Crop Circle Co-Creation
- 2001


Signs of a Psycho-Spiritual 'Source' Behind Non-Manmade
Crop Circle Creation at a Place Called 'Gog Magog'

By Ed Sherwood
'The spotlight of consciousness is something so tremendously powerful.
This spotlight of consciousness is a sunlight by itself.'

From the book 'Uri: The Authorized Biography of Uri Geller, the World's Most famous Psychic',
By Andrija Puharich.

Holding a 'Medicine Bag' up to the Sun, I symbolically, and verbally, acknowledged 'God'
as the primary 'Source' of the worldwide non-manmade Crop Circle phenomenon.

I also acknowledged the Sun, as a major 'Co-creative' element and aspect of the 'physics' of most
non-manmade Crop Circle creation. (Ref. 1 & 2) After acknowledging the Sun, and 'the light behind the light', I made a request. I asked the 'Infinite Intelligence and Consciousness of God' for continued Crop Circle signs, and wonders in 2001, affirming God as the principle Source of non-manmade Crop Circle creation, and the 'focus' of human consciousness, like the Sun, as another important Co-creative element and aspect. To support this request the Medicine Bag was also presented as a 'Crop Circle Co-creation' experiment; to see if a specific Crop Circle formation displayed on the front of the 'Bag',
to the Sun and God, would be interactively 'reflected' back in the fields. Amazingly, two and a half days later it was, when an apparent Crop Circle 'response' to my request, and experiment, was discovered in a wheat field, near a place name in Cambridgeshire (England), identified in the last book of the Bible (Revelation: 20: 7-9), with a genuine Sign of God!

An 'Offering' to the Sun and 'God'



Fig. 1 & 2 'Offering' the 'Medicine Bag' and the Crop Circle Sign,
as the Setting Sun Synchronously Emerged Through Cloud Cover.

Video JPG 2001 Thomas Sorlie/CircleSpeak

On top of the West Kennett Long Barrow, in Wiltshire (England), with the largest ancient sacred pyramidal mound in Europe; Silbury Hill, in view, I symbolically 'offered' the Medicine Bag and Crop Circle symbol to the Sun and God. It was approximately 8:57pm (GMT), on July 22nd 2001. Discreetly planned many weeks in advance, it was a 'ceremonial' act to support a synchronized group 'Earth Healing' Meditation, and Crop Circle Co-creation experiment. In the US, in three different locations, synchronized to meditate with myself, at a time equivalent to 9pm in the UK, were Kris (Sherwood), her daughter Lori Matthews, and our close friend Ron Jagger. In the UK, the offering, synchronized meditation, and experiment was witnessed and filmed by three U.S. Crop Circle documentary film makers; Lawrence Newnam, Kirk Kirkland, and Thomas Sorlie, who were present to record the event (Fig.1 & 2, Ref. 1).



Fig. 3 The 'Medicine Bag' & 'Ring Pouch'
Photo 2001 Ed Sherwood/Millennium Research

Held throughout the offering the Medicine Bag was decorated with two Crop Circle formations that were very meaningful to Kris and I (Fig. 3, left). On the front, and facing the Sun, was a silhouette drawing of a pictogram from 1994 (in view). On the back, was a formation from 1997, also depicted on a ' wedding ring pouch' (Fig. 3, right), that Kris positioned in front of her while participating in the synchronized meditation in Santa Monica. Both pictograms had appeared on the exact same spot, in a wheat field approximately a mile west of Roundway Hill, near the village of Roundway in Wiltshire (Fig. 3, right).

The Medicine Bag was taken to England and ceremonially offered to the Sun,
and God, for three principle reasons: It signified 'Earth Healing'; a 'Marriage';
and Crop Circle 'Co-Creation'.

First, it represented Earth Healing; the main theme and purpose
of the group meditation.

The symbolic gesture of offering the Medicine Bag signified the primary motivation, intention and commitment of the group, to synchronize in Consciousness, and combine psychokinetic energy as a Collective Conscious 'Focus', for World Healing. Inside the 'bag' were three 'rocks', representing the three psychic supports; Kris, Lori, and Ron. Since our first meeting in 1995, Kris and I have organized and participated in several hundred synchronized group Earth Healing visualization meditations. The Medicine Bag also symbolized our commitment to this activity.

