and was almost finished writing the article, we talked on the phone at length. I informed him about the interactive ball plasma sightings I had videotaped in Wiltshire, and the article I was preparing. Graham was amazed. He then told me about a ground breaking article he was about to publish in the September issue of UFO Magazine, featuring his trip to Ireland to meet astronomer and director of Kingsland Observatory, Eamon Ansbro, who he said was conducting some very pertinent and related research into ‘anomalous observational phenomena’ (AOP), including ball plasma like luminosities, validating my own investigations (Ref.12). Mutually excited by the synchronicity of each others information, Graham told me get my article to him as soon as possible. Sadly, he passed away before I could.

Graham was loved, and liked, by a great many people around the world.
He was a ‘pillar of strength’ supporting many fields of research expanding human consciousness at this time. He was a friend, and colleague, that Kris and I greatly respected. He made us feel very supported in our research. We loved his manner, humor, courage, and tireless energy. His dedication to the cause of raising global human consciousness concerning the Extraterrestrial ‘presence’ in our world, and many related topics, was inspiring. In all who knew him, and those yet to, may his legacy live on!

Copyright © September 2003 Ed Sherwood/Millennium Research
All rights reserved.

Engaging a ‘Dragon’: ‘Ball Plasmas’ Videotaped Interacting with Observers
Before, During, and After, a Group Meditation!

This original research report may be copied and distributed for informational purposes only. Under no circumstances should it be published anywhere, or for monetary gain, without written permission from the author. It is excerpted from a book in progress since January 1996, by Ed and Kris Sherwood, entitled ‘Crop Circle Revelations Vol.1: An Eye Witness View From the Fields’. Copyright
© January 1996 Ed & Kris Sherwood/Millennium Research, All rights reserved.

Portions of this book can be found in their other published articles. For further reading visit: http://www.cropcircleanswers/articles.htm


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Figs. 1 –15
© September 2003 Ed Sherwood/Millennium Research

The images in this report are lower resolution copies of the images and footage originally shot. Efforts to analyze this are currently under way. For future updates,
and related ‘NEWS’, visit: http://www.cropcircleanswers.com/news.htm  

Special thanks to George & Chinie (at ‘Station1)’, for their assistance in obtaining (Fig. 1) a HI8 video still image.

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