Second, it symbolized a Marriage, between 'Heaven and Earth',
and 'Earth and Heaven'.



Fig. 4 Fig. 5

Fig. 4 The Roundway Crop Circle Formation
Wiltshire UK - Discovered July 24th 1994
Photo 1994 Colin Andrews

'As above, So below'. As millions of people around the world received news that for first time in human history an 'Earth killing' Comet would be witnessed impacting a neighboring planet, sequential events mirroring those in space began to appear in the crop fields of Wiltshire and Hampshire in 1994. (Fig. 4 & 5, Ref. 4)

Fig. 5 The 'G - Impact' Effect in the Atmosphere of Jupiter
Photo 1994 NASA/JPL Educational Services

Months later, in the 1994 November issue of Astronomy Magazine, a dramatic image of Jupiter showing the impact effect of the largest Comet fragment: the 'G-Impact' was discovered by Kris to bear an amazing resemblance to the Roundway Crop Circle formation. In addition to impact 'crescents' the 1994 Roundway Crop Circle formation and Shoemaker/Levy 9 Comet G-Impact also shared another detail in common: a small side circle! (Fig. 5, Ref. 4)

Rotated circles and crescents defined and differentiated the 1994 pictogram from the exact G-Impact image, but amazingly revealed yet another possible related layer of meaning to the formation. Perturbing and consuming the orbiting motion of asteroids (Ref. 5), and Comets, including the Shoemaker/Levy 9 Comet (Ref. 4), the Sun
and Jupiter are locked in an oscillating cycle known to astronomers as the 'Solar Oscillation', or 'Jupiter Effect'. (Ref. 2) Basically, the Solar Oscillation is the oscillating motion of the Sun through the 'Milky Way Galaxy', caused by the 'alternating pattern of conjunctions and oppositions' between the ever changing orbiting movements and positions of the more massive planets in our solar system, particularly Jupiter. This cycle, I learned and began disseminating in Autumn 1991 is, I think, a major aspect of the physics of most non-manmade Crop Circle creation, and could explain why at Roundway in 1994 the 'impact crescents' were rotated. Turned 90 degrees, three times, they reflected, in my view, the fundamental force of rotation: angular momentum, and by inference its counterpart: gravity; the two Cosmic forces that ultimately sent the Shoemaker/Levy 9 Comet fragments crashing into Jupiter! (Ref. 4)

On the night of July 22nd 1997, Kris and I presented our findings about a Crop Circle pictogram that had appeared at Roundway and Silbury Hill to an audience in Glastonbury. Kris shared (with an English audience for the first time), her observations about the Roundway formation of 1994 (Fig. 4), and I related my interactive experience, and 'decoding' of the Silbury Hill pictogram of 1992, also known as the 'Charm Bracelet', and the 'Dharmic-Wheel' formation. (Fig. 6, Ref. 2 & 6)



Fig. 6 The Silbury Hill Crop Circle Formation ('The Charm Bracelet')
Depicting Nine Cross Referencing Design Elements.

Wiltshire UK - Discovered August 18th 1992
Photo 1992 Maria Ward

The following morning, to our amazement, as if in direct 'response', and an affirmation to what we had shared hours earlier, two Crop Circle pictograms were discovered near Roundway and Silbury Hill! (Fig. 7 & 8) Incredibly, both formations depicted (amongst other things) what Kris later discovered to be an ancient alchemical symbol used to represent the spiritual concept of the 'Philosopher's Stone', and the 'Sacred Marriage'! (Ref. 4 & 7)



Fig. 7 The Roundway Crop Circle Formation
Wiltshire UK - Discovered July 23rd 1997
Photo 1997 Nick Nicholson

With two large back to back crescents symbolizing 'Pisces', a symbol also used to represent the alchemical Philosopher's Stone, and perhaps Kris (a Piscean, who's initial by Marriage is 'S'), the Roundway Crop Circle pictogram of 1997 seemed to affirm Kris' previous discovery and shared observations of the 'G-Impact' formation, found at the same spot in 1994. (Fig. 7)

Similarly, the Silbury Hill Crop Circle pictogram of 1997 seemed to reflect and affirm observations I made about the Charm Bracelet formation of 1992. During the 1997 Glastonbury presentation, entitled 'Exploring A Crop Circle Hologram', I described how the Charm Bracelet was related to Silbury Hill, and other major ancient sacred 'Temple' sites around the world. These include 'The Great Pyramid' at Giza in Egypt; and 'The Circular Mound' at the 'The Temple of Heaven' in Bejing China, where Nine Forces of Creation were deified as 'Gods' and revered as 'Dragons' in ancient times. (Ref. 2, 6, 18, & 19)

Looking like a symbolic, three dimensional, 'Mound of Creation', a 'Temporary Temple', paired with Silbury Hill, the 1997 formation reflected and affirmed 'The Nine-ness' of God'. Instead of nine primary design elements, the pictogram was adorned with 126 small circles ('pearls') around a geometric form, known as a 'Koch 1 Snowflake', of 18 points. In numerology 1+2+6 and 1+8 added together reduces to 9. Also, as Kris discovered shortly after the formation appeared, the geometry of the 1997 pictogram; a six-pointed star, in ancient Celtic tradition, is the geometry of the Ninth Rune! Incidentally, throughout the Glastonbury presentation I had in my pocket a charm bracelet depicting, the Ninth Rune. (Ref. 2 & 7)

Used by Medieval Alchemists to represent the Philosopher's Stone, Margaret Starbird writes that the archetypal star hexagram (also known as the 'Star of David' and 'Solomon's Seal'), signifies 'the masculine and feminine principles in perfect union, the "sacred marriage" or "hieros gamous" of the ancient world'. She adds that it symbolizes the union of 'opposite energies' and that it is the '"yin-yang" of Western civilization'. (Ref. 2, 6 & 17)

With the 'center' symbol of the Charm Bracelet formation reflecting (amongst other things) yin-yang, I described in the talk how the other eight symbols seemed to be organized to be read like the Chinese 'Pa Kua'; in a clockwise direction, and in 'pairs', with symbols of 'opposite' meaning, facing each other. (Ref. 2)

Speaking about the connection between the sign at the center of the Charm Bracelet formation and 'Sound' (Ref. 2), I quoted from the opening chapter of the Gospel according to John: "In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God." (Ref. 3) Referring to the 'Word' (God) as a metaphor for 'sound', 'vibration', and 'Creation' ('The Big Bang'), including most non-manmade crop Circle creation, I described how the Word was reflected in the symbol at the center of the Charm Bracelet pictogram. (Ref. 2) Amazingly, as if to affirm this, the Silbury Hill pictogram of 1997 also represented the Word, in my view, when it reflected the shape of a geometric form that can be generated by the transmission of sound waves through a liquid medium! (Ref. 20) Additionally, the Word was symbolized by a single 'grapeshot sized' Crop Circle, that appeared just off one of the 'fractal star' points, beyond the circle decorated perimeter. (Fig. 9 shows the pictogram before the small circle had appeared.) As Kris discovered, reading 'The Archetypal Mandala of the Star of David', the alchemical symbol of the Philosopher's Stone, when accompanied by a 'dot' (or in this case a small circle) on the upper right hand point, represents 'the presence of God and guidance of the Divine Spirit'! (Ref. 7 & 17)



Fig. 8 Silbury Hill from the 'Boundary' of the 1997 Pictogram
Photo 1997 Ed Sherwood/Millennium Research

Fig. 9 The Silbury Hill Crop Circle Formation
Wiltshire UK - Discovered July 23rd 1997
Photo 1997 Steve Alexander

Shortly after Kris and I visited the pictogram at Roundway and Silbury Hill in 1997
we also discovered in the Biblical book of 'Revelation' a possible reference to the Philosopher's Stone, and one of the two Crop Circle ('holy Jerusalem', 'Sacred Marriage') pictogram sites. (Fig. 8 & 9, Ref. 3)

'And he carried me away in the spirit to a great and high mountain, and shewed me that great city, the holy Jerusalem, descending out of heaven from God, Having the glory of God: and her light was like unto a stone most precious, even like a jasper stone, clear as crystal;'

Revelation 21: 10 -11

Considering the possible literal and metaphorical meaning of the two Revelation verses, the 'great
and high mountain' could be interpreted as the ancient sacred pyramidal 'temple' mound of Silbury Hill
(Fig. 8), less than 1/2 a mile away from where the most recognizable symbol of the Philosopher's Stone; a star hexagram
('a stone most precious' ), had appeared! (Fig. 8 & 9, Ref. 7)

In previous and later verses referring to the 'bride' of the 'Lamb' Kris and I feel that 'her light' can be seen as a reference to 'Gaia' or 'Mother Earth'. In our view, it was Gaia that had 'the glory of God', with the prophesized arrival of a non-manmade Crop Circle pictogram symbolizing (amongst other things), the Sacred Marriage of Heaven and Earth, the holy (New) Jerusalem, the Philosopher's Stone, and the 'presence of God', all multiplied, in one formation. As Kris later aptly described in her article 'The Philosopher's Stone: A Stone Most Precious', "The complex interweaving of the ground lay created a glinting, crystalline image that moved with depth and dimensional structure when viewed from the air; its green gold facets gleaming 'even like a jasper stone, clear as crystal;'." (Fig. 9, Ref 7)

In addition to representing, in various ways, a marriage between Heaven and Earth, the Medicine Bag also signified an Earthly marriage, and a marriage between 'Earth and Heaven'. It was a wedding anniversary gift I made for Kris at a sacred site in 1999. Its two 'Round-way' Crop Circle formations were drawn on the bag to represent our commitment and marriage to each other, and to the non-manmade Crop Circle phenomenon, as two dedicated researchers. Both, were in our view, acknowledged and reflected in the pictogram at Roundway in 1997. (Fig. 3, 7)

Stated three times, our marriage was depicted in the form of two large astrological 'Pisces symbol' crescents, 'joined' by the alchemical symbol for 'Gold'; a single ringed circle, or dot. Our three 'wedding bands' were apparently represented by the pictograms three rings. Looking down our wedding ring fingers, and in comparison, out from the center of the formation, I wear a single gold band and Kris wears two; a larger thin ring, and a smaller thicker ring! Our marriage was further stated by the 'S', 'holding' a 'bonded' pair of circles ('two people'), which could represent Ed and Kris 'Sherwood' (Fig. 3, 7). The inclusion of the S was the first time a 'letter' of the English alphabet and possible 'initial' had been depicted in a non-manmade Crop Circle formation.

As incredible as it may seem that 'personal references' had been depicted in a non-manmade Crop Circle formation, we understand it wasn't because we were, or are, 'special'. Instead, we feel the primary 'Source' of non-manmade Crop Circle creation gave 'everyone', including us, an 'affirmation', that what was presented in Glastonbury in 1997, about the Roundway formation of 1994 and Silbury Hill pictogram of 1992, was TRUE!

A more recent 'personal' Crop Circle 'sign of confirmation', in my view, occurred during the predawn hours of August 21st 2001 to Crop Circle researcher Nancy Talbot. While staying with Robbert v/d Broeke, in Southern Holland, Nancy witnessed a dramatic light display precede the appearance of a simple non-manmade Crop Circle pictogram, that included the letter 'T', after asking out loud "Why can't this phenomenon be more obvious, more direct?" This was the second time a researcher's initial has been directly referenced in a non-manmade formation.
(Fig. 10, Ref. 8)



Fig. 10 The Hoeven Crop Circle Formation
The Netherlands August 21st 2001
Photo 2001 Ed Sherwood/Millennium Research

Thirdly, in addition to Earth Healing, and a Marriage, the Medicine Bag also represented non-manmade Crop Circle Co-Creation.

Since early 1991 I have widely presented the theory, that most non-manmade Crop Circle formations are 'Co-created', from a complex combination of elements that include, the focused psychokinetic energy (the 'spotlight'), of human Collective Consciousness. (Ref. 2)

For example, on the night of July 22nd 1992, I participated in a spontaneous group meditation involving visualizing, for approximately twenty minutes, a new Crop Circle symbol for the genuine circle creating intelligence to make. Held after sunset, on Woodborough Hill, near the village of Alton Barnes in Wiltshire, it was a discrete experiment initiated by Dr Steven Greer, and supported by the late Shari Adamiak, Colin Andrews, Maria Ward, Linda Howe, Ron Russell, Lynn Gladwyn, George Wingfield, and myself. A few minutes before meditating Dr Greer asked the group to silently intuit a possible design. After a couple of minutes, he then asked everyone in turn what they thought. Interestingly, seven out of nine people, including myself, all thought of the same thing; three equally sized and spaced apart circles, arranged in an equilateral triangle, each connected by a narrow single straight pathway towards their centers. This symbol was then visualized, and 'transmitted' into the Cosmos by the group mind. Amazingly, hours later, a few miles away, for the first time anywhere, the exact Crop Circle sign was discovered in a wheat field at Roundway. (Ref. 9)

In my view, the focus of 'Human Consciousness', was also 'reflected' in the pictograms found at Roundway in 1994 and 1997. In 1994, combined human attention and awareness of the Shoemaker/Levy 9 Comet heading towards Jupiter, and the unfolding Crop Circle phenomenon on Earth, in my view, significantly contributed towards 'Co-creating' certain non-manmade Crop Circle formations in the fields. Perhaps, due to so many people, or minds, being aware of both Consciousness raising phenomena, during the Spring and Summer of 1994, this is why the historic event on Jupiter also became the dominant non-manmade (and manmade imitation) Crop Circle pictogram design theme of 1994. (Ref. 4) Similarly, in 1997, perhaps the energy of combined attention, and awareness given to what Kris and I presented to an audience in Glastonbury, about two Crop Circle formations, 'served' to co-create two new formations at the same two sites. (Ref. 7)

On July 22nd 2001 the focused attention of seven people was combined for the purpose of holding, and documenting, a solo ceremonial offering, a synchronized group Earth Healing meditation, and a Crop Circle Co-creation experiment.

A Crop Circle 'Co-Creation' Experiment

The Crop Circle Co-creation experiment was very simple. Instead of visualizing a specific Crop Circle symbol, or requesting one to form, throughout the ceremonial offering I intentionally presented one, on the front of the Medicine Bag. (Fig 4) For the experiment, I chose the Roundway pictogram of 1994 to 'test' my theory of psychokinetic Crop Circle Co-creation. If successful, it would affirm again, in my view, the co-creative 'role' that human Consciousness plays in non-manmade Crop Circle Creation by an 'Infinite Source', and be documented on film!

To protect what was the most important meditation and experiment held during my UK 2001 research trip, and prevent deceptive human circle making, what was intended, and performed at the West Kennett Long Barrow, was discreetly organized, and not revealed until the Crop Circle 'season' of 2001 was over. Only six trusted participants (three meditating and three filming), myself, and the 'Almighty', knew about the experiment at the time. (Ref. 1)

A 'Psycho-Interactive' and 'Reflective' Response

Incredibly, two and a half days after conducting the ceremonial offering, synchronized meditation, and Crop Circle Co-creation experiment, a stunning Crop Circle 'response' was discovered in a wheat field below the Gog Magog Hills, near the ancient sacred site of Wandlebury Ring, in Cambridgeshire, England. (Fig.11, Ref. 1)



Fig. 11 The 'Gog Magog' Hills Crop Circle Pictogram
Cambridgeshire UK - Discovered July 25th 2001
Photo Steve Alexander

The Crop Circle pictogram discovered below the 'Gog Magog' Hills on July 25th 2001 was quickly named 'The Angel' formation. With 'arms' raised, as if in ceremony and celebration, this seemed like an apt title. Looking at the design in this manner it could perhaps also be interpreted as presenting something. (Could it be a 'Medicine Bag' offered to the sun and God?) (Fig. 11)

With design elements strikingly similar to the Crop Circle symbol offered to the sun, and looking almost identical to what the 1994 Roundway formation had actually represented, the Gog Magog Hills pictogram, measuring exactly 237 feet wide, also included 75 straight radiating lines, like symbolic sun 'rays', in its design! Measured by Charles Mallet, the lines or rays were reported to be only six inches wide. Amazingly, the direction of the flattened wheat forming each ray was also reported, by Paul Newman (not to be mistaken for the well known actor), to alternately flow either towards or away from where the lines radiated. In his article, entitled 'The Cambridge Crop Circles: What do they Mean?' (Ref. 10), Paul went on to state that Carol Cochrane observed that 'Wandlebury Ring, Cambs' and 'Gog Magog Hills, Cambridgeshire' both contain the lexigrammed words "Sacred Marriage"! (Fig. 11)

If viewed three-dimensionally, Kris and I thought the Angel formation could represent Silbury Hill; the steep conical mound, that was clearly visible from the West Kennett Long Barrow, during the offering and synchronized meditation. Perhaps the 'head' of the Angel, also symbolized the mysterious 'hole' in Silbury Hill, seen from above. (Fig. 11)

After presenting the medicine bag to the Sun; the physical and spiritual 'Source' symbol of all life, the 'Solar Logos' (Ref. 21), I put the bag around my neck and wore it throughout the synchronized meditation and Crop Circle Co-Creation experiment, on top, and later inside the long barrow. I then took two artifacts, one in each hand, and held them for the duration of the meditation. One of these was synchronously given to me as "a gift from the Universe" for completing a series of eighteen Earth Healing meditations in 1995, at an ancient sacred site known as 'The Nine Barrows', and is a 'charm bracelet' depicting the ninth rune! (Fig. 12) Could this have also been reflected in the Gog Magog formation?


Fig. 12 A 'Charm Bracelet' Depicting the Ninth Rune
Photo 1997 Ed Sherwood/Millennium Research

Interestingly, numerologically, the number of design elements of the Angel formation did reduced to nine, with six circles and seventy five lines (6 + 7 + 5 = 18 and 1 + 8 = 9!). Nine, I first discovered and began disseminating in early 1991, is a highly significant number, that has been referenced every year, in the timing, placing, geometry, mathematics, numerology, design symbolism and meaning of many non-manmade Crop Circle formations since the early 1980s. (Ref. 2)

The Angel formation was, in my view, an affirmative 'response' to the discreet ceremonial offering, synchronized group Earth Healing meditation, and Crop Circle Co-creation experiment held and filmed at the West Kennett Long Barrow. Why did it appear near Cambridge, many miles from the meditation site? I think it formed below the Gog Magog Hills because it was also, in part, a prophesized response to a deception, perpetrated by individuals in the form  of a Crop Circle pictogram that was first discovered near the Gog Magog Hills on July 11th 2001!

Crop Circle Deception 'Answered'!

'And when the thousand years are expired, Satan shall be loosed out of his prison,
and shall go out to deceive the nations which are in the four quarters of the earth,
Gog and Magog, to gather them together to battle: the number of whom is as the sand of the sea.'

Revelation 20: 7-8

A thousand years have recently expired, and during the summer of 2001 a drama symbolized in the book of Revelation also seems to have been echoed in the crop fields of England, and elsewhere. Looking like a graphic illustration of a Revelation prophesy below the Gog Magog Hills (Chapter 20: 7-9) two Crop Circle pictograms were reported in July 2001. (Ref. 3)

'And they went up on the breadth of the earth, and compassed the camp of the saints about, and the beloved city: and fire came down from God out of heaven,
and devoured them.'

Revelation 20: 9

The first formation, reported on July 11th, began as a simple 45 foot diameter circle at the center of an 18 foot wide ring, measuring exactly 666 feet in diameter. This formation, as a glyph, is a sacred symbol that has been used by ancient cultures the world over to represent the Sun, and 'Divinity', and to mark a holy site ('the camp of the saints'). Over a period of about ten days it received additional design elements, whose graphic style indicated they all originated from the same source. This included a 237 foot diameter concentric ring 'maze' and an implied 'temple' square ('the beloved city') inside the main ring. As this formation became more elaborate, it also, as a consequence in my view, became more contrived looking and intellectualized, and characteristically manmade each time (Ref. 11).

However, in contrast, the second pictogram, 'the Angel' formation, like a response to the first ('and fire came down from God out of heaven' ) also measured 237 feet in diameter, appeared all at once, and seemed to originate from an entirely different consciousness source!

Researching Crop Circle design symbolism like a graphologist studying the psychology of handwriting I have noticed that a psychological 'profile' of the mind or minds that conceived them do emerge, especially that which Kris and I see to be the primary source of the non-manmade phenomenon. The consciousness, intelligence, personality, self or ego (if there is one) and intent, of a formation's 'Creator' or maker, is invariably reflected in a formations design, geometry and numerics, even when attempting to imitate; affirming the axiom "By their fruit, ye shall know them".
(Ref. 3)

For a number of years one of the more insidious Crop Circle hoaxing teams, calling themselves 'Team Satan', has occasionally indicated their work by either placing a pictogram at a geographical location corresponding to a map reference of '666', or by incorporating this number into the measurements of a formation. Individuals of this group, who in my view have been responsible for a great many deceptively made pictograms, have also stated repeatedly when being interviewed that they actively 'target' the views, beliefs and expectations of the more outspoken researchers, and try to include these in their crop designs. This of course makes sense if your primary motivation and aim is deception.

'And when the thousand years are expired, Satan shall be loosed out of his prison, and shall go out to deceive the nations which are in the four quarters of the earth, Gog and Magog, to gather them together to battle: the number of whom is as the sand of the sea.'

Revelation 20: 7-8

In 2001, who's formation was the first to be 'compassed' 'on the breadth of the earth', near a very convenient car park and Wandlebury Ring? It was my impression that 'Team S' was again loose upon the land. As the English countryside ban was lifted ('his prison'), in the wake of the livestock illness of 'Foot and Mouth', who would go out first 'to deceive the nations', at a place called 'Gog Magog'!? (Ref. 3)

Many people worldwide (perhaps 'the number of whom is as the sand of the sea'), have been lead to think, after two decades of deception and misinformation about the worldwide Crop Circle phenomenon, that most if not all Crop Circle pictograms are manmade. However, with an abundance of evidence to the contrary, affirmed by many avenues of research, experience and yearly pictograms of the quality of the Angel formation, another old axiom is illustrated, that sometimes 'less is more'.

Crop Circle Clairvoyance Reflected?

I was not the only person conducting a Crop Circle experiment in Wiltshire in July 2001. Unknown to myself, Crop Circle researchers Ron Russell, Simeon Hein, and Peter Sorensen, with a number of participants, entered a wheat field with the farmers permission, at Hilmarton on the night of July 20th with the specific intention of making a large Crop Circle formation. Their reasons in Ron's words were 'to test several assumptions about the phenomenon of crop circles, in situ, by replicating, as best we could, a geometrical area of flattened wheat in an English field.' (Ref. 12)

Soon after returning to the US, in August 2001, I learned that Peter Sorensen, the team leader, had spontaneously sketched the Crop Circle design for the group to make, which interestingly resembled the Angel formation in a number of respects, particularly after the first stage and night of construction. (Ref. 12) Comparing the two formations, some basic design similarities can be seen. Was Peter's inspired idea, an example of Crop Circle clairvoyance?

It is possible, I think, that Peter unknowingly intuited the basic form of what was to occur below the Gog Magog Hills. It is equally possible that he received clairvoyantly, (though unaware of this at the time), the Crop Circle symbol intended to be offered two nights later at the West Kennett Long Barrow (about eight miles from Hilmarton).
And perhaps both were possible.

Crop Circle clairvoyance is a well documented facet of the Crop Circles phenomenon.
There have been numerous cases of possible unconscious and conscious clairvoyance, connecting what some people have thought (Ref. 9), 'felt', drawn, said, and made in the fields, to what has later and independently appeared on the land.

In early April 2001 Kris and I discussed, possible new pictogram design features that could set a non-manmade Crop Circle formation that year apart from one manmade, and agreed that a formation defined by very thin precise lines could do it. Taking part in David Kingston's 'X - Project' we then visualized a formation consisting of thin lines (Ref. 13). Though the exact formation we visualized a few times for this experiment did not appear in 2001, fine lines incorporated into a beautiful pictogram below the Gog Magog Hills did!

Drawing the Gog Magog Crop Circle Formation



Fig.13 'Gog Magog' Crop Circle Silhouette Drawing
Based on Zef Damen's 'Geometric Reconstruction'

Silhouette Drawing 2001 Ed Sherwood

Fig.14 Circle Radii Harmonies of the 'Angel' formation
Drawing 2001 Ed Sherwood

To create an accurate drawing of the Gog Magog Hills Crop Circle formation discovered on July 25th,
I encourage anyone interested to review Zef Damon's excellent 'step by step' reconstruction of this pictogram on the internet (Ref. 14). Like many other pictograms that have appeared over the years involving exquisite geometry, that was precise, harmonious, and proportional, slight inaccuracies in construction soon translate into glaring mistakes in geometric design (Fig. 14).

Though appearing quite simple, the Angel formation was actually surprisingly complex, with most of its geometry (ie: spacing and size of design elements) and construction 'hidden'. For example, at the point where two circles formed a tangent and 75 extremely thin straight lines converged there was no sign of disruption in geometric precision. There was no crop damage due to physical construction, as you might expect from a manmade version of this exact formation, made under the same conditions, location, and time factor (and added stress of being caught on private land). Of course, now that this formation exists, imitations and forgeries employing less onsite geometry, could perhaps come close to replicating it. However, 75 geometrically precise equally spaced 6' wide straight radiating and alternating lines generated from a distant circle tangent point, divided by a large area of standing crop, I think would be a daunting task. (Fig. 11, 13) Compare this formation to one I suspect was manmade (without the farmers permission), that appeared near Huish in Wiltshire on August 14th 2001, just under three weeks later, whose 'makers' seems to have been 'inspired' by flattened thin lines, yet shy of the task exemplified by the Gog Magog formation (Ref. 15).

There were two 'circle radii harmonies' in the Angel formation that when duplicated neatly fitted and touched one another inside the large crescent, formed between the two larger circle areas of flattened crop, illustrating how certain radii can correspond with others to create a highly proportional looking formation (Fig. 14).

If the two circle radii whose center is 'A' are duplicated below it, as indicated by 'B' the inner circle tangents the large crescents outer circle, while also forming a tangent with the outer circle whose center is A. If the circle radii whose center is 'C' is also duplicated as 'D' and 'E', its circle radii also neatly fits within the large crescents outer circle, while forming a tangent with the outer circle whose center is A, and B. (Fig. 14)

John Martineau, first observed this type of circle radii feature in a Crop Circle pictogram that appeared near Alton Priors in Wiltshire in 1991, including it in his excellent book 'The Sophistication of Agriglyph Geometry'. (Ref. 16)

Like a 'hologram', the Angel formation, was in my view encoded with more than one image, 'message', and meaning.

Did the Angel formation answer my spoken request for a Sign affirming God as the principle Source of most non-manmade Crop Circle creation? Did its design symbolism reflect a solar theme; the act of offering a Medicine Bag, and a specific Crop Circle symbol to the Sun and God, with Silbury Hill (that 'great and high mountain'), in view nearby? Did it represent the 'spotlight' of human consciousness reflected back, the physical and spiritual focus of an individual's Consciousness (my own) supported by the combined attention of six participants? Was it a successful Crop Circle Co-creation experiment; the first time an experiment of this kind has been independently witnessed and filmed before a non-manmade Crop Circle response to it has appeared on the land? Did it affirm the Co-creative role that Human Consciousness, and the Sun, plays in non-manmade Crop Circle creation? Was it another example of 'direct' interaction with the Source of most non-manmade Crop Circle creation, and a continuation of the fulfillment of Biblical Prophesy, stated in the most succinct way, through literal and metaphorical symbolism?
I think so.


For additional evidence view: Chronicle of an Angel Foretold

Copyright 2001 Ed Sherwood/Millennium Research
All rights reserved.

This article is excerpted from a book in progress.


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